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Online store losses

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When creating an online store, its owner seeks to do everything in order to increase the efficiency of the project. Efficiency, as a rule, is understood as the intensity of the sale of products and the total amount of profit for a single period of time (for example, for a month). The faster the product is sold, the more expensive it is and the lower its initial (purchase) price, the more profit you can ultimately get. However, quite often events unfold in such a way that the store owner receives losses instead of profit. This can happen for various reasons.

  1. Wide range of shops. It is highly desirable that an online store (especially if the owner is on a limited budget) is dedicated to one topic or several narrowly related topics. For example, dishes, souvenirs, mobile phone products, self-defense products, etc. In this case, you can provide customers with a wider range of products. In addition, it will be much easier for you to promote such a store in search engines.
  2. Poorly crafted ideology. Under the ideology is understood the general thematic focus, the format for displaying information, the format of interaction with users. The ideology of an online store should be strongly associated with the sale of some specific goods. Placing information content, a forum, a chat or other similar sections on the site can lead to an ideological shift and reduce the efficiency of the store.
  3. Usability issues. Ideally, the structure of an online store and the location of individual blocks on the page should help the visitor find the right product as quickly as possible, get acquainted with it in detail and make a purchase decision. If some problems and incomprehensible situations arise when navigating and studying information about a product, then the chance of a deal failure increases significantly.
  4. Lack of budget. Before creating an online store, its future owner focuses on a certain budget. In the course of work, this budget, for various reasons, may not be enough. As a result, there will probably not be enough money to implement some important functionality or to prepare descriptive content.
  5. Lack of product information. Before making a purchase, a visitor to an online store needs to learn as much as possible about the product. For example, if we are talking about a technical device, then a person needs to read a general description, detailed technical specifications, view photos from different angles, and even watch a video demonstrating the work. If only dry textual information is available, then the probability of a purchase will tend to zero.
  6. The absence of any guarantees of the security of the transaction. Giving his money, the buyer must be sure that in return he will receive exactly the product that is presented on the site page. In addition, he must be sure that after sending the money, the store owner will not disappear. Such confidence helps to form a page with detailed contact information, various certificates, testimonials, customer reviews, etc.


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Online store losses

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