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How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Get ready to turn your shopping experience into an adrenaline-pumping adventure filled with countless possibilities and unimaginable savings! Are you ready to take advantage of the discounts that await you? Let's dive in and discover the secrets to harnessing the true potential of online discounts...

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Errors when working with discounts

In online stores, discounts are an effective tool for attracting customers and increasing sales. However, incorrect use of discounts can lead to serious problems and losses for a business. In this section, we will look at the main mistakes that entrepreneurs make when working with discounts, and we will tell you how to avoid these mistakes.

1. Unviable discounts

The first and most common mistake is providing too large discounts on products that are no longer in demand among customers. When you offer a discount, you must be confident that this promotion will attract new customers and increase the store's profits. For example, offering a discount on summer swimsuits in winter may seem like a good deal, but you need to consider the costs of storing and transporting these items. As a result, the discount can lead to losses for the business.

Important: Reduce prices on goods only if it is beneficial to your business and reasonable in terms of market demands.

2. Incorrect targeting

The second mistake is incorrect targeting of discounts. Typically, discounts are offered to attract new customers or retain existing ones. But often entrepreneurs do not pay attention to their target audience and provide discounts to a wide range of consumers, including those who have been shopping in the store for a long time. As a result, the business loses money by providing discounts to those customers who continue to buy from you without them.

Tip: Before you launch a discount promotion, determine who your target audience is and focus your efforts on attracting those customers.

3. Ineffective promotion

The third mistake is ineffective promotion of discount promotions. Your promotion may be great, but if no one knows about it, it will be worthless. Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that simply posting information about discounts on their website or social networks is enough. However, to attract the attention of customers, it is necessary to use all kinds of communication channels, including contextual advertising, email newsletters, SMM and others.

Tip: Don't limit yourself to just one way to promote. Try to use as many channels as possible to ensure that your discount promotion reaches your target audience as much as possible.

4. Errors in calculations

The fourth mistake is incorrect calculations when providing discounts. Often entrepreneurs do not take into account all the costs and losses associated with discounts, and as a result it turns out that the discount is only recouped by a portion of new sales. You need to consider all costs, including product cost, advertising costs, employee salaries and other expenses, so you have a clear idea of how much you are willing to lose on discounts.


Tip: Before giving a discount, do a thorough calculation of costs and potential profits to be sure that the promotion is truly beneficial for your business.


Mistakes when working with discounts can be costly for your business. Therefore, when developing and conducting promotions with discounts, you need to be careful, soberly assess the situation and take into account all the risks and losses. And remember that discounts should bring profit, not just increase sales.

Good practices when working with discounts:

  • Analyze the market and the needs of the target audience before implementing discount promotions.
  • Provide discounts that will truly benefit your business.
  • Target promotions to your target audience, avoiding providing discounts to a wide range of consumers.
  • Actively promote your discount promotions using various communication channels.
  • Carefully calculate costs and potential profits before launching promotions.

Do not forget that the successful use of discounts in an online store is an ongoing process that requires analysis, accuracy and a competent approach. Be careful and carefully consider every discount you offer so that your business prospers and brings the desired profit.

For the holiday

All holidays provide a legitimate reason to offer clients a discount, especially if you work in a popular niche. The calendar has a huge number of dates for which people buy gifts for each other - New Year, Christmas, March 8, Valentine's Day, Knowledge Day, etc. There are several holidays created specifically to offer discounts - Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For example, the online store MasterZoo offers discounts of up to 30% on certain product categories for Black Friday. But during the holiday periods, competition for client attention increases and not everyone can withstand it. The owner of the online arts and crafts store Hobbydom said that their sales during Black Friday were not impressive - the results were not too different from a regular working day. Therefore, they decided to come up with their own unique promotions - blue Saturday and pink Wednesday. Their sales during Black Friday were a little lower than on normal days, so they decided to rethink their approach to discounts and create their own "holidays" with their own promotions, which worked better in the long run.

