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Online store - placement of trial goods

Online store placement of trial goods

The functioning of an online store, like any other type of business, is constantly associated with various risks. One of the main problems is the impossibility of selling the existing product. In other words, your warehouse may be full of products that are not in demand. This can happen for a number of reasons. Suppose you did not conduct any marketing research (did not find out the degree of popularity of a particular product among buyers), after which you made a bulk purchase of the product with a view to its subsequent sale. Next, you add new positions to the online store, but the product is not in demand, it is bought up very reluctantly. In this case, you have to pay for the warehouse (rent). In addition, the product may have a certain expiration date, after which it will no longer be possible to sell it.

What should the owner of an online store do in such a situation? One option is to use a trial product. In this case, new items are added to the online store, which may not actually be in stock. However, the buyer can familiarize himself with the characteristics of the goods, see the photos and declare his desire to purchase the goods.

Let's give a couple of examples. The first situation is that there are products from two different manufacturers. You have never ordered these products to sell them in your online store before, so you do not know what exactly will be in demand among potential customers. You add both positions to the site and monitor the activity of buyers. The product that will be popular, you will buy in a larger volume. Situation two - the new product is presented in a very wide range (several dozen items). It is clear that it is not advisable to purchase the entire range at once, because some positions will be very popular, while others will not be bought at all. However, a description of all positions is added to the site in order to identify the real demand for each of them. Then you order from the manufacturer only the product that will be popular.

Remember that the popularity of a particular product is usually temporary, so you should not delete the description of unpopular products (for sure, they will also be of interest to someone and will not be interested immediately).

The main disadvantage of this trading technique is the long waiting time for the delivery of products (after all, in fact, you do not have it in stock, that is, you work on the principle of pre-order). This factor may not please some buyers - those who need to deliver the products as quickly as possible. However, remember that the pre-order principle will only work for the first time (this is necessary specifically for analyzing the demand for a product). Then, once you have bulk-purchased an in-demand item, you can trade quickly and efficiently.

In addition, you significantly reduce the likelihood of stockpiling unwanted products, which in most cases is much more important than the ability to deliver quickly to the buyer.


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Online store - placement of trial goods

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