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How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Are you already trying to imagine what shocking details of this story are hidden behind this mysterious title? Are you no doubt intrigued and want to learn how to run successful Instagram giveaways to attract more followers and increase your audience's engagement levels? But this is just the beginning! What awaits you next is an incredible development of events that you cannot foresee. Are you ready to commit to reading this exciting article and learn a lot that can change your social media game? Then keep reading and dive into the exciting world of Instagram pranks.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

What is the purpose of holding sweepstakes and competitions on Instagram

Giveaways and competitions are an effective promotion tool on Instagram. They help attract more subscribers, increase audience engagement and, of course, increase sales. In this section, we'll look at what goals can be achieved by organizing giveaways and competitions on Instagram, and why this promotion method is so successful.

Increasing audience engagement

By hosting giveaways and competitions on Instagram, you activate your audience and encourage them to interact with your content. Participants will mention your account more often, like, comment and share your posts. You'll soon notice that your posts are being shared with more users and attracting new followers.

It's important to understand that user engagement is a key factor for success on Instagram. The more users interact with your profile, the more recognized and popular it becomes. And this leads to attracting new potential buyers.

Sales growth

The main goal of running giveaways and competitions on Instagram, of course, is to increase sales. Giveaways and competitions help draw attention to your brand and products and generate interest in your offering.

In the process of participating in sweepstakes and competitions, users usually subscribe to your account, which allows you to grow your subscriber base. Moreover, these active users are more likely to become your regular customers. Some studies even show that giveaway participants tend to spend more money on goods and services.

Increasing brand awareness

By organizing giveaways and competitions on Instagram, you make your brand more recognizable. Active users will spread information about you to their friends and followers, which will lead to more interactions with your profile.

For example, if one of your members wins your prize, they will likely share their joy on their profile or stories. This will attract the attention of his friends and followers, and they may become interested in your brand and become your followers.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Successful examples

Example 1

Foxtrot organized a draw in which participants had to tag three of their friends in the comments under the post and follow their account. As a result, the number of their subscribers increased by 500%, and the prize - a discount on their services - was used by 100 people.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Example 2

Brand Ajax Systems held a photo contest where participants had to take a creative photo using the company’s product and publish it with the hashtag #Ajax SystemsPhotContest. The competition went viral and they received over 1,000 unique photos. This engagement helped them increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers


Giveaways and competitions on Instagram have huge potential for attracting followers and increasing engagement audience and increase sales. They make your brand more recognizable and allow you to establish a close connection with your audience. However, to achieve maximum results, you need to properly plan and conduct a giveaway or competition, taking into account the interests of your target audience.

Here are some tips to help you organize a successful giveaway or contest on Instagram:

  1. Determine the purpose of the giveaway or contest - this could be increasing the number of subscribers, promoting a new product or attracting attention to your brand.

  2. Choose the format that best suits your brand and goals - this could be reposting a specific post, entering a photo contest, or answering a specific question.

  3. Define prizes - they should be attractive to your audience and align with your business goals.

  4. Make up the rules of the competition - they should be simple and understandable for the participants.

  5. Actively promote your giveaway or competition - use all available channels to attract attention to your event.

  6. Monitor results - analyze which events and prizes attract the most participants and which have the greatest impact on sales.

    How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Organizing giveaways and competitions on Instagram is a great way to attract attention to your brand and increase audience engagement. Don't be afraid to experiment with different formats and prizes, look to successful examples for inspiration, and bring in experts to create compelling giveaways. This way, you can achieve maximum results and increase sales of your business.

"Giveaways and competitions are a great way to get your brand noticed and increase engagement on Instagram. Their potential for attracting new subscribers and awareness of your brand should not be underestimated,” says Inna Smirnitskaya, social media expert from Koblevo.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Recommended Not recommended
Determine the purpose of a sweepstakes or competition ✅ Increase the number of subscribers ❌ Confused or complicated rules
Choose attractive prizes ✅ Promote a new product ❌ Unattractive prizes
Create simple and clear rules ✅ Establishing contact with the audience ❌ Ignoring results and analysis
Actively promoting a giveaway or contest ✅ Active promotional campaign ❌ Insufficient promotion of the event


Instagram giveaways and competitions help achieve goals such as increasing audience engagement, sales and brand awareness. Properly organized events with attractive prizes and simple rules will attract more participants and help you establish a close connection with your audience. Don't forget to analyze the results to determine a strategy for future giveaways and competitions.

