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Processing price lists (price lists) of competitors

Processing price lists (price lists) of competitors

This service will be useful for entrepreneurs who are already crowded in the market and want to get the most out of their trading, i. e. minimize pricing errors. As you know, the price of a product is one of the key factors in which a potential client makes his choice, but it is not solvable, it also depends on other tricks that the merchant takes, but still, if the entrepreneur has the opportunity to control the prices of competitors, this will give him an undeniable advantage. This service allows you to control the prices of competitors and compare them with your own.

Processing price lists (price lists) of competitors

The list of this service includes:

  • setting up price lists (prices) of competitors for import into the database (filtering products according to specified import rules);
  • comparison of products in manual and automatic mode with products in the base catalog;
  • setting up price control based on a competitor's price. Those. you can set a condition if the price of a competitor for a certain product is 100, and in your base catalog it is 110 (i. e. more by 10) and at the same time your supplier’s price for this product is 80, then you can lower your price up to 95, so that it is lower than that of a competitor, but not lower than the purchase price. These settings are negotiated individually when ordering this service;
  • control of the availability of products from a competitor;
  • export of a consolidated price list: a matrix of competitors' prices.

Have you ever been lucky on a grand scale? When using the service of processing price lists (prices) of competitors (their analysis), you will have all the trump cards in your hands, you will only need to use them correctly and have time to ship products to your customers, in fact, your trading business can move from retail to wholesale at the expense of a colossal increase in buyers, here, of course, everything depends on you, how you use this opportunity, but you will have such a chance.

We recommend using this service together with service No. 2 "Processing price lists (prices) of suppliers of goods", because in tandem, they allow you to automatically adjust the prices in your base catalog (basic catalog) based on the rules you set.


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Processing price lists (price lists) of competitors

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