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What methods of payment for goods can be offered to customers of online stores?

In the process of organizing and opening your own online store, one of the main tasks of a business owner is to make accepting payments easy, efficient, and reliable. It is better to use frequently used forms of mutual settlements, for example, by bank card, electronic or mobile money. Similar services are provided by both banks and third-party services. At the same time, it is important to choose the right payment systems so that they work stably with the platform of your resource.
What methods of payment for goods can be offered to customers of online stores

What methods of payment for products can be offered to customers of online stores?

To get the maximum profit from online commerce, it is important that the geography of sales is as wide as possible. To do this, it is worth providing for delivery throughout the country and offering payment methods available to many in the online store. This is:

  • Bank card. Almost everyone has it. The service can be activated directly through the bank where the business has an account, or through secure third-party aggregators that act as intermediaries between the store and the buyer.
  • Electronic money. In the era of freelance development, many people receive a salary on electronic wallets, so virtual money is more relevant than ever, because when converting and transferring it to a regular card, online exchangers charge a rather high commission. The most common in Ukraine and Russia are Yandex. Money, Webmoney and Qiwi, and in Western countries - PayPal.
  • C. O. D. Paying for an online purchase upon receipt is also relevant, because in this case the transaction is carried out after the inspection and verification of the order. This principle of operation is used by many postal companies, with some of them it is required to conclude an agreement, but many also work upon dispatch.
  • Cash. For those who have a physical point of sale, it makes sense to offer pickup, as well as courier delivery in the city where the business is located. This increases confidence.
The more usual methods of payment the seller offers, the higher his sales. At the same time, do not forget about the expected write-off of the commission, which should be taken into account in the price of the goods.

The function of monitoring the prices of online stores built into the software from ElbuzGroup will help to correctly form the pricing policy of the online platform.

How to enable payment by credit card

The built-in acceptance of payments by bank card on the website of an online store is a necessity today. When choosing a payment method, you should focus on the convenience, speed and security of transactions, as well as the amount of commission charged by the selected payment system or aggregator.
What methods of payment for goods can be offered to customers of online stores
There are more than enough advantages from connecting Visa and MasterCard payment systems to the site:

  • fast cashless payment for purchases;
  • no need for a person to open electronic wallets or register in various systems;
  • SSL-protected operations in which user data is securely encrypted.
  • instant money transfer;
  • simplicity and convenience for the client;
  • round-the-clock work of the processing center and full protection of the buyer's data.

The connected payment system is known to most users who have made purchases online at least once. Mutual settlement in this case is carried out by transferring funds from the card to the account of the seller of the processing company. An integrated special service controls their debiting and crediting. The service is provided by both banks and independent third-party companies that charge a certain percentage for transactions.
To connect the service you need:

  • conclude an agreement with a bank or a processing organization;
  • timely pay the commission of the financial company;
  • integrate the service into the resource structure.
For small online stores with a small turnover, connecting an online settlement may be unprofitable due to high tariffs.

The card calculation process is as follows:

  1. This method is selected, the site redirects to the online gateway or to the payment system page. The order amount is entered automatically.
  2. The card number, name, expiration date and CVV security code (3 digits on the back) are entered.
  3. The payment is confirmed. There is a return to the store's website, where a message appears about the acceptance of funds, the money is automatically credited to the seller's account.
Among the shortcomings can be noted: the fear of a person not to receive the products after the money has been paid for it and the need to return funds in cases where the desired product was not available. In the latter case, the bank will have to pay a commission twice - when accepting funds from the buyer, and when returning them in the opposite direction.

Automatic processing of price lists one of the functions of ElbuzGroup's online business software, will help keep the availability of products up to date.

How to connect payment from electronic wallets

Every day this virtual instrument is used more and more actively, because payments through it are anonymous, completely safe, carried out instantly, and user data is securely protected. Difficulties sometimes arise when connecting, for example, the popular Webmoney service requires a special procedure and personal identification.
What methods of payment for goods can be offered to customers of online stores
To provide such a service, the owner of an online store will need:

  • apply;
  • enter into a contract;
  • integrate the system into your store software.

After the conclusion of the contract, the business owner gets full access to the installation and uploading to his site of all the services provided for in the contract. At the same time, the commission for financial transactions will be lower than that of a bank, and customer confidence is higher, so when making payments, you do not need to go to third-party sites. Payments are made through the online gateway.
If you need to connect the reception of funds from several electronic wallets at once, it is most convenient to use aggregators. They are preferred for small and medium-sized businesses, as they allow you to quickly and inexpensively make the store multifunctional and offer convenient payment. In addition to direct acceptance of payments, aggregators offer:

  • SMS notifications about money transfer;
  • the possibility of manual and automatic billing;
  • logistics tracking;
  • easy integration with any software.
You need to choose an aggregator carefully, as some unscrupulous services withhold a commission not only from the seller, but also from the buyer, which your customers will probably not like.

The advantages of electronic wallets are as follows:

  • instant withdrawal and crediting of money;
  • convenience of the procedure;
  • actions with e-money cause less fear in the buyer.

The process is as follows: make a choice, redirect to the site of the aggregator or payment system, where you enter your login, password and confirm your decision.
If we talk about the shortcomings, then this is, first of all: a long connection of the service for legal entities, the dependence of the commission on the turnover of the store, and the limitation of the maximum amount in some wallets, for example, Qiwi.

How to connect payment in 1 click

Complicated online payment methods repel users who are already ready to place an order. 1-click payments are a modern tool. This does not require the introduction of full bank details. This feature is available only to loyal customers who have already made purchases, registered and entered full payment information when making their first order.
What methods of payment for goods can be offered to customers of online stores
To make all subsequent purchases in this case, it will be enough to enter the CVV code and go through 3-D Secure authorization.

It is important to inform all customers about the possibility of making payments in 1 click and their convenience, otherwise accidental purchases and negative reviews are possible.

The advantages of fast payments are:

  • maximum simplification and acceleration of the process;
  • additional opportunities for repeated calls;
  • increase profits by making impulsive purchases of related products.

The program from the ElbuzGroup company is a comprehensive software with all the necessary functions to automate the operation of an online store. With its help, most of the routine processes, including calculations, invoicing and filling the site with content can be fully automated, and the free time can be spent on business development.

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What methods of payment for goods can be offered to customers of online stores?

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