In the next section, we will talk about how to create an online store on Instagram and sell effectively on this platform. To do this, read our article creating an online store on Instagram.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram using comments

There are many ways to run giveaways on Instagram, but one of the most popular and effective is a drawing based on comments. In this article, we will tell you how to properly organize a giveaway on Instagram, attracting more followers and increasing the level of audience engagement.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Before holding the drawing, it is important to decide on the prize that the winner will receive. The best Instagram giveaway gift depends on the goals of your brand or business. In the case of an online store, an excellent prize could be a product or a discount on a purchase. If you are presenting a service, you can offer the winner a free consultation or a gift certificate. It is important to choose a prize that will truly interest your audience.

After choosing a prize, you can begin to develop the mechanics of the drawing. The mechanics of the comment drawing are very simple: the user must leave a comment under the post with the promotion. What kind of comment a participant should leave depends on the conditions of the competition. If you want to add interactivity, you can invite users to tell you why they followed your page or tag their friends.

It is important to remember that you should not make the competition too complicated, so as not to scare away the participants. It is best to allow any comments to be left, but with the condition that participants like and tag their friends. This will help attract the attention of the participants' friends to the article and turn the giveaway into an effective tool for attracting new subscribers.

Leaving an unlimited number of comments also increases the participant's chances of winning and encourages active commenting. The giveaway post will be promoted on Instagram and will attract additional attention, making it more visible among other content.

An example of a successful raffle based on comments is the promotion from EXTERIUM, which collected as many as 1292 comments tagged by friends. This size of the giveaway suggests that running Instagram comment giveaways can yield great results and help increase engagement with your audience.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Great practices for running Instagram comment giveaways

  • Make sure that the prize is attractive to your audience and aligns with the interests of your brand or business.
  • Develop simple and clear mechanics for the giveaway so that participants can easily participate.
  • Encourage participants to leave comments that reflect how they feel about your brand or business to increase engagement and interactivity of the giveaway.
  • Allow unlimited comments to increase your chances of winning and increase participant activity.
  • Constantly interact with contestants and respond to their questions and comments to maintain interest in the contest.
  • Promote giveaway results to convey transparency and honesty to your brand or business.
  • Optimize your giveaway posts with relevant hashtags and mentions to increase visibility and participation.

It is important to remember that running Instagram giveaways based on comments requires compliance with the platform's rules. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Instagram's specific requirements and restrictions before launching the giveaway. Also, be sure to be creative and add a special fun twist to your giveaways to grab the attention and be remembered by your followers.

"Instagram giveaways are a great way to attract attention and increase engagement with your audience. Develop interesting mechanics and offer attractive prizes to make your giveaway memorable and an effective tool for attracting new followers and strengthening relationships with current audiences." - says Rachel Abramson, an expert in conducting sweepstakes on social networks, from Lamoda.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Running Instagram giveaways based on comments is an effective way to attract followers and increase interaction with your audience. Choose attractive prizes, develop interactive mechanics, and don't forget Instagram's restrictions and requirements. Use this tool wisely and your giveaways will become a powerful strategy for promoting your brand or business on Instagram.

Rozigrish post

Overview of useful and necessary actions when conducting a draw based on comments on Instagram

Useful and necessary action
Choosing an attractive prize Decide on a prize that will be of interest to your audience.
Developing simple mechanics Create simple and clear mechanics for participating in the giveaway.
Comment Complexity Set a simple comment condition so that participants can easily leave a comment.
Allow unlimited comments Increase participants' chances of winning and encourage their commenting.
Interacting with Participants Answer questions and comments from participants to maintain interest.
Run a transparent giveaway Display the results of the giveaway to demonstrate fairness and transparency.
Optimizing Giveaway Posts Optimize your giveaway posts for increased visibility and engagement.

Don't forget that successful Instagram giveaways, in addition to attracting new followers and increasing engagement, also help your brand or business promote platform. Follow the Instagram rules, be creative and interesting, and your giveaways will be a great tool for attracting and keeping an audience on your page.

Giveaway through stories

Giveaway through stories on Instagram has become one of the most popular ways to attract subscribers and increase engagement levels audience. This method has its own characteristics and requires some organization, but when used correctly it can bring excellent results.

Why choose stories for sweepstakes?

Stories are short videos or photos that users can view in a separate tab on their Instagram profile. They are kept there for only 24 hours, which creates additional ephemerality and attention to this content.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Advantages of holding sweepstakes through stories:

  1. High engagement. Stories are viewed more often than regular posts in the feed. This means more users will see your giveaway, which will attract more attention and participants.