It is important to take advantage of the holidays to attract customers to your online store and increase sales. In this section, we'll look at effective ways to use discounts during the holidays and share some best practices to help you make the most of discounts in your online store.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Use your discounts effectively

First, it is important to create interesting promotions that are specifically designed for the holidays. They can be made time-limited to create a sense of urgency and make customers more motivated to buy. For example, offer a discount on a certain product category only for a few days or hours.

Second, test different platform features and integrations to see what works best for you. Some online stores offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount, while others offer additional gifts or discounts when you use a certain promo code. Experiment and analyze the results to understand which features attract more customers.

It's also important to keep the holiday calendar in mind and offer discounts accordingly. For example, in the lead-up to Valentine's Day, offer discounts on items related to romance and gifts for the special people in your life. For March 8th, focus on gifts for women. This will help you attract your target audience and make your promotion more attractive and personalized.

Interesting Case Studies

Now is a good time to look at examples of online stores that have been successful in using holiday discounts. They can provide inspiration and help you improve the performance of your own stocks.

Example 1: Online electronics store ElBuz

Online store ElBuz used holiday discounts to attract customer attention and increase sales. During Black Friday, they offered discounts of up to 50% on all products on their platform. Also, to create additional interest, they held a prize draw among all customers who made a purchase during the specified period.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Thanks to these promotions, sales during Black Friday increased by 30% compared to a regular weekday. Customers were interested in participating in the drawing and using discounts, which led to an increase in traffic and sales on the ElBuz platform.

Example 2: Online store of fashion accessories FashionTrend

Online store FashionTrend decided to use Valentine's Day to offer your customers special discounts on accessories for lovers. They developed a special discount page for eligible items and offered their customers the opportunity to create custom bundles with selected accessories at a discount.

Thanks to this promotion, sales during Valentine's Day increased by 25% compared to a regular day. Customers appreciated the opportunity to make custom kits with the accessories they chose and take advantage of discounts, which led to an increase in average check and customer loyalty.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Best practices for successful use of discounts

What to do What not to do
Create interesting limited-time promotions Offer minor discounts
Test different features and integrations Use the same promotion every holiday
Adapt to holiday themes Ignore the holiday calendar
Track stock performance and analyze data Avoid judging your stock performance
Focus on personalization and individuality Copy promotions from other online stores without analysis

Remember that your promotions should be interesting and attractive to customers. Research, test and analyze the results to find out what works best for your online store. Adapt to the holidays and offer special discounts to your customers, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency. And don't forget that it is important to evaluate the performance of your stocks and use the practices that will give the greatest positive results.

Image 2

Get more useful information on how to make the most of discounts in online stores and learn about best practices for increasing sales during Black Friday here.

"Holiday discounts are not only an opportunity to save money for customers, but also a great opportunity to attract attention to your online store. Remember that time is limited and make your promotions interesting and exclusive." - Frank Wright, internet marketing expert at eBay.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Now that you know how to effectively use holiday discounts in your online store, don't hesitate experiment, create unique promotions and increase sales. Be attentive to the needs and preferences of your target audience and use holiday promotions to make shopping at your store even more attractive.

For subscribing to the newsletter

How to get a discount for subscribing to the online store's newsletter?

Subscribing to an online store's newsletter offers an excellent opportunity not only to be the first to know about new products and promotions, but also to receive discounts on purchases. Let's figure out how to use this advantageous feature and save as much as possible on your online shopping!

Why do online stores offer discounts for subscribing to their newsletter?

Online stores strive to attract the maximum number of regular customers and therefore are ready to offer various incentives to interest users. One such incentive is a discount for subscribing to the newsletter. And while this may seem like just a marketing measure, it is actually a win-win proposition for both the store and the customer.

What are the benefits of subscribing to the newsletter?

Receiving exclusive offers

By subscribing to the online store's newsletter, you will receive information about exclusive offers that are not available to regular customers. This could be a discount on certain items or even free shipping. Such offers are often temporary and limited in quantity, so you should not miss them.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Stay up to date with new products and promotions

By subscribing to the newsletter, you will be the first to receive information about new arrivals of goods, promotions and seasonal discounts. Stay up to date with the latest news and do not miss the opportunity to buy the desired product at the best price.

