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How to create an online store of garden equipment, opening a business online

Every amateur gardener knows that in order to get a good harvest of vegetables and fruits from a backyard or summer cottage, it is necessary to work and look after your garden and sown beds throughout the summer season: only in this way, with regular work and care, you can get an excellent result and ensure all his family with organic vegetables and vitamins for almost the whole year.

Currently, there is a mass of modern gardening equipment and equipment on the market that can greatly facilitate hard work and not turn your favorite hobby in nature into backbreaking, hard labor; on the contrary: the use of new agricultural equipment gives complete satisfaction from the work done and even cheers up on the basis of the result seen, so most summer residents, at the beginning of each season, seek to purchase one or another necessary garden equipment. Progress is rapidly moving forward, and many gardeners do not even know what miracles of technology are now subject to them and are already on sale: in this article we will tell you about the main categories of products that are in actual demand on the agricultural machinery market and how to open your online store of garden equipment from scratch.

How to create an online store of garden equipment, opening a business online dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog The first step in creating your own e-commerce on the Internet is the official registration of an individual entrepreneur and the implementation of all the necessary step-by-step actions, such as opening a bank account, registering with the tax service and, of course, creating your own garden equipment store website. If everything is clear with these tasks for many future entrepreneurs who are thinking about a promising business on the Internet, then the very process of trading and the proper functioning of an open online garden equipment store is very vague and unpredictable, which causes doubt and a number of difficulties.

To begin with, you should draw up a business plan for the development of your future enterprise, in which you will display all kinds of costs necessary for the stable operation of your business for the period until you reach a stable level of turnover and, accordingly, earnings. Based on analytical reviews of the payback of new online stores of garden equipment and equipment, we can conclude that the payback of sites selling garden equipment, equipment and household products averages about two years. To open your online garden equipment store, you will need a starting amount of 800 thousand rubles. up to 1 million rubles: such costs are mainly associated with the considerable cost of gasoline and power tools, sometimes expensive due to the brand name of the manufacturer and the country where they were produced. In the estimated amount of 1 million rubles. in addition to the initial purchase of goods, expenses for the purchase of office furniture and office equipment are included.

From this amount, you can immediately calculate the monthly costs in the amount of 200 thousand rubles. for renting an office space-warehouse where your virtual store will be located, paying taxes, salaries to the seller - consultant, advertising and utilities, as well as expenses associated with transport and sending products by mail to other regions of the country. The initial investment also includes the cost of creating your site: for this you will need from 5 thousand rubles. up to 15 thousand rubles: this is an average, budget option for trading activities. When creating your online store from scratch for the sale of garden equipment, please note that only large-scale trade in all corners of the country will allow you to successfully develop your business idea: after all, you will definitely have competitors, which means that trading activities must be organized at the highest level. Do not worry about the competition of construction supermarkets: as a rule, the prices for all products are much higher; on the contrary: with the help of good, high-quality advertising, you can lure serious buyers to your online store, office \ warehouse, but subject to the availability of high-quality products and adequate prices.

Study the market for gardening equipment and tools, ask your suppliers (dealers) what products and brands are more in demand, what preferential terms and wholesale prices they can offer you (for example, “goods for sale” schemes, “when buying for the amount of . . .rub. the wholesale price will be another 5% lower, etc. ”). The minimum payback period for the created site of garden equipment will be at least 2 years, it all depends on how quickly the sale of products occurs during the season: usually a good trade in garden equipment and inventory occurs in the spring and autumn period, and this must be taken into account. When looking for an office-warehouse for a store site, consider its location and good transport interchange (infrastructure) - you may have to spend money on racks or showcases: if you are geographically located in a big city or town, then over time and with good advertising (not forget about specialized forums, social networks, etc. ) buyers will definitely reach out to you, unless of course you have a good varied assortment and a good pricing policy. Remember: people also need stores that stock not only gardening equipment, tools, supplies, but also small consumable parts and gardening supplies, such as consumables such as chainsaw chains, filters, oils, spare batteries, etc. . Sometimes, in the off-season, the sale of consumables allows you to keep the turnover at a minimum level, ensuring the vital activity of the site.