  2. Simpler mechanics. As with comment giveaways, you can ask users to repost your contest post and tag your profile to be entered into the giveaway.

  3. Expanding your audience. Thanks to the repost, the post with the giveaway will be seen by the subscribers of your subscribers, which can lead to attracting new users to your profile.

How to conduct a giveaway through stories?

  1. Create a post with a competition. Make an interesting and attractive post that will intrigue users. Specify the raffle rules and prizes.

  2. Ask users to repost to your story. Explain that in order to enter the giveaway, they need to repost your post and tag your profile. You can also ask them to leave a comment or tag friends.

  3. Winner selection. As in the case of drawings based on comments, the winner is selected according to the already familiar scheme using a randomizer. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to check whether users have fulfilled the conditions of the draw by going to Direct and seeing a notification about the mark.

Examples of successful giveaways through stories

To better understand how giveaways through stories work, let's look at examples of successful campaigns:

  1. The Comfy company has combined the mechanics of a draw through stories and comments. They invited participants to repost and leave a comment with their own review of the product. This way, they were able to get more reviews and attract attention to their profile at the same time.

    How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

  2. The online store "FAMA" is testing the capabilities of a new integration feature with Instagram. They invited users to apply for participation in the drawing by reposting it in the story and tagging their profile. This gives them an additional opportunity to attract attention to their online store.

What you need to know when conducting a drawing through stories

  • Drawing through stories are recommended to be completed in a short time, since stories are stored for only 24 hours.

  • Even if the history disappears, you can still check whether the user has fulfilled the condition by going to Direct and seeing a notification about his flag.

  • It is important to note that running a giveaway through stories requires some organization and control in order to select the winner and contact him.

Best practices for running sweepstakes through stories

  • Encourage users to participate in a drawing, offering attractive prizes or the opportunity to receive exclusive offers.

  • Repost the competition post and mark your profile as mandatory conditions for participation.

  • Select the winner according to the already familiar scheme using a randomizer to make the drawing fair and transparent.

  • Be sure to interact with members by answering their questions and comments.

  • Share the results of the giveaway in your stories or feed to demonstrate that the giveaway was conducted fairly and the winner received their prize.

Ultimately, giveaways through stories are an effective tool for attracting new subscribers and improving audience engagement. A properly organized giveaway can be an impetus for developing your Instagram profile and attracting new clients or readers.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

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If you want to expand your audience and attract more customers to your online store, then advertising with bloggers can be a great option. Find out details about how to order advertising from bloggers in this article on our website.

All you have to do is start running the draw through stories and enjoy the results!

Hashtag Giveaway

Hashtag Giveaway is one of the most effective ways to increase the activity of your audience on Instagram. This strategy allows you to attract more followers, increase user engagement, and promote your brand through competitions and prizes. In this section, we'll take a closer look at how to run a giveaway using hashtags and what best practices to use.

Розыгрыш через stories

How to hold a drawing using hashtags

The essence of a drawing using hashtags is to encourage users to make thematic posts on their pages, according to specified conditions. You need to announce a competition and come up with a special hashtag to participate in it. Users who want to participate must post, tag your account, and indicate the hashtag you created. The winner can be selected based on the number of likes or your own decision.

What posts can be made as part of the giveaway using hashtags?

There are many ideas for running hashtag competitions. Here are some examples that can help you create an interesting and popular giveaway:

  • Talk about your experience with your store or brand.
  • Showing the product in action.
  • Unpacking of goods with commentary.
  • Short video review of the product.
  • Photos with a theme related to your brand or product.
  • Interesting ideas related to holidays and your brand's theme.

These suggestions will help users be original and engaged in the competition. Make the prize valuable so that participants have an incentive to complete the task and share their creative ideas.

What kind of audience does a hashtag giveaway attract?

Giveaways through hashtags are suitable for profiles that already have an impressive audience of subscribers. This strategy allows you to further popularize your brand and attract new subscribers. In addition, giveaways help improve relationships with existing audiences and increase user engagement.

Best practices for a successful hashtag giveaway

  1. Determine the purpose of the giveaway. Before running a contest, set clear goals, such as gaining new followers or improving engagement with your audience.

  2. Create an attractive prize. Focus on the prize, make it valuable and related to your product. This will increase participants' motivation to complete the task.

  3. Determine the duration of the competition. Develop a clear schedule for the drawing and determine the start and end dates of the competition.

  4. Promote the competition on social media. Use hashtags related to your brand to attract more users and increase the visibility of the competition.