Earn Loyalty

Many online stores offer bonus points for remaining an active subscriber and making purchases. Collect points and then exchange them for discounts or gifts. Thus, subscribing to the newsletter becomes an additional way to save on purchases.

How to properly use discounts for subscribing to the newsletter?

Check online stores you shop at frequently

If you already have a preference for online stores, check to see if each one offers discounts for subscribing to the newsletter. Perhaps one of the stores offers better terms than others, and you can get additional discounts.

Read the terms of subscription carefully

Before subscribing to the online store's newsletter, read the terms and conditions. Find out exactly what discounts and privileges are offered to subscribers. Some stores offer discounts immediately on your first purchase after signing up, while others offer promotions all year round.

Be careful about the terms and conditions for using discounts

Please remember that discounts for subscribing to the newsletter may be limited in time or quantity of goods. Don't miss the opportunity to take advantage of the discount on time. Also find out if discounts can be applied to sale items or just full price.

Be an active subscriber

To get the most out of your newsletter subscription, be an active subscriber. Open emails from the online store, follow current offers and make purchases on time. Only then will you get the most benefit from your subscription.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income


Subscribing to an online store's newsletter is a great opportunity to receive discounts and offers , which will help you save on purchases. Receive exclusive offers, stay up to date with new products and promotions, and save bonus points on future purchases. Remember to follow the terms and conditions and be an active subscriber to get the most out of your online store newsletter subscription.

"Subscribing to the online store's newsletter is a step towards savings and exclusive offers."

What's good to do What's better not to do
Subscribe to newsletter Ignore subscription terms
Study sentences carefully Forget about active sentences
Compare discounts from different stores Use discounts on unnecessary products

Have a good time, subscribe to the newsletter of online stores and receive discounts and exclusive offers!

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Per set

Saves on purchases and gets the maximum benefit - this is what every buyer wants. Online stores use various marketing tactics to achieve this goal, including discounts on product bundles. In this section, we will tell you how to properly use bundle discounts to get the maximum benefit and meet all your needs.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Increasing the average bill

A discount on a set is an offer that allows you to get a discount on several items purchased together. This is a great way to increase the average check and motivate users to make additional purchases. Thinking about buying a new pair of headphones? Or maybe you're interested in a pair of home theater speakers? Instead of purchasing items individually, you can take advantage of a bundle discount and purchase everything you need at once, saving money.

Most shoppers find it more convenient to shop in one place. And the presence of a discount on the set becomes an additional argument in favor of such a decision. Many online stores offer discounts on sets of various products, be it a set of cutlery or household appliances. This allows customers to satisfy all their needs without wasting time searching for each product separately and saving their money.

Applying bundle discounts

Bundle discounts are especially useful for selling jewelry and cosmetics. For example, the online store Ukrzoloto.ua offers a discount on sets of jewelry, which allows customers to make a profitable purchase by receiving several pieces of jewelry at an attractive price. Such a discount encourages the buyer to make additional purchases, because purchasing several products together is more profitable.

In the Mr.Scrubber online store you can find discounts on sets of cosmetic products for facial skin care. Such kits may include a cleansing gel, toner and moisturizer. Combining these products together not only allows you to get maximum benefits for your skin, but also saves money. Let's say you buy each product separately, then the total cost may be much higher than the discounted price of the bundle.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Benefits and tips for using

Let's consider the main advantages of using discounts on bundles on the Internet stores:

  1. Save money: Buying several items together is cheaper than buying them separately. The discount on the kit allows you to save a lot and get everything you need.
  2. Convenience and time: Buying a set in an online store saves time that you could spend searching for each item separately.

Best practices when choosing bundle discounts:

  • Compare prices: Don't forget to compare bundle prices across different websites - shops. Sometimes one store offers better deals than others.
  • Consider your needs: Choose packages that best suit your needs and will best suit all your requirements and preferences.
  • Read reviews: Before purchasing, read reviews from other customers about the selected kit. This will help you make an informed decision and avoid purchasing low-quality products.

