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Parser eBay

The eBay Parser is one of the features of the Elbuz Jumper program that automatically retrieves product and price information from the eBay website.

Parser eBay

How to parse products from an ebay site
Parser eBay

  1. To get data from the ebay site, it is enough to specify a link to the desired category (you can take into account various filters, for example, by brand);
  2. The parser program will collect all the information for each product:
    name, price, availability, photo, video, characteristics, link to the product;
  3. We will be able to edit the received products directly in the program;
  4. More than 25 formats for uploading parsing results will allow you to save a list of products in a convenient form for subsequent editing and updating your online store. By using our integration module, you can update your site directly without using any files.

The main advantages of the eBay parser

With the help of parsing, you can create a huge amount of content for your site in a short time. And as you know, the more quality information you offer visitors, the better search engines will treat your resource. This also applies to prices, keep an eye on your competitors.

Using the parser, you can seriously speed up and optimize the work of your online store.

The benefits of using our program are many:

  • automation of processes and unloading of workers;
  • high speed (the parser can process thousands of pages per minute);
  • wide possibilities: the volumes that the program can pass through are incomparable with those that a person can analyze.
  • the program is always executed and does not allow errors
  • savings, as you do not need to buy and order content
  • this technology will also be very useful if your site has dynamic information, we are talking about prices, they change and update often and constantly. Agree that it is very difficult to maintain a fast pace of manual updates, even if a whole team is working on this task.

You can check the work of the eBay parser for free in the demo version of the program.

Get demo access for 14 days for free
The platform balance will be 50EUR. Unloading of 100 products + full functionality is available.

ElbuzGroup is a developer of unique and effective IT solutions for online business projects. For 14 years, the brand's software products have gained popularity and recognition among more than 9,000 users, and their number is constantly growing. The Elbuz Jumper application provides comprehensive automation of an online store and helps to quickly create up-to-date content ( cards with descriptions, photos and technical specifications ) and instantly process price lists in various formats, compare prices and create product offers that are beneficial for the consumer. The software integrates with any CMS and pays off from the first month of use.

How eBay price monitoring works

Aggregator sites are incredibly popular among consumers, as they allow not only to choose products that are suitable for various parameters, but also to compare them in several ways on different online platforms. Sellers, in turn, in order to get warm buyers from such portals, reduce the cost of popular positions on the aggregator, while maintaining the recommended price on their resource. The most popular and visited aggregator in Ukraine is the eBay site, and the eBay site parser allows you to monitor the products and prices of all competitors at once.

The results of the program on the example


Payback period ~ 1 month, on the 2nd month the income will cover the investment costs !

Instant access to the program through a browser, from any PC!

Affordable price of €87, significant savings for your money!

The program does not allow errors, unlike manual data entry, a human error can cost a business dearly.

Official quality guarantee from the developer company!

The cost and payback of the program

The client monitored the prices of online stores based on the information of the popular ebay aggregator and updated his price list. After analyzing the parsing summary data, product trends were identified and a new competitive price list was formed with automatic daily updates. Having changed the price, the client registered on ebay and quickly passed the moderation, and for some positions even got to the first lines of the issue. The program paid for itself in full within the first month of use, since after adding the store to the ebay site, sales increased by 30%.

Parser eBay

Of course, not everyone is ready to take a word, so we provide an opportunity to test the features and functionality of the program before buying. The demo version of the software has no limit on the number of added and analyzed positions and is available free of charge for 14 days. In the future, it is possible to rent monthly for only €51/month, or purchase a license for permanent use. An innovative software product with data protection and constant technical support will allow you to increase sales, set up automatic catalog updates, negotiate with suppliers on more favorable purchase conditions, leave your competitors behind.

Monitor prices first - take the audience of competitors


Frequently asked questions about the work of the eBay parser

The aggregator requires pre-registration, which includes filling out a registration application with contact information and payment details of the seller. After creating an account, the online store is moderated and its owner signs a service agreement.
To add your products to the aggregator site, you need to upload your products in the form of a price list with current and competitive offers. After being checked by a moderator, the most popular and profitable offers of the online store will get to the resource and will participate in the search results. Our program generates an XML file in 1 minute and provides a link to download on eBay.
More than 250 thousand users visit the resource daily. In order for them to see your products, you need to upload a price list with the most popular positions and competitive prices for them and add payment details for calculation and prepayments directly from the price aggregator.

