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Free Website Builders: 2022 Review

Website designers offer to create an Internet resource for any purpose for free, it can be a personal blog, an info site or an online store. The key advantage of such products is the ability to make a modern, working and functional website in a short period of time.
Working with them does not require special technical knowledge and programming skills and is intuitive, as it is based on visual editing. If necessary, the creation of a web page becomes available even to a schoolchild.
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For small and medium businesses, the use of such products is an ideal solution, but it is worth knowing that not all of them are equally convenient and functional. Choose the best website builders for you based on your specific needs and financial capabilities.

Website builder uCoz

One of the first SaaS platforms has been successfully operating for more than 10 years. All this time, the product has been actively developing, and now it has an extensive set of functions, due to which it is used not only by beginners, but also by professionals.

uCoz features a huge number of responsive templates that you can use to design your site, as well as premium paid themes that look just as expensive and exclusive.

The benefits of uCoz are:

  • a huge number of available modules, including seo-settings, blog, news, forum, questionnaires, catalog, photo gallery, etc. ;
  • ample opportunities for managing technical parameters, including setting up backup, data output, and others;
  • intuitive, convenient and logical admin panel;
  • the ability to activate a special module;
  • access to most of the features of the constructor on a free account, including attaching a second-level domain;
  • multilingual (16 languages available);
  • stable operation of servers;
  • affordable price of additional functions in tariff plans.
Free website builders without ads are extremely rare, but in this case, you can turn it off in the cheapest plan for only $3.

Despite the versatility and low cost, uCoz also has certain disadvantages:

  • many specific settings, among which a novice or inexperienced user may get confused;
  • it is inconvenient to manually add new content ( automatic filling of the site with content will help solve the problem);
  • online trading functionality is available only in the maximum tariffs;
  • tech support is extremely slow.

Wix Site Builder

The service, launched 12 years ago, has become a platform for more than 70 million sites since its inception. It is ideal for both personal web resources and business websites of small and medium businesses thanks to modern interactive templates, of which there are more than 500 available within the platform.

Other benefits of Wix include:

  • an intuitive admin panel, the management of which is based on the drag-n-drop system, which involves simply dragging and dropping page elements;
  • a lot of high-quality and aesthetic themes, among which you can choose the right option for any topic and activity;
  • additional applications (own marketplace) using which your site can be integrated with most popular services;
  • own training materials in the form of a guide with a step-by-step learning system.

The disadvantages of the Wix platform include:

  • difficulties with the adaptability of resources created using the constructor;
  • setting up analytics and SEO optimization exclusively in paid plans;
  • creating an online store only when buying the most expensive tariff plan;
  • overpriced service and additional options.

Despite certain shortcomings, Wix remains popular due to its power, ease of use and stability, especially if you need a simple site to promote services.

Website builder Prom.ua

Prom.ua, the largest marketplace in Ukraine, cooperates with a huge number of stores and offers them their own designer, which is perfect for novice businessmen and will be a good start to start selling. After registering and providing the necessary documents, the user has excellent opportunities to organize their own online business and more than two hundred templates tailored for various areas of activity.
Free Website Builders: 2022 Review dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog
The significant advantages of the Prom.ua platform include:

  • No need to create a separate online store website, buy a domain and hosting.
  • Access to a large number of potential customers by ranking the marketplace in the top search results.
  • Ease of creating a trading page. Thanks to adaptive ready-made templates, you can design a website very quickly and without the involvement of designers.
  • Savings on promotion. Transitions to the store are carried out directly from the general catalog, in accordance with the user's request.
  • The presence of an adaptive mobile version when ordering an annual subscription.
  • Extensive functionality for managing and controlling orders (email, sms), including promotions, sales, special offers.
  • Increasing conversion by posting real customer reviews (the higher the rating, the more likely it is that you will be chosen among all competitors).
  • Easy sales and affordable rates.

The platform also has disadvantages, and there are many of them:

  • It is impossible to add new functions (the code of ready-made templates cannot be edited).
  • Lack of optimization options. SEO promotion of a store on Prom is extremely difficult, and you can only increase your positions in the search results using the ProSale tariff.
  • Huge competition. In most categories, there are hundreds of similar products from different sellers, but monitoring the prices of online stores will help you make your offer the most profitable.
  • Third-level domain and instant disconnection of the resource in case of late payment.
  • Decreased rating of the store due to negative reviews that cannot be corrected.
  • Dear advertisement.
  • Weak and slow technical support.

Despite all the shortcomings, the turnover of the marketplace is increasing daily, which makes it attractive to many users.

Google Sites Website Builder

Developers position Google Sites as a convenient tool for creating private business websites, educational and corporate projects. Abroad, the service is extremely popular, but not so much because of its functionality, but because it is a product of a well-known brand. It is quite suitable for simple tasks, but you cannot create a large-scale business resource on it, and you should not perceive it as a full-fledged alternative to popular designers.

The advantages of Google Sites are:

  • extremely simple interface, even too much;
  • the ability to create an unlimited number of sites within one account;
  • full integration with all applications and add-ons from Google;
  • adaptive design;
  • the ability to use your own HTML code;
  • excellent performance;
  • no usage fee.

Among the minuses of the site:

  • lack of thematic templates;
  • the minimum number of themes for page design;
  • lack of opportunities for SEO optimization;
  • inconvenient administration, especially with a large number of pages;
  • weak design and structure customization tools;
  • inability to integrate with social networks and third-party applications using built-in tools;
  • the inability to change page codes, only to supplement them with your own;
  • lists, news feed are not displayed, there is no sorting of publications.

Due to the large number of shortcomings and limited design and optimization capabilities, it will not work to use the service as a full-fledged website builder.

Jimdo website builder

The simplest of the existing designers, which allows even schoolchildren to create websites, although with very limited functionality. The platform is focused on creating small online stores, however, there are only 16 ready-made templates for them in the free version, and even paid ones do not differ in special quality and modernity.

Nevertheless, the site has its advantages, thanks to which more than 200 thousand stores have entrusted their business to it. Among them:

  • the ability to integrate with payment systems, order management, CSV import and other external services;
  • Availability of mobile clients for iOS / Android systems, thanks to which you can manage the store and edit the resource directly from your phone or tablet;
  • templates adapted for mobile devices;
  • you can add an unlimited number of products to the store created on Jimdo;
  • the opportunity to try out the functionality of the site for free within a month after registration.

The main functionality of Jimdo will allow you to create a simple online store without much difficulty, but the platform has its drawbacks:

  • too simple and obsolete templates;
  • focus exclusively on the trading business;
  • inability to pay for the service on a monthly basis - only annual tariffs are offered.

Integration of E-Trade Jumper by ElbuzGroup with any website builder

The program from ElbuzGroup is a comprehensive solution with a full range of functions for automating an online store .
Your own website builder with a powerful CMS engine will help you create an online store in just an hour and subsequently develop and increase it to any scale.
Among the advantages of the Saas platform:

  • powerful hosting;
  • 5 ready-made adaptive templates;
  • built-in SEO capabilities;
  • constant updates;
  • high-quality technical support;
  • free demo period.

All automation capabilities, including automatic processing of price lists are also available to users whose sites were created on any other popular designs, since the services integrate perfectly with all CMS.

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