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Optimization of business processes of an online store

Optimizing the business processes of an online store will help to improve the quality of its work. This allows you to spend less time and effort on fixing problems in the mechanism of actions and improving the work of the site. All processes related to optimization, first of all, simplify the life of the owner, or seller, of the company.

All calculations are automatically made, stock balances are displayed and much more. Thanks to the program, you do not need to spend a lot of money on: developing an online store design, renting premises, marketing campaigns and a courier service. Process optimization will allow you to fix weaknesses in the site, after analyzing the entire management system. Promotion, purchase of products and other complex tasks are effectively optimized so that the work of the store and website does not slow down.

What problems will automation of store business processes solve?

Automating the business processes of an online store allows you to solve 4 main problems that every owner faces:

  • work with buyers;
  • logistics;
  • marketing;
  • accounting.

Now let's look at these problems in detail. They occur on the front-end and back-end processes.

Customer acquisition

You can attract new potential buyers using a variety of promotion channels, such as search engines (Yandex, Google), contextual advertising, social networks (Instagram, Facebook) and trading platforms (Yandex Market, Hotline). The last method is the most efficient. On the marketplace there are many products of different stores. The client visits it and looks for a product suitable for him. When he finds it, he goes to the store's website in order to buy the product.

Customer service

This includes calls, consultation, payment acceptance, confirmation and delivery of goods. Automating the work of these factors makes the customer experience in using the services of the store more enjoyable. There will be no need to bother the staff to call customers. It is enough to add a bot that will help in choosing a product, call and report on the status of the order, etc.

Customer retention

You can keep customers with the help of loyalty programs, company responses to customer reviews, promotions, mailing lists, etc. Loyalty programs can include bonus and discount cards, where customers can accumulate points and spend them in your store. Mailings allow you to learn about current promotions, new arrivals of goods, changes in the store, etc. All these factors keep the buyer, since the conditions provided by the company are very favorable for him.

Formation of the assortment

The back-end processes include forecasting and testing the possible demand for goods, searching for it in the store, negotiating with partners and further purchasing products from them. It also includes sorting products by article numbers and barcodes. The easier it is to find the right product, the faster the customer will buy it. He does not have to spend much of his time searching, which will create a pleasant relationship with the store. The price parser for online stores will allow your business to be competitive in the market.

Order processing

Order processing includes processing letters, customer calls and confirmation of orders placed. Preliminary check of the availability of products in the warehouse, its preparation for shipment, delivery is an integral part of the work of any online store. In case the order was canceled, it is better to call users to find out the reason.

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Delivery of purchases

After completing the processed orders, their delivery follows. Purchases should be divided by shipping method. If you have the possibility of self-delivery, then you need to separate them by points. After all parcels are transferred to courier services, all reports on the location and status of shipments will be received.

Acceptance of payment

This process includes receiving payment through courier services, mail, bank cards, etc. The method of payment is determined by the buyer at the stage of placing an order.

Working with returns

Refunds sometimes occur in the work of any store. The order can be returned if the product is expired, of poor quality or defective. First of all, you need to get in touch with the client to find out the reason for the return. After that, it is discussed how the product and other processes will be replaced.


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Business Process Diagram

The first step is to determine the type of business process. They are divided into:

  • basic;
  • auxiliary;
  • developing;
  • managerial.

The first type completely affects the profit of the company, that is, it includes the production of products, their sales, marketing, work with customers, etc. Auxiliary help the functioning of income: accounting, document management and others. The third one concerns the development of the company (plans, budgeting, forecasts, training of employees). And the last type is business management. It includes solving problems, controlling employees and motivating them.

Automation of processes should simplify the tasks for the staff. This allows you to increase efficiency and not lose the quality of the products sold.


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Integration of a business process automation program

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