Want to quickly understand how the program works? Write questions about working with the program by mail or skype chat

Step-by-step guide on how to get competitors' prices

Getting competitor prices from the eBay marketplace is a breeze. You can receive prices for your chosen products, as well as for entire categories.

Attention! To get started, you need to install the extension for the Google Chrome browser, to do this, follow this link. Search is possible only in the Google Chrome browser or without the extension, if the server parsing mode is active in the program.

You need to add a new counterparty, enter its name and select the type of counterparty "Competitor".
To do this, go to the "References" tab, select "Price list processing" - "Price list list".

Parser eBay

Or click on the "Price Lists" icon on the desktop.

elbuz etrade jumper pricelist products

To add a counterparty, click on the + button in the upper left corner and select "Add counterparty"

Parser eBay dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

In the window that opens, enter the name of your counterparty and click the "OK" button.

Parser eBay dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

Next, you need to select the "Site Parser" item and click the "Select" button opposite the site you need from which you want to receive information.

Parser eBay

In the window that opens, through the add + button, you must enter links to entire categories or to individual products for which you want to receive data from the site. To do this, you need to open the eBay website, select the category you need in the product catalog, open it in the browser, take the link from the address bar, copy it and paste it into the program. You can also set additional filters by technical characteristics (properties, attributes) on the site for the category. Thus, it is possible to obtain data not about all products in a category, but only about a part of it, for example, limit the loading of products by manufacturer. For example, to obtain information about smartphones from the manufacturer Google, the link will be as in the screenshot:

Parser eBay

Paste into the window:

Parser eBay dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

If you need to get the prices of competitors for a certain product, then open this product on the site and copy the link to it by analogy with the category.

We also paste it into this window and put an additional check mark "Link to product".

Parser eBay

After that, we press the "Download data" button, after which the competitors' prices will start loading, which can be tracked in the log:

Parser eBay

It is possible to exit blocking (captcha). You need to enter it (check the box "I'm not a robot") and click "Continue".

Parser eBay

The result of downloading competitors' prices from the eBay site will be the following:

Parser eBay

As you can see, the selected category, as well as the selected product from another category, has loaded.
We check the prices of competitors on the eBay site itself and see that everything loaded as it should and the prices match.

Parser eBay

To quickly get prices: minimum, average and maximum, activate the parameter in the settings
Parser eBay

Download attributes and photos from the ebay site

In addition to competitors' prices, you can get information about product attributes and photos from the holine.ua website, this information can be transferred to your products or create new products to add to your website.

Parser eBay dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

How to scrape an ebay site

There are several modes of parsing:

  1. Specify links manually to the categories or products you need.
  2. Load a list of links from a file that require information from the site. The file must be in CSV (text file) format.
  3. Upload your products to the base catalog and start searching for products on the site based on your products, the program will insert your product name into the search bar of the site and save the received product to the program database. In this mode, it is important that your product names are identical to the names on the site or very close to them, because the accuracy of the search depends on the algorithm of the site itself, whether it can find the product you need or not.

To load a list of links from a file follow these steps
Parser eBay

Automated search for your products on the eBay marketplace site

  1. You must specify a link to search in the settings:
    Parser eBay
    Instead of {NAME}, the program will substitute your keyword and generate links to search for your product on the source site. You can also specify the {SKU} macro substitution so that the search is carried out by the value from the "Manufacturer's Article" field, instead of the name.
  2. Activate the option "Search for your products"
    Parser eBay

Uploading competitor prices to a summary report

After receiving prices from the marketplace website for goods, there will be information for each seller (at what price he sells the goods)
Parser eBay

You can generate a report in Excel for visual viewing of prices for each product and online store. To do this, open the "Uploaded products" tab, additional menu, "Upload prices to XLSX" item.
Parser eBay

You will receive a report like this. The report will create rows with products and columns for each seller, indicating prices
Parser eBay
The report does not contain a link to your base catalog products, but only displays downloaded products from the marketplace site. If you need to generate a report with your products and marketplace products, use the "Product catalog upload" subsystem, XLSX template .

This is just a brief presentation of the capabilities of the E-Trae Jumper program, designed to automate the processes of a modern online store. In addition to the ebay site parser, you can use the ready-made Yandex Market parser .
Contact us for a detailed consultation on solving your individual problems. Contact details are on the website below.

Parsing competitor prices

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Parser eBay

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