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Business Process Automation Program

Automation of business processes will significantly reduce waste, increase the quality of the workflow, remove useless power and bring it to a high level. It will improve the quality of production. It will help to keep records and other processes in automatic mode. This has a number of advantages, as it practically eliminates errors and minimizes the impact of human impact. Systems for business automation. It will combine the positive aspects of each of the departments and make the work of the enterprise better. Some of the best systems control:

  1. Working hours of employees
  2. Creation of various documents
  3. Negotiation of contracts
  4. Order execution quality
  5. Assessing the correctness of reports

To choose the right CRM - system (a resource that allows you to optimize marketing, improve the quality of service to people and the level of sales), you need to determine the task that the company faces.

E-Trade Jumper program - complex automation

Business Process Automation Program dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog Unlike other programs, E-Trade Jumper is ready to work immediately after entering the data. No wonder the name translates as " Management Solution". The interface and help menu is clear to every user.

The technology of this program has computerized and assimilated the convenience of services like Skype and email, as well as other services. Employees of the organization can comfortably exchange information on work among themselves, while not leaving their workplace, and the authorities will receive a report from any employee in electronic form or will bring the necessary information to everyone.

Sales automation

System of business - processes and document flow of the enterprise
Today, competitive organizations are considered to be those that use all means in the struggle to improve the quality of their work and reduce costs.

Factors that bring unproductive costs:

  1. Lack of an automated workflow system, which leads to a failure to complete the task
  2. Lack of control over what happens in the organization
  3. Lack of collective composure
  4. Unnecessary time spent on sending documentation, collecting the necessary information

To solve these problems, it is necessary to start implementing a business process automation system. E-Trade Jumper also allows you to automate the workflow. It carries a template that will help set up the process in the work of creating documents. Its use will increase the efficiency with documents and information.

Also, the E-Trade Jumper system will allow you to solve many problems related to management. You can take into account the basic solutions or create your own product.

Tasks that can be implemented using E-Trade Jumper:

  1. Information Possession
  2. Automation
  3. Interaction management within the company

Small Business Automation

The way to increase efficiency and conquer new heights in the field of business with fierce competition is the automation of business processes. Seeing the huge positive qualities, many entrepreneurs still do not dare to implement these systems in their enterprise, conditioned their decision by a small trading area, lack of funds, a poor assortment of goods, the complexity of implementation or a small amount of demand for goods. But in vain. After all, they will allow you to keep inventory, which will ensure the convenience of receiving products and inventory.

Tasks of the ElbuzGroup team

This agency will select and implement a system that is best suited for the development of your business.

Implement a cloud-based CRM - system in the main divisions of the front - office, which are responsible for working with consumers. This allows you to rationally use working time and plan the entire day of the employee, automation of online stores .

To get high-quality reporting, you need to have an excellent tool, the implementation of which can take a sufficient amount of time. This is a difficult job, during which it is necessary to train the staff, change their views, replace some people who do not want to work in modern society.

But there is nothing complicated here if your company is manageable, and the discipline of employees is at the proper level.

Document management system

Models applications and underlying system client software. Also used for business automation, directly related to the processing of documents. In addition, it includes scenarios that are very diverse and can be used in different organizations.

Business process automation

For example, automating the appointment of people for an appointment with the master will help to avoid cases when two or more people are recorded at the same time, and at other times the master has nothing to do. There will also be a record of the receipt and expenditure of the necessary substances. When the quantity of a cosmetic product approaches the absence, the system will remind you that it is time to place an order with the supplier.

Parsing competitor prices

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