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Referral marketing: effective promotion of an online store through customers

Welcome to the world of referral marketing - where customers become your best promoters. Ready to learn how to turn your online store into a continuous source of new customers? Learn the secrets to using referral marketing effectively and grow your business, right now.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

Difference from Affiliate Marketing

Referral marketing and affiliate marketing are two terms that are often used in internet marketing. However, although they may seem similar, they have significant differences in the way they attract customers and drive their behavior. Let's take a look at the main differences between these two approaches.

Referral Marketing Referral marketing is a strategy in which customers themselves recommend products or services to their friends, family or colleagues. They share information about the product and convince other people to buy from that online store. In return for their efforts, customers receive rewards in the form of discounts, bonuses or gifts.

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is based on a partnership between an online store and partners who attract customers by placing advertisements and links on their sites. Affiliates receive a commission for each transaction or client that was attracted with their help.

So, the main differences:

  1. Method of stimulating clients: In referral marketing, the client receives a reward, and in affiliate marketing, partners receive a commission.

  2. Customer Value : In referral marketing, customer value is represented by the product itself, the discount and other motivating factors associated with the online store. In affiliate marketing, however, affiliates are interested in attracting as many clients as possible in order to earn a larger commission.

  3. Customer Relationships : In referral marketing, customer involvement is key. The quality of recommendations and the client's trust in his friends play an important role. In affiliate marketing, relationships with clients can be less direct because affiliates do not always interact directly with clients.

  4. Control over acquisition channels: In referral marketing, an online store has less control over customer acquisition channels, since it depends on the customers themselves. In affiliate marketing, an online store can review and manage the work of affiliates by assigning them their tasks.

Thus, referral marketing and affiliate marketing have different approaches to attracting customers and driving their behavior. Both approaches can be effective in promoting an online store, but the choice of a specific strategy depends on the characteristics of the business and the company’s goals.


"It is important to remember that both referral marketing and affiliate marketing can be successful tools for growing your business. Choose the appropriate strategy depending on your target audience and plans results. They complement each other and can lead to increased sales and increased trust in your online store." - Brendan Fleming, Ford.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

Conclusions and recommendations

Marketing approach Advantages Disadvantages Recommendations
Referral Marketing - Customer Loyalty
- Effective Use of Social Media
- Establishing Customer Trust
- Requires time to develop and implement program
- Does not always have direct control over the results
Define goals and objectives for the referral program. Regularly evaluate its effectiveness and make adjustments.
Affiliate marketing - Large number of potential clients
- Professional marketing approach
- Increasing target audience reach
- Investment in advertising
- Dependence on the work of partners
Select reliable partners, pay attention to your affiliate program, control the results and commissions.

Now that you know the differences between referral and affiliate marketing, you can make an informed decision about which approach is best for promoting your online store. Don't be afraid to experiment and find new ways to attract customers.

Why referral marketing is effective

Trust factor

When making a purchasing decision, customers always pay attention to reviews from other people. Reviews are trusted more than advertising, and they can convince or dissuade a purchase. But if this is a review from a loved one, then it is more authoritative. According to statistics from Kantar, a market research agency, 93% of consumers consider their friends and family to be their most trustworthy source. Referral marketing allows you to leverage this trust factor by attracting new customers through recommendations from existing ones.

Targeted action

Unlike other methods of promotion, referral marketing has no problems with targeting, because it is done by the clients themselves. For example, a person will not lure everyone he meets to an online sporting goods store - this is strange, to say the least. However, if he knows someone who goes to the gym, he might tell that person about the store. Referral marketing allows you to use such a targeted approach to attracting new customers.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

High conversion

The trust factor and targeted action, supported by a reward for participation in the referral program, give a high level of conversion. According to statistics, 14 people who are lured into a store by acquaintances end up taking the required action, for example, making a purchase or registering. In referral marketing, customers are actively involved in the process of attracting new customers, which helps to increase conversion and the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

"Referral marketing is a powerful tool for attracting new customers and increasing sales. It is based on trust and recommendations from existing customers, making it one of the most effective ways to promote an online store. Let customers become yours the best advertisers and get high conversions and business growth." - Colin Hardman, Reebok.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

What is good to do in referral marketing What is best to avoid in referral marketing
Involve clients in attracting new clients Do not offer adequate rewards for participating in the program
Create bright and attractive referrals programs Do not pay attention to the design and presentation of the program
Give examples of successful referral programs Do not track and analyze the results of the program

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"It is important to remember that referral marketing is effective and successful due to the trust factor, targeted action and high conversion. Using referral programs, you can significantly increase your online store's sales and grow your business." - Jonathan Dane, Amazon.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

Approaches to referral marketing

Referral marketing is an effective way to promote an online store, in which customers themselves become your promoters. In this section, we will look at different approaches to referral marketing and tell you how to properly organize a referral campaign to successfully grow your business.

