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Do you want to know how parsing and adding descriptions to the products of an online store works?

If you are on this page, then you are familiar with the problem of creating content (technical description and photo) for online store products. Receiving only a list of products and prices from the supplier, you are limited by further development, because for the successful sale of the product, you still need to beautifully design each product card in the online store, without this there is no point in selling the product - no one will buy it. We want to share with you the solution to the problem of creating high-quality product content, while you are guaranteed to reduce your time costs by several times. Read more. . .

In the E-Trade Content Creator program, you need to upload a list of products for which you want to add a description, photo and video. Based on this list, a parser for online stores works.

This can be done in various ways:

  • Download products from your own online store.
    We have developed a special E-Trade HTTP Tunnel module for you, which integrates with your website and simplifies the interaction between E-Trade series products and the database of your online store. When using the integration module, you will receive a two-way exchange of information, that is, you can upload products from the site to search for descriptions, and then, when the descriptions are already found, upload these product descriptions to the site along with photos and videos. Such CMS of online stores as E-Trade Shop, OpenCart, 1C-Bitrix, WebAsyst Shop Script, PHPShop, HostCMS, CS-Cart, Simpla CMS, PrestaShop and others are supported. The module is distributed free of charge.
  • Download products from the program 1C Enterprise .
    The E-Trade Content Creator program supports the CommerceML format, which was developed by 1C (together with Microsoft, Intel) as a unified standard for the exchange of commercial information in XML format for the exchange of product catalogs in catalog management systems.
  • Load products from a file in Yandex Market format (XML, YML).
    Many people use this format to advertise their products on the Yandex Market website, you may also use it.
  • Download items from the E-Trade PriceList Importer database.
    If you are using a price listing program, then you can easily combine the databases of both programs and get a list of products for searching and adding descriptions.

Search and add descriptions and photos to products.

This can also be done in various ways:

  • Run an automated search for descriptions.
    The program has a special mode of operation for the "lazy", which allows you to press just one button to start an automated search for descriptions from open sources. After the search is completed, information will be provided on how many product descriptions were found, you will only have to visually check the descriptions that the program found.
  • Run a semi-automated search for descriptions.
    This search mode allows you to search for a description for the selected item. You select the desired product, press the search button and the program shows you the search result, if it satisfies you, then you press the save button and go to the next product.
  • Add characteristics synonyms to create unique descriptions.
    You can create your own unique feature names, then link existing features to them, thereby uploading unique content to the site.

Upload descriptions, photos and videos to the site.

Basic operations for updating the online store:

  • Customize the type of description in the online store for the product card.
    The program has the ability to generate dynamic descriptions based on a pre-prepared HTML template, taking into account CSS styles, that is, as a result, get full integration with the design of your site. The program already has a ready-made HTML template, which you can modify as you wish.
  • Prepare data for the product filtering module in the online store.
    Depending on the capabilities of your filtering module, which is installed in your online store, you can choose different types of displaying the selection of values for the selection of products and their order. The following types are available in the program: drop-down list (ComboBox), checkbox (CheckBox), radio button (Radio), slider (Slider), text (TextArea). It is also possible to set the maximum number of displayed characteristics, if this threshold is exceeded, the list of characteristics will be partially hidden in order to provide your customer with a more convenient use of your filter and the online store as a whole.
  • Set up uploading descriptions and filters to the online store.
    In the data export subsystem, you need to create two data export templates, one will be responsible for updating the description on the site in the product card (solid descriptions), the other export template will be responsible for filtering the product in the online store by characteristics, that is, for selecting the right product for your customers .
  • Set up uploading product photos to the online store.
    You can set up photo resizing right in the program, create, for example, a small, medium and large photo for a product, then apply a watermark to each photo in order to protect it from copying. Or shift this task to your online store, it all depends on the CMS you choose. Then you should specify the access parameters to your FTP server to transfer photo files to your online store.

This is how the product description database (photo, technical specifications) is filled in and the content in the online store is updated.

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