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How to create an online clothing store, open an online business?

Clothing, like food, is an integral part of the ubiquitous life of any person, so it also constitutes one of the main items of monthly expenses, especially for a large and friendly family. Most people want not only to dress well and update their wardrobe often, but also to buy high-quality, stylish and branded items, the price of which is naturally much higher, but this does not stop them: it is important for them to have a decent, respectable appearance, especially for businessmen, popular famous personalities, and wealthy people in general.

Opening your online clothing store from scratch is not a problem. The main difficulty in the process of trading activities is to obtain a stable profit with a high level of sales. This is the most basic thing you need to strive for, otherwise you will not achieve good results. Of course, the online store will work and bring some profit, provided that you invest your efforts, financial resources and time in it; but sometimes some factors make it impossible to develop your e-commerce and raise it to the proper level, and here's why. The most basic shortcomings when opening an online store from scratch is the wrong approach during its initial creation and the lack of SEO optimization. For example, the wrong choice of a CMS engine for the site: in the future, this will not give you the opportunity to make your online clothing store automated, i. allow the software to maintain the site, fill it with goods, accept orders without the participation of a manager, send SMS to customers about seasonal discounts, promotion conditions, etc. You will have to do all this complex and monotonous work yourself or pay your employees an additional monthly fee. As for SEO optimization: this is promotion, promotion of your site on the Internet; without it, the online store will not appear on the first pages of search engines, even if you have good advertising, loyal prices for products and an extensive assortment, which, as expected, consists of such categories as branded clothing of famous brands, middle-class clothing, and of course well, a budget option.

To create a professional and competitive online clothing store, ElbuzGroup offers a free CMS site engine, Elbuz Cart (Elbuz Shop) which includes a free script and SEO optimization, which allows the created site - clothing store to develop dynamically from the first days of work, by increasing sales due to high rankings in search engine results. The company's free CMS engine gives your virtual business the following benefits:

  • create and maintain a huge and up-to-date product catalog;
  • attract a large number of potential buyers through high-quality photo and video descriptions of goods;
  • provide the site visitor with an interactive and live interface that responds to the buyer;
  • without the participation of a manager-consultant, accept payment for goods, automatically receive SMS about new orders, keep their statistics and send out news, with offers of promotions and discounts;
  • create understandable, human and emotional filters, for example, I want “original American Levis jeans”;
  • get the maximum conversion with tactile perception and convenient checkout immediately on the 1st page of the site;
  • retain at least 90% of customers due to a high-quality and filled product card (showroom), including potential mobile buyers;
  • increase the average purchase check by creating sets of products with the involvement of accessories (Cross-Sell).

What else needs to be done to open your own online clothing store? First of all, perform a number of registration activities, such as opening an individual entrepreneur, registering with the tax service with the choice of a taxation system that suits you and, of course, opening your bank account, through which all financial transactions related to the trading activities of your site will be carried out - clothing store.

For the fruitful implementation of your business idea into life, you need to come up with an original, memorable name for the site so that its name will work for you in the future, like advertising. From the very beginning of creating a site - a store, make it a rule for yourself: you sell your customers only high-quality and interesting products that always have the most common and popular sizes of clothing, as well as price categories for buyers with different levels of earnings. The assortment should also include teenage, children's things: as a rule, they do not save on children; Perhaps a good trade in children's clothing will be a pleasant surprise for you.

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This is one of the most important moments after creating a clothing website - your suppliers must be time-tested and have positive feedback: in no case should you allow any sizes of clothing to be out of stock, a meager assortment, or the sale of defective, low-quality goods; otherwise, your store will lose customers and, as a result, the business will be doomed to failure. To prevent such incidents from happening, try to negotiate with suppliers on the acceptance of products “for sale”; discuss with them all the details of trade relations and mutual settlements.

In addition to advertising your open online clothing store, do not forget about an effective way to sell using social networks: when you add a special window to the site interface, your potential buyers will be added to the group you created, which gives good sales prospects for the future and, again, due to the possibilities of the free CMS engine of the ElbuzGroup company - to send out newsletters, promotions, bonus offers and discounts. When creating your clothing website, be sure to make it possible to add reviews: this is a kind of advertising that will inspire confidence among visitors who come to your site, but do not forget that negative reviews can, on the contrary, ruin the reputation of an online store, so a lot depends not only on the quality of the implemented clothes, the availability of sizes and assortment, but also on the level of service and the speed of delivery of products to the regions with which you will work.

To improve the quality of the assortment, study the consumer market and the demand for clothing on the Internet, find out from suppliers - which brands of domestic and European clothing manufacturers are the most relevant, what can they advise you? And to increase the turnover, decide - to which regions of the country you can send orders and what extra charge you can make on the wholesale price of the products that you took for sale or purchased in bulk. Typically, the markup is about 25%, but there are also seasonal, model "leaders" of sales, for which you can set a markup of 100% - take advantage of the moment! Further, what you should stop at is the high-quality and timely filling of the site’s product catalog with descriptions and characteristics of the products sold, naturally with large and clear photographs: do not forget about this, because each potential buyer will carefully and scrupulously study the color, shade, quality of material and tailoring the item you are going to buy. In this difficult task of filling the site with product cards with detailed descriptions and photographs, ElbuzGroup products will also help: You will not have to spend a lot of time processing price lists of suppliers, searching for photos and characteristics, all these processes have long been automated by the company using software Elbuz series: products such as PriceList Importer - for processing price lists Content Creator - for searching product cards on the Internet and creating your own, unique description with photos and characteristics, Elbuz Cart (Elbuz Shop) - a huge catalog of all kinds of products that you can use as a partner of ElbuzGroup.

As you can see, all the prospects are obvious and far-sighted, so when opening your online clothing store, consider not only the influence of fashion and the above negative factors affecting trade and consumer demand, but also the complete automation of your site at the very initial stage of its creation: this way you are guaranteed ensure the success of your enterprise and attract good luck, which is so necessary in any, without exception, business!


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How to create an online clothing store, open an online business?

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