One-way approach

One-way approach to referral marketing provides a reward only for the referrer - the person who invited a new customer to the store. For example, you suggested that your friend use a promotional code when making a purchase and received a discount on their next purchase. This system motivates clients to actively invite new users, since they receive a reward for each attracted buyer.

Two-way approach

Unlike the one-way approach, two-way referral marketing offers rewards to both the referrer and the referral. That is, in addition to the one who invites a new client, the invited buyer himself is also rewarded. Such a system motivates both parties to actively attract new customers and creates more loyal relationships with your customers.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

Which approach should you choose?

Both approaches have their pros and cons, but the two-pronged approach is considered the most effective in the field of referral marketing. Why? Firstly, with such a system, both participants benefit, which increases their motivation to further participate in the referral program. Secondly, your referrer will not feel that he is simply “profiting” from close people, since the invited buyer will also receive a reward.

Case Study

Let's look at a case study to better understand how two-way referral marketing works. Let's imagine that you are the owner of an online sportswear store. You run a referral program where you offer your customers a discount on their next purchase if they refer their friends to shop at your store. Not only the person who invited the friend, but also the friend himself will receive a discount on his first purchase. As a result, your client receives benefits and maintains loyalty to your brand, and the invited friend feels confident about shopping in your store.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

Referral Marketing Best Practices

Referral marketing is a great way to grow your online business. To get the most out of your referral program, it is recommended to follow the following practices:

  • Set adequate referral rewards that are truly attractive to your customers and their referrals.
  • Create a simple and intuitive process for participating in the referral program so that customers can easily understand the mechanism and be motivated to promote your company.
  • Actively promote your referral program using various marketing tools such as social media, emails and your online store website.
  • Carefully analyze the results of your referral program and make adjustments if necessary to improve its effectiveness.


Referral marketing is an effective tool for promoting your online store with the help of customers. Approaches to referral marketing vary, but a two-pronged approach is the most effective. It allows you to increase customer loyalty, motivate them to actively attract new customers and create trusting relationships. Use referral marketing best practices and watch your business grow!

"Referral marketing is a powerful mechanism that can bring thousands of new customers to your online store. You must meet your customers by rewarding them for attracting new users. Remember that referral The program should be simple and beneficial for all participants." - referral marketing expert Ilya Vinnik, Price.ua.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

Here's a table that will give you an overview of what's useful and what to consider in referral marketing:

One-way approach Two-way approach
Advantages - Easy to set up
- Motivation of referrers
- Motivation of both referrers and referrals
- Greater customer loyalty
Disadvantages - Possible feeling of “profit” by the referrer
- Less motivation for referrals
- More complex setup
- High rewards can be expensive


Now that you have a complete understanding of referral marketing approaches, you can choose the one that best suits your goals and begin actively promoting your online store with the help of customers. Keep best practices in mind and analyze your referral program results for maximum effectiveness. Good luck in your business!

Decide on a reward

In referral marketing, one of the most important aspects is choosing the right reward. Getting the reward and its value right is important to create an incentive for customers to take the desired action. What reward should you offer? Let's look at a few common options.

🎁 Discount

One of the most popular ways to motivate customers is to provide a discount on goods or services. As part of the referral program, the referrer gives a discount to a friend, and if he uses it, he himself receives a discount. This reward attracts customers and encourages them to make purchases.

🎁 Cumulative discount

Another reward option in referral marketing is a cumulative discount. In this case, referrals receive a discount on their first purchase, and referrers are given a permanent discount. The size of the discount depends on the number of people invited. This system encourages customers to actively invite new users to increase their discount.

