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Translation of values into other languages using the Google Translate API

For bulk translation of category names, products, attributes, attribute values, descriptions and other information, you can use one of the options, one of them is the Google Translate service.
For the translation system to work from Google, you need to get a token (password). Go to https://cloud. google.com/translate and click the register button

Google will offer to register a new account or sign in for an existing one

After logging into Google Cloud, create a new project if necessary
https://console. cloud. google.com/projectcreate

Open Cloud Translation API
https://console. cloud. google.com/apis/library/translate. googleapis.com
Open Credentials
https://console. cloud. google.com/apis/api/translate. googleapis.com/credentials

Create a new key (API key)

Copy the key and paste it in the program settings
elbuz etrade jumper config
elbuz etrade jumper config api
elbuz etrade jumper config api google


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