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Online store and key principles of its work

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In this article, we will consider such a type of site as an online store, identify its key features in terms of the general structure, the main types of content used, ways to make a profit, etc.

To begin with, it should be said that an online store is a site whose main purpose is to sell certain products and / or services. In most cases, the store focuses on the sale of products belonging to a particular group, for example, kitchen goods, furniture, mobile accessories, groceries, computers, etc. However, sometimes you can find multi-profile stores that sell literally everything that can be traded. Large online stores often specialize in selling several similar product groups (computers and home appliances, mobile devices and accessories, etc. ).

The main content of an online store is, as a rule, a description of the products available here (in text, graphic and video format). The main section is a catalog with product descriptions. This section, in turn, can be divided into other smaller sections, each of which is devoted to a separate category of goods. For example, if we are talking about computer peripherals, then the online store may include such subsections as “keyboards”, “microphones”, “mice”, “headphones”. If we are talking about clothes - “headwear”, “outerwear”, “trousers”, etc. A separate page is usually assigned to describe each product, which is sharpened for the corresponding search query (“buy / order / purchase” + name + brand + “on credit / inexpensive / cheap”). In addition to the description itself, technical specifications can be placed (everything depends on the type of product), photos from different angles, videos, customer reviews, and an order form. The use of forms allows you to automate the process of taking orders and simplify work with customers.

In addition to the product catalog, an online store often contains pages / sections such as “contacts”, “FAQ”, “delivery”, “payment”, “discounts”. In the "contacts" indicate how to contact the representatives of the store. You can also place a feedback form here. On other pages, all points related to the payment / delivery of products can be described in detail, information about discounts that are currently in effect.

The main page of an online store is usually filled with links to the main sections and categories of goods. Also, information about discounts, promotions, new arrivals and other useful information for buyers can be indicated here.

A large number of people can be involved in the work of an online store - it all depends on the format of the business, its turnover, the total number of products and other factors. If we take the simplest option, then only one person is responsible for everything - the business owner. He stores all the goods, for example, at his home, and sends them to customers by mail. More complex schemes may imply the presence of at least several dozen employees (content managers, copywriters, consultants, support staff, couriers, etc. ), their own warehouse (or several warehouses) with products and other paraphernalia.


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Discussion of the topic – Online store and key principles of its work

Online store and key principles of its work

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