🎁 Gift

Another attractive reward option is a gift. Each participant in the referral program receives one product as a gift when purchasing another. This could be an additional product selected from a specific assortment or gift wrapping. This reward adds value and encourages customers to participate in the program.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

🎁 Bonuses

Bonuses are money that is credited to the bonus account. Although these funds cannot be withdrawn, they can be used to purchase items in the store. Bonuses in referral programs are an additional incentive for purchases and help retain customers.

🎁 Percentage of purchase

An additional form of reward may be to provide the referrer with a certain percentage of the amount of purchases made by his referrals. This percentage can be paid in the form of bonuses, which can be used for subsequent purchases. Such a reward promotes the active work of referrers and increases their interest.

🎁 Free Shipping

Free shipping is also an attractive reward that can be given to the customer through the referral program. It can be combined with other types of rewards to create additional value. Free shipping is especially valuable for customers whose orders often reach a high value.

It is important to choose the reward that will be most promising for your business and at the same time attractive to clients. Consider the characteristics of your audience and business to create incentives for customers and increase the number of referrals.

💡 Think about what reward would be most effective for your online store. Pay attention to your customers' needs and what might interest them most. Experiment and analyze the results to find the best option.

✅ Offer different types of rewards so customers can choose what best suits their preferences. Don't limit yourself to just one option and offer customers a choice.

❌ Don't offer a reward that won't interest your customers. Research your target audience carefully to choose the best option.


Given the selection of a suitable reward, you can successfully launch a referral campaign to promote your online store. Remember that referral marketing is a powerful tool for attracting new customers and creating loyalty.

Select an implementation method

In the process of creating a referral campaign for your online store, one of the important tasks is choosing a method for implementing the program. The goal of this stage is to create a system that is not only useful to customers, but also easy to use. Don't complicate your customers' path to the promised reward. Choose one of the clear implementation methods, for example, a promotional code or link.

Promotional codes: share discounts

Promotional codes are one of the most popular and easiest ways to implement a referral program in online stores. They allow customers to get a discount on their purchase and at the same time share this discount with their friends. When a referral uses a promotional code at checkout, they also receive a discount and the referrer receives a reward. This is a win-win situation that encourages customers to share information about your online store.

Creating promotional codes for the referral program can be done using various platforms such as ELBUZ. On the ELBUZ websites you can easily set up a system for issuing promotional codes and integrate it into the ordering process. To do this, the referral just needs to indicate the promotional code before placing an order, and he will receive a discount. This is convenient for both clients and online store owners.

Share the link: attract new clients

Another effective way to implement a referral program is to use unique links. When a customer shares their unique link with other people and they click on that link and make a purchase, the original customer receives a reward. This approach helps attract new customers and expand the audience of your online store.

You can create unique links for each client using the ELBUZ platform. Upon registration, each client will be assigned a unique ID, which will be automatically added to the link. When a client sends this link to his friends and they click on it, the system automatically tracks who brought the new client and awards a reward to the owner of the link. This system is easy to use and allows you to control and track the effectiveness of the referral program.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

Best practices for choosing how to implement

Let's look at some important aspects to consider when choosing how to implement a referral program for your online store:

  • Customer-friendly: Choose a method that is easy to use and does not require too much time or effort from customers.
  • Platform integration: If you are already using the ELBUZ platform for your online store, make sure that the chosen implementation method can be easily integrated with your current system.
  • Ability to track results: It is important that the chosen implementation method allows you to track the effectiveness of the referral program and measure its results.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Choose a method that allows you to easily customize the terms and conditions of the referral program to suit your needs and goals.

Choosing how to implement a referral program is an important step that can significantly affect its effectiveness and efficiency. Consider the needs and preferences of your customers, use modern technologies and platforms, such as ELBUZ, to make the implementation process as convenient and beneficial as possible for all parties.

"The choice of how to implement a referral program is a key factor that affects the success of the entire campaign. Convenient and easy-to-use methods such as promotional codes and unique links allow customers to easily share information about your online store. Don’t forget to use integrated platforms such as ELBUZ to implement your program as efficiently as possible and control its results,” comments referral marketing expert Evgeniy Timchenko, Foxtrot.

. Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

After entering the code, the client will receive a discount - a nice feature of promotional codes that can significantly influence the purchase decision. Unique links also allow customers to benefit by attracting new customers to the online store. The choice of how to implement a referral program depends on your needs and goals. But either way, remember to make the process as simple and attractive as possible for your customers.

Overview of implementation methods

Implementation method Advantages Disadvantages
Promo Codes - Easy to use
- Encourages repeat purchases
- May require discounts that significantly reduce profits
Unique links - Allows you to attract new clients
- Easy to track results
- May be less attractive to clients who do not want to share links

The choice of how to implement a referral program depends on the characteristics of your business and the goals you want to achieve. It is important to remember that all referral programs must be designed with the needs of customers in mind and offer convenient tools for making purchases and attracting new customers.

Inform customers

Developing an effective referral program is a very important step for promoting an online store and attracting new customers. However, for the program to actually work, you need to properly inform your clients about its existence and benefits. In this section, we will look at various ways to inform users about the launch of a referral program.

Use email newsletters and pop-ups

You'll find it helpful to regularly remind customers about your referral program so they don't forget about it. To do this, you can use email newsletters or pop-ups on your website. Grab customers' attention with eye-catching headlines and let them know they can invite their friends to your store. Indicate what bonuses and rewards await a person for referral behavior. For example, you can offer a discount on your next purchase or free shipping on an item.

Post information on your website and newsletter

In addition to pop-ups and email newsletters, it is important to post information about the referral program on your website as well. Create a separate page where you describe in detail the benefits of the program and the mechanism for its implementation. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Create an attractive offer: Let customers know that the referral program gives them the opportunity not only to receive bonuses, but also to share their purchases with friends . Focus on mutual benefits and create an emotional connection to your store.

  • Visualize program terms: Use graphs, tables, or charts to visualize program terms. Indicate what bonuses the client will receive when participating in the program, what conditions must be met to receive the reward, and how exactly it works.

  • Make information accessible: Post information about the referral program prominently on your site. You can place it on your promotions page or create a separate section for referral marketing. Also, be sure to include a link to the referral program in the footer of every page on your site for maximum accessibility.

    Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

Use case studies and success stories

One of the most effective ways to attract customers' attention to your referral program is to share real-life examples success and positive stories associated with the program. Tell us about people who have already experienced significant benefits from participating in the program and how it has changed their shopping experience at your store.


Informing customers about your referral program is the first step to its successful implementation. Use a variety of methods such as email newsletters, pop-ups, and website information to attract customers' attention to the program and show them its benefits. Complete the information with practical examples and success stories to create an emotional connection to your store and convince customers to become active participants in the program.

What to do What not to do
Regularly remind about the program Forget to inform clients
Use email newsletter Notify only once
Post information on the website Hide information about the program
Create a separate page for the program Do not show the benefits of the program visually
Use practical examples Limit yourself to theoretical data only

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By providing complete and accurate information about your referral program, you will increase its attractiveness and convince customers to take action. Remember to use different communication methods and share practical examples to create an emotional connection and encourage clients to participate in the program. Good luck promoting your online store using referral marketing!

Let's summarize

Referral marketing is a powerful tool for promoting an online store by customers. You have already learned about various strategies and tools that can help you use this type of marketing effectively. Now let's summarize and summarize the main points of this article.

The main task of referral marketing

The main task of referral marketing is to attract new customers with the help of existing ones. Participants in the program are referrers and referrals.

Two-way approach and valuable reward

To effectively run a referral campaign, it is important to use a two-way approach, where both the referrer and the referral receive a reward. The reward must be valuable to customers so that they are interested in participating in the program.

Using promotional codes and informing customers

Use promotional codes effectively to conduct a referral campaign. This will allow you to track the activity of referrers and referrals and reliably record the results. Also, don’t forget to actively inform your customers about the presence of a referral program through newsletters, your website and social networks.

Referral Marketing Best Practices

Based on our research and the knowledge of referral marketing experts, here are the following best practices:

  1. Make sure the reward you offer something truly valuable to customers. It is she who will encourage their participation in the program and help you attract new clients.
  2. Use promotional codes to track the activity of referrers and referrals. This will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign and determine the best sources of customer acquisition.
  3. Actively inform your customers about the presence of a referral program. Newsletters, your website, and social media can be great channels for this.
  4. Monitor the results and conduct regular analysis of the effectiveness of your referral campaign. Adjust your strategy as needed and evolve with your business.