What kind of product should you sell through your online store of garden equipment and tools? To do this, you need to carefully study the proposed market and communicate with suppliers, manufacturers and dealers: they must provide you with clear and reasoned answers, because they are interested in you as a regular wholesale buyer. As a rule, these are consumer products such as chainsaws, brush cutters, trimmers, lawn mowers, mowers, walk-behind tractors, cultivators, motor drills, aerators, garden shredders and many other garden equipment and equipment useful in the garden. Of the most popular brands, the most famous manufacturers can be noted, such as Bocsh, Gardena, Al-ko, Stiga, Makita. The budgetary Russian companies include manufacturers such as Taiga, Salyut (Moscow), Favorit. Of course, all this equipment is divided into different categories, regardless of size, so do not forget about compactness: storage or showroom will require a significant leased area, do not forget about it.

For prompt filling and maintenance of the site-shop of garden equipment and inventory, the ElbuzGroup company offers a unique author's software developed and aimed at solving How to create an online store of garden equipment opening a business online a complex of problems and difficulties that arise in almost any site or online store in the process of working and selling consumer goods. Products of the Elbuz series purposefully solve all the assigned tasks aimed at the quality functioning of the site: PriceList Importer - allows you to quickly process supplier price lists, Content Creator - also quickly finds and fills an online store with product cards with detailed descriptions, photos and characteristics, and the Elbuz Cart (Elbuz Shop) product allows you to take product descriptions from a huge knowledge base - a huge unique information repository of the company.

Here we should note such an important fact as the very process of creating an online garden equipment store from scratch: many of the future entrepreneurs are trying to save money when creating their e-commerce site, not attaching much importance to some nuances or simply not understanding the technical aspects that directly affect site performance. In the future, this is fraught with serious consequences, up to work related to the complete cessation of the trading activities of the online store for its significant “reconstruction”. What is it connected with? One of the main reasons is an incorrectly selected CMS site engine, which may not be compatible with various software, further interfering with the automated maintenance of the site and filling it with goods. Specialists of the ElbuzGroup company, specializing in the entire CIS, have found a solution to this problem, based on the analysis of the functionality of the sites of their partner companies: ElbuzGroup offers its customers a free CMS engine with built-in SEO optimization (website promotion and issuance of it in the first positions of search engines) as well as a free script in combination with products of the Elbuz series, this is a great option for creating or large-scale development of your own garden equipment online store.

In addition, to understand all the possibilities and prospects, we note the versatility of a free CMS engine that allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • attract a large number of buyers due to high-quality enlarged photos and video descriptions on the site;
  • maintain and create an up-to-date product catalog, without any restrictions;
  • accept payment without the participation of a manager, receive SMS about new orders, keep records of them and carry out newsletters;
  • provide the client with a convenient, interactive interface that responds to the buyer;
  • retain at least 90% of potential customers at the expense of the product card (showroom), including also mobile buyers;
  • create simple, but at the same time emotional human filters, for example, I want a “compact cultivator for cultivating a vegetable garden”;
  • get the maximum conversion with tactile perception and convenient checkout immediately on the 1st page of the site;
  • increase the average check by creating sets of goods, including accessories (Cross-Sell).

As you can see, the services offered by the company are very extensive and provide great opportunities not only for creating your own business on the Web, but also for its successful development, expansion, and maybe even transformation. Statistics give positive results: cooperation with ElbuzGroup increases the profit level up to 30%, and this is not the limit! Much depends, of course, on your desire, diligence and creative approach to business. If you have an incentive, desire and opportunities, plus the help of such a partner as ElbuzGroup, do not hesitate: you will succeed!

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How to create an online store of garden equipment, opening a business online

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