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How to create an online auto parts store

Maintenance of your own car involves not only periodic costs associated with banal refueling and replacement of filters and oils, but also repairs, for which motorists need to buy auto parts: often not cheap, and sometimes scarce. Of course, a car is not only a means of transportation necessary for any family, but also a prestige that once again emphasizes the wealth of the owner, and therefore determines his position and status in society. This type of business has a wide range of prices, as well as competition, therefore, to create your own online auto parts store, a small initial (start-up) capital is quite enough, with its possible expansion and the addition of new categories of goods. In the article, we will outline the most basic points that you need to pay attention to when creating an online auto parts store from scratch.

Many car owners have long known the fact that most of the world's auto manufacturers do not profit from the sale of their new cars, but from the sale of auto parts for them; therefore, although there is global competition in this area of business, the segment of this type of trade still makes it possible to earn and receive a decent profit.

To create your own online store of auto parts and accessories, you will have enough initial capital in the amount of 350 thousand rubles. up to 600 thousand rubles - this is an average, one might say, budget site-shop of auto goods. First, you need to analyze consumer demand for auto parts in your city or town, and also decide to which regions of the country you can deliver auto parts that you will have in stock. There are auto parts that are large, heavy, and also flammable (for example, paints, varnishes) - their delivery by a carrier (by mail) is often prohibited, so you can trade them only at the location of the office: your online auto parts store. Do not forget about the main thing: all car enthusiasts have word of mouth, so loyal prices and service (guarantees, quality, product originality, delivery speed, etc. ) will directly affect the interest in buying products on your site auto parts. You should also take into account the fact that the sale of auto products in rural areas is less common, therefore, this can also play into your hands: pay attention to neighboring regions and regions. How to create an online auto parts store dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

Of course, before you start trading, you need to register as an individual business entity: for this you will need about 20 thousand rubles, and you need to indicate the following trade area: “Services of retail trade in automotive parts, assemblies and accessories. ” Do not forget about the choice of taxation: carefully read the options and do not forget that as you trade, you can always re-register for another type of tax payment to the state (for a start, consider the Single Tax option). Create a business plan for the development of your online auto parts store, which include the following points:

  1. Search and conclusion of contracts with partner suppliers (dealers). You will take products from them at wholesale prices, so discuss all the points of payment and delivery of auto parts, find out which brands are better to sell - from China, the Russian auto industry, India, Iran, etc. Decide on the assortment: it should be from 4-7 categories of products to begin with. Ask the dealer about the possibility of obtaining products for sale. Pay attention to such automakers as Geely, Chery, Lifan, etc. - they are especially relevant due to the low price and recent appearance on the car markets of the CIS countries; choose a few optimal car brands for you.
  2. Creation of an online auto parts store from scratch. It will cost you from 4 thousand rubles. up to 18 thousand rubles; here it is important to remember about a high-quality engine (CMS) for a store site, SEO promotion (search engine rankings of your site), as well as filling it with product cards and processing large price lists of your suppliers - all this will require you a tremendous amount of time and on your own You are unlikely to be able to do everything; ElbuzGroup provides an opportunity to automatically service your online auto parts store, completely performing routine work for you. In general, the optimal and 100% correct solution for you will be the trade in auto parts throughout the country.
  3. Choose a convenient location and transport interchange for renting an office-warehouse of your auto products store website: premises up to 50 sq. m. It will be enough for you for the initial activity, calculate the monthly payments for rent (from 20 thousand rubles), com. services (about 5-6 thousand rubles), transportation costs, salary for a consultant manager (be sure to hire an employee who is well versed in auto parts and units - set him a percentage of the profit); do not forget also about the regulatory authorities on the part of the state - the rented premises must comply with many regulatory documents.
  4. Acquisition of the necessary office furniture, computer and office equipment: on average, about 50-70 thousand rubles will be enough for you, do not forget about the cost of advertising and attracting private car services and service stations by posting bonus offers, discounts and promotions for regular customers on the created auto parts website.
  5. And most importantly - the determination of prices for auto parts, accessories and parts. The price should be formed as follows: the cost of purchasing the products + transportation costs + 25% markup on the products - in this way you can roughly calculate the costs and estimated income, as well as calculate the costs of maintaining the site - an auto products store.

For the effective creation of your online store of auto parts and accessories, its rapid development and early payback, you will definitely need to automate all the processes of trading activities, from the analysis and processing of supplier price lists to filling the created auto products website with photos, descriptions and characteristics. ElbuzGroup offers its partners the following services and author's products:

  • for processing supplier price lists, there is a special product, the Elbuz series: PriceList Importer with the help of which you can always quickly and efficiently process supplier price lists and determine the wholesale price that is optimal for you;
  • to fill an online auto parts store with goods, you will need a product of the same series - Elbuz Cart (Elbuz Shop): this software will allow you to find high-quality descriptions (product cards) on the Internet that are indicated in the price lists of your suppliers;
  • a product of the same series, this is Elbuz Content Creator - a unique knowledge base containing more than a million products and constantly updated: cooperating with the company, you will always have access to it and use its resources.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in addition to the above products, ElbuzGroup provides a free CMS engine for creating an online auto parts store with built-in SEO optimization (website promotion), which allows you to be in the rating of sites trading in this type of product in the first months of work and increase your profit up to 30%! The company also provides a free script and a number of other automated functions necessary for successful trading.

The complex application of the proposed products, combined with a free engine and script, as well as the help of ElbuzGroup specialists, will give you an undeniable opportunity to be among the leaders - competitors in the auto parts business.

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How to create an online auto parts store

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