Software we use at work

Our database operators use professional Elbuz Jumper software in their work, which specializes in processing supplier price lists (price lists), analyzing competitor price lists (price lists), generating technical descriptions of products and multimedia data, among other things.

Price list analyzer Elbuz Jumper is the market leader in the field of automated processing of price lists (price lists). The program allows you to process price lists with a complex structure, with multiple sheets in an MS Excel book, in order to detect changes in product prices, identify new products, and expand profitable product offers for potential buyers. Processing price lists (prices) is possible according to the specified import rules for filtering goods. It is possible to form a single consolidated price list.

Content Creation Elbuz Jumper allows you to create online store content, a product catalog with descriptions, characteristics, photos from open sources in automatic and semi-automatic mode. Allows you to create content for large sites with subsequent filtering of products based on their characteristics (attributes).

The use of the software that we use gives you the advantage not only in accurate and relatively fast work performed, but also such an opportunity as: if after a while you decide to analyze the price lists of suppliers yourself and generate descriptions and photos of goods, then you can buy this software and use ready-made, customized databases, which we will gladly provide you.


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Software we use at work

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