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Product filter in the online store: "Accelerator" for buyers!

Product filter in the online store: They say that for every product there is always a buyer. But what if you have a lot of different offers? How to set up a product filter in an online store so that users are satisfied - after all, they will get what they need by making a purchase. High conversion, stability and so on.


Alas, chaos is happening at most venues: filtration is either absent, or it fails so much that you look for nail polish, but you get frozen chicken . . . Are such projects successful?


That soldier is bad who does not dream of becoming . . . a businessman. The desire for excellence led us to create the Elbuz Content Creator software product. She is not only responsible for selecting products by attributes but also helps in automatically filling product cards with high-quality content.

Initially, we set ourselves a priority goal - the program should help save money and time. In the end, it turned out that, on the contrary, it attracts finance.


When there is no order on the site of an online store, chaos is created, and it is by no means creative. We have worked with clients of various sizes, so we can say this with confidence. After the introduction of Elbuz Content Creator, everything changes 360 degrees, see for yourself: Product filter in the online store:



Regular tribute to programmers so that the selection of products by properties is finally implemented in full.

Programmers can look for new victims, you have all the solutions for popular CMS.

There is another scenario:

Complete disregard for filtering. As a result, the confusion and times of unrest in the online store, which only get worse with the addition of each new product.

The software allows you to immediately put things in order, organize a high-quality search on the site, which, according to statistics, helps to increase the conversion by 2 times, at least.

Also not uncommon:

Due to the limited budget, the product cards are not filled out properly, so there is a smoldering hope that the buyer knows everything anyway. There is no description - there is no possibility to filter products. The consequences are predictable!

The program automatically adds a description and a photo to the product card, creates good unique descriptions using a generator, provides unloading. . . And this is only a small part of the possibilities. Send copywriters to the same place where programmers have already been sent.

Sad expenses:

It is not uncommon to find cases where customers buy incredibly expensive software products - the more the better - implementing them all at once, but they cannot solve the problems of online stores.

Elbuz Content Creator makes filtering products in an online store not a luxury, but the norm. You don't have to be related to Rothschild to do this. The puzzle is complete!


Product filter in the online store: A few simple facts about our users to "reinforce the material":

  1. Conversion growth.
  2. Project savings on budget management (depending on the size of the store, at least 5 times less - and this is not the limit).
  3. Increase brand loyalty.
  4. Comfort.

Check out all the possibilities that come with Elbuz Content Creator here if you still have the slightest doubt! It's time to make a choice - stay on the "Six" or transfer to the "Lamborghini"!


Copywriter ElbuzGroup

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