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Online store linking

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Linking is an important element and structural component of a site of any type and subject. It is used in the process of optimizing and promoting a web resource. As for online stores, linking plays no less important role for this type of sites than for any others.

Online store linking: main functions

Linking - placing internal links on the pages of the site. Linking an online store performs a number of important functions. Let's consider them.

1. Linking as a promotion tool.

Online stores belong to the type of sites for the filling and promotion of which a large amount of content is used. For this reason, internal linking is an important tool, without which it is impossible to organize effective optimization of an online store.

If an online store is dedicated to a highly competitive topic, then its position in the search results depends on the quality of internal optimization. Much more effort is required to strengthen positions and rankings, because the number of competitors is very large. Any factor can play a decisive role in the website ranking process.

The internal linking strategy must be developed taking into account some parameters and characteristics of the site:

  • subject matter;
  • promotion goals;
  • the structure of the online store;
  • key queries;
  • promotion methods.

2. Linking as a bait for users.

The second important function of the internal linking of the store website is to increase the convenience and attractiveness of the resource for visitors (buyers). The bulk of users go to an online store in order to find a specific product and place an order, or read the description, get acquainted with the characteristics, find out the prices. To stimulate demand and encourage the store visitor to the desired action (purchase of goods), you need to use linking.

Relinking a commercial site must be subject to the following conditions:

  • the link structure should be branched;
  • internal links should lead to useful materials, site pages;
  • links should be visible to visitors;
  • linking should be varied (no need to place links to identical products on the same page).

Proper linking will keep visitors and direct them to the goal. Users will be able to find suitable products and place an order.

3. Linking as a tool to increase conversion.

The third function of internal linking is to increase the conversion of an online store. Through links, you can control the behavior of visitors on the site. For example, you need to sell a product of a certain group. You place links to this product on popular pages of the site. By increasing the number of links to a product that needs to be sold as soon as possible, you stimulate demand for it. Buyers will pay attention to the position that you are heavily promoting with the help of internal links.

Thus, with the help of linking an online store, you can achieve an increase in sales. Using only internal optimization, you can increase the conversion of the site with minimal cost. Proper linking will bring benefits and additional income to your online store.

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Online store linking

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