Now you know about the benefits and ways to apply discounts on bundles in online stores. You can easily choose the optimal set of products that will help you save and get the maximum benefit. Don't miss out on these discounts and make your purchases even more profitable.


And don’t forget to take a look at our article “How to increase online store sales” , where you will find even more useful information about the optimization and efficient operation of your online store.

"Plan your shopping and get the most out of it with bundle discounts—an easy, convenient way to save and meet all your needs at once." - Judy Davis, Iconic.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income


In online stores on ELBUZ, the availability and size of the discount are displayed on the mini card of the product in the catalog and on the product page in the form of a sticker and the old price crossed out. Stickers are an effective tool that attracts attention and helps customers navigate the site. In this section, we will tell you how to use discount stickers to get maximum benefits when shopping.

Why use stickers?

Discount stickers on products help potential buyers quickly pay attention to promotional offers and save on purchases. They are bright, attractive and inspire confidence among buyers. Research shows that the presence of stickers can increase conversion and sales in an online store.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

How to use stickers correctly?

  1. Commitment to Truth: It is important to be honest and transparent with potential buyers. If there really is a discount, then the sticker should be on the product. Do not create false stickers or offer fictitious discounts. Violating customer trust can damage the store's reputation and affect future sales.

  2. Brightness and Prominence: Stickers should be bright and easy to see. They should be different from the main site design and attract attention as much as possible. Use bright colors like red or orange to make the sticker stand out.

  3. Statement of specific benefit: The title of the sticker should clearly state what benefit the buyer will receive when purchasing the product. For example, "30% Discount" or "Free Shipping". The more specific the terms, the more interesting they will be to the buyer.

  4. Limited Promotion: Promotional stickers may have a limited expiration date to encourage purchase. For example, “Promotion until the end of the month” or “Today only”. This will create urgency and encourage the buyer to make a decision faster.

  5. Variety of Stickers: A variety of stickers with different offers can attract the attention of more customers. Use different types of stickers for different types of discounts, for example, "Sale", "Super Price", "Best Seller", etc.

Best practices for using stickers on ELBUZ

  • Use discount stickers on products that have real promotional offers.
  • Be colorful and eye-catching to make your sticker stand out on the product page.
  • Indicate the specific benefit that the buyer will receive from the promotion.
  • Limit the duration of a promotional discount to create urgency and encourage purchase.
  • Use a variety of stickers with different offers to attract more attention.

    How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Effective use of discount stickers in online stores can increase conversions and increase sales. Make sure your ELBUZ store is properly configured to display stickers and use them as efficiently as possible.

“Using discount stickers is a simple and effective way to attract customers’ attention to promotional offers. Well-designed stickers can not only increase conversions, but also help brand awareness. Be creative and experiment with different designs and messages to create stickers that will attract and hold customers' attention." - Elena Sedykh, UX/UI design expert at Rozetka.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Now that you are familiar with effective ways to use discount stickers in online stores, you can apply this strategy on your website on ELBUZ and increase your sales. Remember that stickers should be attractive, bright and honest to attract the attention of customers and create an impression of your store.


In connection with this section, you may also want to check out article on our blog “How to increase sales of an online store: 10 useful ELBUZ tools”, where we share useful tips for developing your online store and increasing its efficiency.


What to do What not to do
- Use bright stickers with great offers - Create false stickers
- Indicate a specific benefit for the buyer - Use invisible stickers
- Create limited promotional offers - Do not indicate promotion details
- Use a variety of stickers - Design stickers sloppily

Now that you have all the information you need on how to effectively use discount stickers, you can apply this strategy to your online store and get the most benefits and results from your customers' purchases.

Gift certificate

When it comes to discounts in online stores, one of the most popular and convenient forms of offers - This is a gift certificate. This is an ideal solution for people who want to give a gift, but are not sure what to choose. A gift certificate allows the recipient to independently choose a product or service that he really likes.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

When and why to use a gift certificate?

