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Qualification of specialists

Qualification of database operators and sections of knowledge (categories of goods) with which the QPrice price list processing system works

Qualification of database operators and sections of knowledge (categories of goods) with which the QPrice price list processing system works

Qualification of database operators and sections of knowledge (categories of goods) with which the QPrice. org price list processing system works

Our team of operators, which deals with the processing of commodity databases, i. e. Your input information (price lists), they work directly with thousands of product ranges and have extensive experience in various product areas, in particular, they are former employees of trade and purchasing departments, sales managers, warehouse workers, all have experience in their field. Also, our team is constantly improving its knowledge as new products enter the market, new trends, for more efficient work provided to you. If you trade exclusively in automotive accessories, then an appropriately qualified specialist in this field will be involved in working with your product database. If you are also engaged in the sale of household appliances, then a specialist in this field will be additionally involved.

The main categories of products with which our qualified specialists work:
Electronics & Photo

DVD players, Audio equipment, Speaker systems, Amplifiers and receivers, Acoustic kits, Music centers, Home cinemas, Portable audio equipment, MP3 players, Headphones, Radio tape recorders, Dictaphones, Photo, Digital cameras, Lenses, Tripods and monopods, Photo flashes, GPS- navigators, Camcorders, PDAs, Electronic book readers, TVs and plasma panels, Accessories, Stands, Cables and connectors, Batteries and accumulators, Camcorder accessories, VCRs, Cassettes and discs, Monoblocks, Radio stations, Satellite and cable TV.

Bluetooth headsets, Cordless phones, Corded phones, Cellular phones, Cellular phone accessories, Spare parts, Data cables, Antennas, Cases, Payment cards, Phone cards, Wired headsets, Tariff plans.


USB Flash drive, Game consoles, Game consoles, PDAs, Components, Cases, Hard drives (HDD), Motherboards, Video cards, Monitors, Notebooks, Network equipment, Routers, switches, hubs, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipment, VoIP equipment Modems, Accessories, Bags and cases for laptops, Uninterruptible power supplies, Memory cards, Manipulators and keyboards, Keyboards, mice, kits, Steering wheels, joysticks, gamepads, Multimedia, Computer acoustics, TV tuners, Printers and multifunctional devices, Scanners, Desktop computers, Software, Programming, Security systems, Utilities, Anti-virus programs, Consumables, Cartridges, toners, thermal tape, Drums and drum units, Paper and film, Floppy disks, disks, cassettes, Cutting plotters, Servers, Memory card readers .


For home, Washing machines, Vacuum cleaners, Irons, Sewing equipment, For kitchens, Refrigerators, Hoods, Built-in worktops, Built-in ovens, For personal care, Hairdryers and styling appliances, Men's electric shavers, Epilators and women's electric shavers, Floor scales, Climatic equipment, Air conditioners, Heaters and air curtains, Water heaters, Air purifiers and humidifiers.


Car video equipment, TVs and monitors, Wheel disks, Audio equipment, Car radios, Car acoustics, Tires, Alarms, Car alarms, Immobilizers.

Sporting goods

Bicycles, Snowboarding, Snowboards, Tourism, Tents, Sleeping bags, Alpine skiing, Exercise equipment, Bicycles, Treadmills, Athletics, Fitness, Weightlifting, Athletics, Badminton, Rackets, Shuttlecocks, Accessories, Pools, Cross-country skiing, Billiards, Tables, Cues, Table accessories, Boxing and martial arts, Clothing and protection, Gloves, Training equipment, Accessories and supplies, Tennis, Accessories, Rackets, Water sports, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Darts, Protection, Boats and rafts, Outboard motors, Balls, Table tennis, Tables, Hunting and fishing, Sights, Accessories, Reels, Shotguns, Paintball, Clothing and protection, Scuba diving, Buoyancy compensators, Wetsuits and boots, Regulators, Roller skates, Accessories, Sledges and snow scooters, Squash, Rackets, Balls, Accessories, Sports equipment, Bags, Football, Hockey.

Goods for children

Products for babies, Children's furniture, Carriages, Car seats, Children's shoes, Children's clothing, Clothes for babies, Toys, Radio-controlled models, Educational toys, Constructors, Cars, Scooters.

Construction and repair

Tools, Power tools, Saws, Plumbing, Mixers, Shower cabins, Bathtubs, Ventilation, Doors, Doors, Radiators, Heating systems, Power plants, Measuring equipment, Voltage stabilizers, Automatic switches.

Everything for the office

Presentation equipment, Projectors, Office equipment, Fax machines, Accessories, Office furniture, Armchairs, Cabinets and shelves, Chairs, Security systems.


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Qualification of specialists

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