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Personalization of the online store will increase the efficiency of its work

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To increase the efficiency of the online store, it is necessary to develop a plan for personalizing the shopping experience, correctly divide sales and clearly formulate goals. You need to understand exactly what result personalization should bring - an increase in the average check or increase in customer loyalty, reduce the number of abandoned carts or increase the number of calls to the call center.

The process of selling in an online store can be divided into five stages - identification, interest, engagement, sale and retention. Try to keep in touch with users at every stage.

Before you start interacting with the consumer, you need to understand what the entire sales process will look like. To do this, you need to carry out identification, which will allow you to analyze and analyze the behavior of customers on your site. Usually 10-20 parameters are tracked: region (address), traffic source, time of purchase, utm-tags and frequency of visits. All transitions on the site are analyzed and the interests of the user are determined. This allows you to accurately draw up a portrait of customers and build effective communication.

A few seconds are enough for a person to understand whether to stay on the site or leave it. A Nielsen Insight study found that 70-90 percent of users who weren't interested in a site on their first visit never came back. The task of an online store is to interest the visitor from the first seconds of entering the site. An effective way to do this is a personal greeting. For example, if you show new users a welcome message and delivery terms to their city, then the number of site views increases by 12-15 percent. As a result, the number of sales increases and user loyalty increases.

If a person stayed on the site for more than 10 seconds, then he became interested in it. Therefore, it is necessary to involve him by informing about promotions and discounts, delivery conditions or providing valuable advice. The fourth stage should influence the user's behavior and persuade him to buy this product. To do this, you can use Hurry-Up messages, offers for an individual discount, or messages about high demand for this product. You can also inform customers about fast delivery or offer them free shipping.

If the user has been on the site for quite some time and even put the products in the cart, but then decides to leave the site, then you have the opportunity to positively influence his decision. To do this, you can offer to complete the purchase or make a personal offer. But for this you need to accurately determine the moment when the client loses interest and is about to leave the site. If the user did not want to buy the product, then you need to find out the reasons for the refusal.

Buying experience optimization is not a complex science, but the process requires deep analysis of the buying environment and actions to improve the buying process.


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Discussion of the topic – Personalization of the online store will increase the efficiency of its work

Personalization of the online store will increase the efficiency of its work

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