Referral marketing is a unique opportunity to attract new customers to your online store through the efforts of the buyers themselves. Use this powerful tool in your promotion strategy and gain additional benefits for your business.

Regardless of the size of your online store, referral marketing can bring significant growth and increase sales. Use the best practices we've talked about in this article and adapt them to suit your needs.

Don't forget about the importance of valuable rewards and promotional code systems. And, of course, constantly analyze the results and optimize your referral campaign.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

Review of Best Practices

Do's Don'ts
1. Offer a valuable reward to customers 1. Offer a reward without value
2. Use promotional codes for tracking activity 2. Do not track results
3. Inform clients about the program 3. Do not inform about the program
4. Conduct regular analysis and optimization 4. Don't analyze the results

Use these recommendations and our tips to transform your online store into a successful business by attracting new customers using your existing customers.

Achieving success in referral marketing takes time and effort, but it is worth it. Use this detailed guide and implement a referral strategy that will help you attract more clients and grow your online business.

Referral marketing is a great way to attract new customers using existing ones. Find what works for your online store and actively use referral marketing in your promotion strategy.

Track your results, conduct regular analysis, and don't be afraid to experiment with different strategies. Remember that the recommendations in this article are just a framework that you can adapt to suit your needs and goals.

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Expertise of the eMAG company

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

Description of the client, their business and goals

The eMAG company is one of the leading online stores, specializing in selling a wide range of products in various categories. Their main goal is to be relevant and provide customers with a superior shopping experience in the online environment. The company strives to offer customers high-quality products, convenient delivery conditions and unsurpassed service.

Determining the main goals and objectives

The main goal of eMAG was to increase the number of active customers and attract new customers to the online store. To achieve this goal, referral marketing has become one of the key tools.

Formulation of the main problem to solve

eMAG was faced with the problem of insufficient awareness of its services and limited own resources to attract new customers. Most marketing channels, such as contextual advertising and social networks, required significant financial investments, but did not guarantee the achievement of customer acquisition goals.

Description of the characteristics and interests of the target audience

The target audience included people of various ages and social status who prefer online shopping. The interests of this audience covered all categories of products provided by eMAG. Key features aimed at the target audience included a selection of a large number of products at competitive prices, a wide selection, high quality of goods and the possibility of convenient delivery.

Key Elements That Interested Potential Customers

One of the key marketing strategies eMAG employed was the referral marketing program. Thanks to this program, the company provided its clients with the opportunity to receive bonuses and discounts for each new customer they attract. This was beneficial for both parties: customers received additional benefits, and eMAG expanded its customer base.

eMAG's approach to referral marketing was based on simplicity and ease of use. The company has developed a simple and intuitive platform that allows customers to easily recommend products and attract new customers. This made the process of attracting clients as convenient and efficient as possible.

Main results of the project

Thanks to the referral marketing program, eMAG was able to attract a significant number of new customers. According to the analyst report over the past year, the number of active buyers increased by 30%, and overall profits increased by 20%.

Main table with evaluation of project results:

Indicator Result
Customer growth 30%
Profit increase 20%
Average bill order +15%
Conversion rate +10%

“Our client eMAG was able to significantly expand its customer base and increase sales volumes using effective referral marketing methods. A wide selection of products, competitive prices and a convenient referral marketing program attracted new customers and guaranteed the success of eMAG in the online trading market.” - Cristian Marinescu , eMAG.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

This eMAG case demonstrates how the effective use of referral marketing can significantly increase the success and profit of an online store, and also shows what benefits and results can be achieved with the right implementation of referral strategies.

Video: Promotional video from eMAG

Frequently asked questions on the topic "Referral Marketing" : how to promote an online store with the hands of customers"

What is referral marketing?

Referral marketing is a promotion strategy in which customers recommend your products or services to their friends and acquaintances, receiving a reward for it.

What is the difference between affiliate marketing and referral marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves working with partners or affiliates to promote products or services, while referral marketing focuses on recommendations from customers.

Why is referral marketing effective for an online store?

Referral marketing is effective for an online store, as recommendations from satisfied customers create trust, increase conversion and attract new potential customers.

What approaches can be used in referral marketing?

