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Online consultants in the online store

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What is a modern online store? First of all, this is a site that contains product descriptions. Also with the help of this site you can find out additional information about the product, delivery, guarantees, place an order. In other words, there is a continuous interaction of users with the interface of the site - people enter their data (in the order form, in the payment form, etc. ).

Ideally, the process of interaction with the site should be automated as much as possible in order to reduce the possible negative consequences of the human factor. But in reality, this is almost impossible, since in the course of studying the site and products, people have various kinds of questions. The fastest way to answer them is the same live person, oriented in the structure of the site and products. The speed of answering questions sometimes plays a paramount role for the buyer, because no one wants to wait extra time, independently look for answers in the FAQ section. There is much more confidence in the answer of a living person, but in terms of information, this answer will be more rich and complete (in passing, you can ask some other questions).

Imagine that a person needs to purchase a certain product. He finds it on the page of the online store, reads information about it. But the information is not complete enough. For example, there is no description of any individual technical characteristics, no information about delivery, etc. A person can use the search on the site, go to the FAQ section, search for information about this product on the Internet. All this will take time and effort. It is much easier to dial a consultant's phone or ask a question online directly on the site. You ask, he answers. You save time, effort and nerves, and the store acquires another grateful customer. The end result of such a scheme of work is an increase in the total profit from the sale of goods.

But there is another side to this as well. Consultants are employees who need to be paid money. And the money should be such that a person is ready to spend several hours every day on work. In theory, there can be only one consultant, but the larger the store, the more products there are, the more difficult it will be for him to cope with everything. Accordingly, the quality of his work will decrease. Therefore, it is important to calculate all the costs of organizing a support service. Think about whether you can pay these people a salary without harming yourself and your business. At first, it is quite possible to do everything on your own. But as soon as the number of visitors starts to increase, and sales grow, you will have to hire people.

How to prepare consultants for your online store? What should they know first? First, they must be well versed in the subject of business. If you're selling gardening supplies, it's ideal for consultants to have real gardening experience, understanding all the tools, fertilizers, etc. Secondly, if people are not familiar with the subject, then you can conduct express training - provide them with a catalog with products and give them time to study it. Then do a little product knowledge test. You also need to conduct a tour of the site with the candidates - show them all the pages, sections and features of your online store.

The final stage is learning how to properly communicate with customers. Talk about how you should conduct the conversation, prepare a list of questions that users are most likely to ask, as well as answers to them.


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Online consultants in the online store

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