  5. Actively interact with participants. Respond to their comments, ask questions, maintain a dialogue. This will help create additional interest and involvement in the competition.

  6. Select a winner in a fair manner. If the winner is selected based on the number of likes, then pay attention to the fairness of the process.

  7. Publish the results of the drawing. Congratulate the winner and publish the results of the competition. This will allow you to close the competition and also create a positive impression for participants and subscribers.

    How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers


The draw through hashtags is a great strategy to attract more followers and increase engagement on Instagram. Creating interesting competitions with valuable prizes helps you attract the attention of your audience and strengthen your connection with existing subscribers. Put into practice the best practices for running hashtag giveaways and watch your brand grow in activity and popularity on Instagram.

"Hashtag giveaways are an effective tool for increasing audience engagement on Instagram. Use this strategy to attract new followers, engage creatively, and promote your brand." - Colin Parker, New Balance.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Do Don't
Come up with interesting competition topics Use complex hashtags
Create valuable prizes Ignore comments and interaction with participants
Determine the duration of the competition Change the terms of the competition as it progresses
Promote the competition on social networks Delay the announcement of the competition results
Interact with participants and subscribers Failure to comply with the competition deadlines
Publish the results of the drawing Do not answer questions and participant comments

This table provides an overview of best practice guidelines for hashtag giveaways to help you make the right decisions solution and achieve successful results.

Розыгрыш через хештеги

Using effective hashtag giveaways, you can increase your audience's engagement on Instagram, attracting more followers and increasing interaction with them. Keep best practices in mind, use creative ideas and great prizes, and you will see positive results.

With hashtag giveaways, you can expand your knowledge of running Instagram contests and attract more followers, as well as improve interaction with your audience. This information will be useful to marketers, business owners, digital agencies and social network administrators.

Links to key publications on our blog:

Open an online store

Conclusion: What you need to run a giveaway on Instagram

Instagram giveaways are a great tool for promoting your profile and attracting more subscribers. They do not require large expenses, but at the same time they allow you to increase the level of audience involvement. In this section, we discussed the basic principles of running successful giveaways and shared some tips and tricks for maximum effectiveness.

When starting a giveaway on Instagram, it is recommended to start with a simple giveaway based on comments. This type of giveaway is suitable for profiles with any number of followers and does not require any special skills or tools. Simply invite your followers to leave a comment below the post and choose one lucky person to win a prize. This is a simple and effective way to attract audience attention and participation.

However, to achieve the greatest success, it is worth trying other types of pranks. For example, you can run a hashtag giveaway where participants must use a specific hashtag in their posts or stories to enter. This will help spread your content and attract new followers to your profile.

It’s also worth paying attention to sweepstakes with subscription conditions. When using this type of giveaway, participants must be following your profile to be able to participate. This will help you attract more subscribers and increase audience engagement.

Повышение активности в Instagram

However, it is important to remember that all the efforts to promote your store on Instagram may be in vain if your account is suspended. Therefore, it is recommended to open an online store with a separate website where users will go from Instagram. This will allow you to maintain your achievements and strengthen your brand image.

In conclusion, Instagram giveaways are a powerful tool for promoting and attracting followers. Start with a simple comment giveaway, and then try other types of giveaways. Don't forget to keep your account secure and open an online store to save your progress. Have fun running your Instagram giveaways!

Benefits of Instagram Giveaways:

  • Attract audience attention and participation
  • Increases the level of engagement of subscribers
  • Does not require large expenses
  • Expands the reach of your profile

Disadvantages of Instagram giveaways:

  • Risk of account blocking
  • Restrictions on the rules and capabilities of the platform
  • Do not always guarantee attracting the target audience

Giveaway on Instagram can attract a large number of users and increase engagement. Opening an online store can help strengthen your brand image and maintain your Instagram success.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Using these tips and expert advice, you can run successful Instagram giveaways and grow your following. Remember to analyze the results and adapt your strategy depending on how your audience reacts. Good luck promoting your Instagram profile!

🚀 Xiaomi company expertise

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Description client

Xiaomi is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones, electronics and home appliances. Xiaomi is known for its innovative products, affordability and wide geographical presence. They strive to offer consumers high-quality devices at reasonable prices.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Business goals and objectives

Xiaomi's main goal is to increase brand recognition and attract more customers in the Russian market. Another goal is to increase the number of followers on the company’s Instagram account and increase the level of audience engagement.

Statement of the main problem

The main problem was that the existing audience of the Xiaomi Instagram account was small and inactive. The company needed to develop effective strategies to attract more subscribers and improve the engagement of its existing audience.

