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SEO URL Generator

The SEO URL generator allows you to create link names in latin based on the names of elements.
For example, there is a product with the name: Refrigerator Siemens KG36NNW306
After creating the SEO URL will be: 17-refrigerator-siemens-kg36nnw306
The product ID was added and the name was replaced according to the rules of transliteration. We recommend using the element ID in the link in order to create unique links within the same site.
elbuz etrade jumper seo url generator
The maximum length of the URL allows you to set the length of your links, we recommend creating short links that contain the element ID + transliteration in order to create a unique and short link.


  • Generator on
    When this flag is enabled, SEO links will be generated for new elements.
  • Update only empty
    When this flag is activated, SEO links will be filled only for elements whose SEO is not filled. It is very important! For example, you downloaded a catalog of products from your site, along with the catalog, Elbuz Jumper also downloads SEO links, in order to save your unique and indexed links by search engines, in order to save them, you must set the "Update only empty" flag.

Transliteration setting

You can customize the replacement of Cyrillic (and other) to Latin according to your requirements. For example, there are several transliteration standards, you can customize the system to suit your needs. It is enough to specify the desired letter in the "Search" field, the letter to replace in the "Replacement" field
elbuz etrade jumper seo url generator

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SEO URL Generator

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