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Processing price lists (prices) of suppliers of goods

Processing price lists (prices) of suppliers of goods

This service will be useful for those who have already fully immersed themselves in trading, but at the same time experience a lack of free time to process a large amount of data from suppliers' price lists.

The analysis of price lists (price lists) of suppliers is an integral process of every trade organization, it pursues such goals as: identifying changes in the prices of products from a supplier, identifying a new product, identifying products that are no longer in the price lists of suppliers, monitoring the availability of goods. As a result of price list processing on our part, you receive an updated list of your product offers for potential buyers at more accurate and favorable prices, as a result of which your status as a trusted seller in a competitive market rises daily.

The list of this service includes:

  • setting up price lists (prices) of suppliers for import into the database (filtering products according to specified import rules);
  • comparison of products in manual and automatic mode with products in the base catalog;
  • pricing, i. e. setting up a product markup, if a markup is used for each supplier separately;
  • control of the availability of products from suppliers;
  • data export: to a CSV file for import to an online store, a retail or wholesale price list in Microsoft Excel format, a summary price list (a detailed matrix of suppliers' prices, where you can buy products and for how much), etc.

This service will help you in the development of your project, because You will have all the cards in your hands: where, from whom and for what you can buy products at the lowest price in order to sell it to a potential client. It is also possible to update your base catalog based on all supplier price lists at minimum prices, taking into account your margin, i. e. we will select the minimum prices from your suppliers for your products from the base catalog. Ordering this service will give you or your employees a sigh of relief, because they will have a lot of free time that can be applied to other tasks in your company, such as searching for buyers. Those. in fact, we will be the "automation link" between your suppliers and you.


Processing price lists prices of suppliers of goods

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Hierarchy of product categories - qprice.org

Please note that before starting work on setting up the import of price lists (prices) of suppliers, it is necessary to agree on product groups (categories of goods), which will be further formed in the output data (in the retail price list, summary price list, on the site, etc. ). This stage is necessary to ensure that all products from the price lists fall into your categories, i. e. for example, if your site does not assume the category "Printers", but this category is in the price lists of suppliers, then this category will not be set up for import by us, so you will initially be required to provide a complete hierarchy of product categories that you would like to see on the showcase of your site (online store). Categories can be created directly in the admin area of your online store, and then exported to a CSV file using our ready-made external module and sent to us for processing. Our team of specialists has developed ready-made and effective solutions for data exchange between accounting systems, so we recommend that you contact us to agree on data exchange methods.

Supplier price processing

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Processing price lists (prices) of suppliers of goods

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