Description of the target audience

Xiaomi's target audience on Instagram consisted mainly of young people who actively use social networks and are interested in technical innovations. These people believed in the importance of quality devices and were inclined to communicate and participate in interactive activities.

Key points that interested potential customers

  • Xiaomi's specialization in creating high-quality and affordable devices;
  • Innovative products and modern design smartphones;
  • Guaranteed long service life of devices;
  • Wide range of products, allowing you to choose the right model upon request;
  • Active communication presence on social networks, in particular on Instagram.

Facts and results of the project

During the work on the project to attract subscribers to the Xiaomi Instagram account, the following activities were implemented:

  • Create relevant and enticing content that keeps the audience interested and engaged;
  • Organizing a drawing on Instagram, where participants could win branded Xiaomi gadgets and smartphones;
  • Promoting the giveaway through hashtags and stories to actively attract new users and raise awareness of the event;
  • Tracking results and analyzing the effectiveness of the campaign.

As a result of the successful draw, the number of subscribers on Xiaomi's Instagram account increased by 30%, and the level of engagement in the company's publications increased by 40%. This has significantly strengthened Xiaomi's presence in the market and improved its connection with the audience.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Example of attentiveness to customers:

"We are actively working to ensure that our subscribers not only have access to quality products, but also the opportunity to participate in interesting activities. We want each of our clients to feel like part of a large and friendly Xiaomi family." - Yun Song, Xiaomi representative.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

Overview tables

Participants and results of the Instagram draw:

Desired prize Number of participants Winning numbers
Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 11 1000 483, 624, 990
Xiaomi AIoT device 1500 721, 1093, 1367
Branded headphones 2000 109, 510, 1753

The results of the draw clearly attracted attention and interest from the target audience, demonstrating the effectiveness and success of the measures taken .

This case study shows how running Instagram giveaways can help companies like Xiaomi attract more followers and increase audience engagement.

Video: Everyone laughed at the student who did not have a COMPUTER. But he closed everyone's MOUTHS | History of the Xiaomi brand

Frequently Asked Questions on "How to Run Instagram Giveaways"

How are Instagram Giveaways Useful?

Giveaways help you attract more followers, increase audience engagement, and increase your brand awareness on Instagram.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram based on comments?

Create a post with the rules of the giveaway, ask participants to leave a comment under the post and choose a winner at random.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram through stories?

Create a story with giveaway rules, ask participants to tag you in their story, or send you a private message. Then randomly select a winner.

How to run a giveaway on Instagram using hashtags?

Create a post with the rules of the giveaway and specific hashtags. Ask participants to use these hashtags in their posts to be entered into the giveaway. Select a winner from the entries using the specified hashtags.

What should be the prize for an Instagram giveaway?

The prize should be attractive to your target audience and match the theme of your account. This could be a discount, a product, a service, or anything else that motivates users to participate.

How to legally run giveaways on Instagram?

Make sure your giveaway follows Instagram's rules. Do not require participants to pay for participation, do not use cheats and do not violate copyright.

How long does it take to run a giveaway on Instagram?

The timing of the draw depends on your goals and audience activity. Typically the draw lasts from several days to several weeks.

How to announce the winner of a giveaway on Instagram?

Publish a post announcing the winner's name, or send him a private message congratulating him on his victory. It is also important to indicate the date of the drawing.

What if the winner of the giveaway refuses the prize?

Set the rules of the drawing in advance, which specify that the winner must accept the prize within a certain time limit. If the winner withdraws, select another participant as the winner.

How to measure the success of an Instagram giveaway?

Use Instagram analytics tools to track new followers, audience engagement, and other metrics. Also take into account reviews and responses from participants in the drawing.

🎉 Thanks for being a true Instagram giveaway pro! 🥳

Now you have all the key insights for running successful contests that will bring you more subscribers and, under your easy guidance, increase the level of engagement of your audience!

So go ahead and start organizing your own unforgettable pranks: from simple gifts to epic adventures, the possibilities are endless.

Remember to use your creativity in this process, prepare yourself for the intricacies of publishing, and take advantage of all the opportunities that Instagram provides for maximum success.

Well, you heard it all. Time to host your first giveaway and impress your audience! Seize the moment, apply our tips and create magic on your Instagram account.

At the end of our article. And I hope you are a gooool who knows where to go next to achieve maximum success and rise to new heights in the world of Instagram 🚀.

🎁 All the best on your creative journey! 🌟

How to run a giveaway on Instagram and attract more followers

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