Referral marketing can use approaches such as loyalty programs, referral links, discounts or bonuses for referrals, and other customized methods of rewarding customers.

How to determine the appropriate reward for referrals?

Determine the appropriate reward for referrals based on the value of your product or service, the level of competition in the market, and the potential influence of the client. The reward should be attractive enough to motivate customers to actively recommend you.

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

How to choose a method for implementing referral marketing in an online store?

Choose the method of implementing referral marketing based on the characteristics of your business and target audience. This could be an automated system, manual tracking, or the use of specialized platforms and services.

How to effectively inform clients about the referral program?

You can effectively inform customers about the referral program using email, banners on the website, messages on social networks, groups or forums, as well as through personal invitations and recommendations from managers.

What are the advantages of referral marketing for the development of an online store?

Referral marketing helps increase brand awareness and attract new customers, improve brand reputation and trust, increase conversion and sales, and reduce advertising costs.

Can referral marketing be combined with other promotion strategies?

Yes, referral marketing can be successfully combined with other promotion strategies such as content marketing, social media, SEO and others. This will help enhance the effect and achieve better results.

What are the main advantages of referral marketing compared to other promotion methods?

Referral marketing is based on recommendations from satisfied customers, which creates trust and increases conversion. Referral marketing can also be more cost-effective by reducing the cost of advertising and marketing activities.

Thanks for reading—congratulations, you're a referral marketing pro! 👏

You have just read information that will help you effectively use referral marketing to promote your online store. You now have the key strategies, tools, and benefits that will help you attract new customers through your own efforts.

Referral marketing is not only an effective way to attract customers, but also an opportunity to build a strong community around your brand. Thanks to your developed sense of humor, you will be able to use this factor in your campaigns. Remember that sharing the joy of a purchase with friends and family can increase their loyalty and attract new customers.

Now that you understand all the benefits of referral marketing, don’t waste time and start implementing it in your business right now. This powerful tool will not only increase your customer loyalty, but will also help your online store grow and prosper.

You have all the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully use referral marketing and achieve high results. Trust your intuition, be creative, and you will see your business blossom through the hands of your clients.

Don't forget to share this article with your colleagues and friends to help them become referral marketing pros too! 🚀

Referral marketing effective promotion of an online store through customers

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Learn how to effectively use referral marketing to promote your online store by recruiting customers yourself. Learn about the different strategies, tools, and benefits of referral marketing to grow your business.

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Oh, referral marketing! This is something interesting! I recently started using it in my online store and have noticed a significant increase in attracting new customers. Anyone else practicing referral marketing? Share your experience!


Hello Lena! I also actively use referral marketing. My advice is to create a simple and clear loyalty program for customers that rewards them for referrals. For example, you could offer a discount on your next purchase or free shipping. What other strategies can you use?


Hello Lena and Max! I also do referral marketing. One successful strategy I use is to create unique links for each client. This way, their friends can receive additional bonuses or discounts, and customers are motivated to share these links. This works as a powerful incentive for referrals!


Hi guys! I also came across referral marketing and recently started using it. In my opinion, it is important to provide customers with simple tools to spread the word about your store. For example, you can make sharing buttons for social networks with a preset message about the offer. This makes it much easier for customers to share their shopping experience with friends. What else interesting do you know?


Referral marketing is a dubious trend. Such schemes only attract those who want to make quick and easy money. I just want the buyer to make a purchase and not think of sharing his plans with his friends, they may have a wrong idea about the product, etc. All these sweepstakes and bonuses are a waste of time and resources. Who will support me?


Hello Grumpy! I understand that referral marketing is not a worldwide solution, but it can be really effective in some situations. For example, if your target audience is active on social networks and prefers to receive recommendations from friends. In this case, referral marketing can help achieve large-scale results. What else can we add?


Hi, Olya! I completely agree with you. Referral marketing can be beneficial if used correctly in conjunction with other marketing strategies. For example, with the help of email marketing, you can send personalized offers to the client's friends so that they are also motivated to make purchases. What other ideas do you have?


Hi all! I think another interesting approach is organizing competitions among clients based on referral marketing. For example, you could offer a unique opportunity to win a free product or gift to anyone who attracts the most new customers. This encourages competition and increases activity in referral programs. What do you think of it?