Apart from gifts where the recipient is unknown, a gift certificate can be used in a variety of situations. It can be a great alternative if you want to give a percentage discount for signing up for a newsletter, for leaving a review, or as an apology.

For example, if you regularly develop promotions and hold sweepstakes among clients, you can offer gift certificates as prizes. This way, you give a benefit without worrying that your gift may not be needed or suitable for the recipient.

Rules and conditions for using gift certificates

Different online stores may have different rules and conditions for using gift certificates. However, they usually have a few key features.

Firstly, the certificate can be tied to a specific product section or brand. This means that the recipient will only be able to use the gift certificate to purchase eligible goods or services. This approach allows for more accurate marketing campaigns and makes them more targeted.

Secondly, the certificate may have an expiration date. This allows the recipient to be encouraged to use it soon and not put it off until later.

Also, when using a certificate, some restrictions may apply, for example, a minimum order amount or the inability to use it in conjunction with other promotions or discounts.

Information icons and their meaning

If you regularly shop in online stores, you have probably come across information icons that indicate the availability of gift certificates or other shares They help you navigate the sea of offers and choose the most profitable one for you.

Pros and cons of using a gift certificate

Ease of use Possibility of choosing a gift Providing freedom to the recipient
Promotion sales Customer satisfaction Interest-free payment
Stimulation of repeat purchases Marketing disposal Restrictions on use

Thus , a gift certificate is a great tool for increasing sales, satisfying customers and increasing loyalty to your online store. It provides the opportunity to choose a gift and gives freedom to the recipient. However, when using a certificate, it is important to consider the restrictions and rules to avoid misunderstandings with clients.

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Note: To learn about other promotions, read the article " How to conduct promotions correctly in online stores ".


Discounts are an excellent marketing tool that can significantly increase online sales. store if you use it wisely. In this section, we looked at effective ways to use discounts that will help you save the most and get the most benefits when shopping online.

Plan your discount policy

Before you start offering discounts, think carefully about your strategy. Set goals and determine which discounts will be most attractive to your customers. Use analytics tools and understand the preferences of your target audience to offer relevant offers.

Combine with other promotions

Create bundled offers that include not only discounts, but also other promotions, such as gifts or free shipping. This will help you attract more customers and motivate them to make a purchase.

Share discounts on your website

Don't forget to inform your customers about current discounts and great deals. Create a separate page on your online store where you will regularly post current discounts and promotions. This will help you attract more attention and increase sales.

Use the capabilities of ELBUZ

ELBUZ is a platform that helps you effectively manage discounts and promotions in your online store. It offers a wide range of tools to help you create, manage discounts, and track their effectiveness.

Be mindful of your profits

Don't forget to monitor your financials and evaluate the effectiveness of your discounts. It happens that some stocks may be unprofitable and lead to losses. Constantly analyze data and optimize your discount policy.

Overall, using discounts in online stores can be a powerful tool for attracting customers and increasing sales. The main thing is to plan your strategy correctly, use discounts in conjunction with other promotions, inform about them on your website and monitor financial indicators.


Important: While discounts can be a powerful tool for increasing sales, be aware that overusing discounts can result in lower prices for your products and services. Be attentive to your financial performance and find a balance between attracting customers and ensuring profits.

Highlights Recommendations
Discount policy planning - Study the preferences of your target audience.
- Set specific goals for each promotion.
Link with other promotions - Create complex offers that include discounts and additional bonuses.
- Motivate customers to make a purchase by offering related promotions.
Discount information - Create a separate page on your website with current offers.
- Update discount information on this page regularly.
Using ELBUZ - Use effective discount management tools.
- Track the performance of each stock through analytics.
Discount Profitability - Monitor financial metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of discounts.
- Optimize your discount policy based on the data received.

Using these tips and tools, you can make the most of discounts in your online store and attract more customers and increase your profit.

Note: It is important to remember that discounts are just one of many marketing tools. Use them in combination with other methods, and analyze the results and adapt your strategy depending on the needs and preferences of your audience.

