Website update by our specialists

Updating the site by our specialists (updating the database of the online store, updating links to XML, XLS files, etc. ).

Website update by our specialists

The list of this service includes:

  • uploading files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol - file transfer protocol);
  • updating the showcase of the online store;
  • updating files in Microsoft Excel format, for example, it can be retail or wholesale price lists;
  • updating files in XML format, for example, these can be files for trading systems Yandex Market (market. yandex.ru), price.ru (price.ru) and other systems;
  • updating product descriptions on the site, product photos.

When using this service, you are automatically freed from the daily adjustment of the site, tedious, sometimes beyond the power of even a few of your employees. Using this service will allow you to keep your online store up to date with verified information about new products, products that have changed the price from the supplier, etc. Thus, you or your employees will have a lot of free time that can be used for other tasks.


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Website update by our specialists

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