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How to create an online store for navigation equipment

In this review article, we will tell you about the main nuances when creating an online store for navigation equipment. The development of all kinds of gadgets has significantly filled the electronics market, but still there is a separate segment of this market that deserves special attention in the field of starting your own business: these are navigation systems, one of the main subspecies where the use of high technologies is involved. The demand for such electronics is very high, as is the competition, but not many can offer a quality product in conjunction with specific knowledge about navigation.

Opening an online store of navigation equipment provides for the registration of an individual entrepreneur and the opening of a bank account for all financial transactions. Pay special attention when choosing a taxation system - for a start-up business, the Single Tax option is suitable, according to which you will pay in the process of entrepreneurial activity.

To get started, create a business - a plan for opening a site - a store of navigation systems. As the first point, set yourself the study of brands and all the necessary information about navigation technology, the principles of its operation, features, etc. Thanks to a thorough acquaintance with the characteristics of the products being sold, you will be able to find out which manufacturers of GPS navigation systems you should pay attention to in terms of cooperation.

How to create an online store for navigation equipment dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog After getting acquainted with the product, you need to find dealers - suppliers - be sure to find out whether these partners are reliable or not, because your business directly depends on them. Also study their price lists, ask them for recommendations or advice when choosing an assortment of products for your future Internet - store of navigation equipment. If partners - suppliers of price lists have positive feedback and cooperate with well-known manufacturers, then you should not worry; try to negotiate with suppliers on the sale of navigation systems by the wholesale method - receiving "for sale". Among the brands offered in the navigation systems market, we can single out such successful manufacturers as: Garmin International, GOCLEVER Technology, Pioneer Corporation, LG Electronics, ASUS, Global Navigation, GlobWay, Kenwood. Naturally, these brands of navigation equipment will be more in demand than little-known companies and firms.

High-quality navigation devices have an affordable, but not always cheap price, so when compiling the future range of products for your online store of navigation systems, pay attention to the amount of the initial payment - the initial investment can reach 3 million rubles, because a lot depends not only on the variety and the quality of the goods, but also on the wholesale cost of the products you purchase. It is better for you to focus on partnerships with major dealers of navigation systems: the most popular navigation is for cars, so that market segment will allow you to interact with car dealerships, which guarantees successful trading; after all, when buying a new car, the client tries to immediately purchase all the necessary accessories and accessories for comfortable movement.

Next: display in the business plan the cost of creating your online store of navigation equipment (from 5 thousand rubles to 20 thousand rubles); the cost of advertising and promotion of your site, as well as display issues related to the maintenance and filling of your site-shop with a range of goods. The ElbuzGruop company, in addition to services related to the maintenance and filling of the online store with goods, provides a free engine (CMS) and a script: this is important for the high-quality creation of an online store of navigation equipment. The engine has a built-in SEO optimization, which makes it possible to promote the Internet site of navigation technology to the leading ranking when it appears in search engine results.

Include in your business plan monthly expenses such as: How to create an online store for navigation equipment dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

  • purchase of navigation equipment, devices and accessories for them: the range of products should consist of 3-5 categories of GPS navigation systems, each of which should have its own price segment, based on the brand and brand;
  • rent of premises for an office and a warehouse, with a convenient access and location (car enthusiasts can come to your office to purchase navigation, so take care of the exhibition window);
  • payment for utilities, burglar alarms and car parking: monthly costs will range from 5 to 7 thousand rubles;
  • salary to the sales assistant (store manager, whose task is not only to provide professional advice to customers, but also to work with the store on the site, receive and send orders) - calculate the corresponding salary as a percentage of the amount of products sold;
  • purchase of a cash register (about 5 thousand rubles) for issuing checks, as well as accounting and settlement personal documentation, office equipment and furniture (about 50-70 thousand rubles);
  • monthly transport costs and advertising will cost you about 5 thousand rubles;
  • purchase of licensed navigation (topographic maps): You should take care of long-term partnerships with companies that systematically release updated road maps - in many regions there are still no accurate GPS data. By selling a quality car navigator along with an accurate licensed map, you will ensure your reputation as a professional in your field and thus attract customers.

When drawing up a business plan indicating the estimated costs of creating your site from scratch, consider the payback time of the online store: as a rule, it will take from 9 months to a year to return the invested start-up capital.

To ensure that opening your online store of navigation equipment is not too complicated and troublesome for you, ElbuzGroup offers not only a free engine with a script and built-in SEO optimization (website promotion in the first months of work), but also a series of Elbuz software: PriceList Importer product for quick processing of your dealers' price lists; the Elbuz Cart (Elbuz Shop) product is designed to search and fill the site's product catalog with descriptions, and the Content Creator product is a huge knowledge base of the company, which has more than a million products and is systematically updated.

It is important at the first stages when creating your site - a store from scratch, to take into account that without automating the site, especially without its SEO optimization, advertising and promotion, you are unlikely to get effective profit. ElbuzGroup offers high-quality and unique author's products, the use of which allows you to almost completely automate the work of the store, expand and change the assortment, instantly change prices on the site and much more. All software is optimized with each other and interacts with a free engine and scripts, so the integrated use of the company's products and services allows you to increase profits in the first months of the online store up to 30%!


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How to create an online store for navigation equipment

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