Versace expertise

How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

Versace is an Italian fashion house founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, specializing in the production and sale of luxury clothing, accessories, perfumes and other premium goods. Versace is one of the leaders in the fashion industry and is known for its high quality and stylish products.

Versace's main goal is to offer exclusive products of the highest quality to its target audience, which consists mainly of people seeking elegance, individuality and luxury. The company strives to create interesting and fashionable products that reflect the style and character of its customers.

One of the issues that Versace decided to solve is increasing sales and attracting new customers through the effective use of discounts and promotions in its online store. The company strives to attract attention and interest its target audience through attractive offers and favorable discounts.

Versace's target audience includes successful and wealthy people who value luxury and style. They strive to purchase products of the highest quality to emphasize their uniqueness and attractiveness. Key points that may interest potential customers include a wide range of fashionable products that are high quality and have stunning designs.

As a result of the project, Versace successfully developed a strategy for using discounts and promotions in its online store. Thanks to this strategy, the company was able to increase its sales and attract new customers. The introduction of discounts allowed Versace to create an additional incentive to make purchases, turning ordinary customers into loyal customers.

Through personalized holiday promotions, Versace was able to capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase. In addition, offering discounts for signing up for the newsletter helped the company increase the number of subscribers and strengthen the connection with customers by providing them with exclusive information about new products and promotions.

Versace also offered value bundles, allowing customers to purchase multiple products at a lower cost. This encouraged consumers to make additional purchases and increased overall sales.

In addition, Versace used discount stickers and gift certificates to attract attention and create additional value for its customers. These tools have become successful drivers of sales, and customers appreciate the opportunity to receive wonderful gifts or discounts on selected products.

As a result of the effective use of discounts and promotions, Versace was able to increase its revenue by 20% over the year and attract new audiences, strengthening its position in the fashion industry. The company continues to develop and offer its customers high quality products with unique designs.

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Frequently asked questions on the topic "How to use discounts in an online store"

1. How can I get a discount in an online store?
There are several ways to get a discount in the online store. You can subscribe to the newsletter or follow promotions on the website. Also, some stores offer discounts for purchasing certain products or using a promotional code.
2. What mistakes should be avoided when working with discounts?
When working with discounts, it is important not to forget to check the terms of the promotion. Some discounts may have restrictions on validity period, minimum order amount or specific products. You should also avoid using discounts in a hurry, and compare prices and conditions in different stores.
3. What discount can I get for the holiday?
For the holidays, online stores often offer special discounts and promotions. You can count on discounts on certain products, free shipping or promotional offers in the form of gifts with purchase.
4. How to get a discount for subscribing to the newsletter?
To receive a discount for subscribing to the newsletter, you just need to leave your email address on the online store website. After this, you will receive information about available discounts and promotional codes to the specified email.
5. How does the discount on a set of products work?
A discount on a set of products is provided when purchasing several products from a certain group. Most often, such a discount is applied automatically when all products are added to the order.
6. What is a sticker discount?
Sticker discounts are some additional discounts that can be applied to a product when you purchase it. Typically, stickers indicate certain promotional offers or seasonal discounts.
7. How can I use a gift certificate to get a discount?
To use a gift certificate in an online store, you need to enter a unique code during checkout. The discount will be automatically applied to the cost of goods that meet the conditions of the certificate.
8. What conclusions can be drawn about the correct use of discounts in online stores?
Proper use of discounts includes checking the terms of the promotion, comparing prices in different stores, and using all kinds of promotional codes and bonus programs. It is also important not to fall for marketing tricks and buy only what you really need.

Thanks for reading! You have become a real expert in using discounts in online stores!

Now you know all the secrets to save as much as possible and get the most benefits when shopping. Remember to apply reverse psychology and create a sense of urgency, cleverly combine discounts with other promotions and offers, and participate in loyalty programs.

Now that you know how to use discounts correctly, nothing can stop you from finding the best deals and getting the most out of every purchase. We wish you good luck and great discounts!


How to use discounts in an online store and increase income

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