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Formation of content for products: technical descriptions, photos

Formation of content for products: technical descriptions, photos

One of the most responsible steps in e-commerce for physical products is the creation of a quality description of the goods, i. e. more detailed product description. This is necessary first of all for the buyer, so that it becomes clear to him that this is exactly the product that he needs or not, therefore filling the online store (website) with text content (technical characteristics) and product photos is one of the necessary tasks. The very first impression of a site that a visitor receives is a visual impression, its content.

Formation of content for products: technical descriptions, photos

It is possible to generate product descriptions in two different ways:

  • in the form of solid text, which is stored in one cell, usually in the "Description" field ("copy paste", Copy|Paste);
  • form product characteristics and their values in the form of additional fields for the product. Those. store information in the form of structured data (characteristic + value).

The cost of services for the automatic search for descriptions and photos of products on the Internet

The probability of finding the description and photos of the product in automatic mode

Product photos and descriptions are the key to successful sales. If you create a content database based on structured data (the second paragraph above), then you may later have the opportunity to create a product filtering system based on their attributes (features, characteristics), i. e. your buyers will be able to filter by product characteristics, for example, for the "Printer" entity, the buyer will be able to set a filter by such product characteristics as: "Print speed", "Color", etc. But this possibility needs to be clarified with the developer of your online store.

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