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How to run promotions in an online store: tips and examples

There is an atmosphere of excitement in the online store. Every click, every purchase is a thread leading to a solution. Shares, like good fairies, come to the rescue, promising only one thing - amazing opportunities. In this article we will reveal the secrets of running effective promotions in an online store and prove to you that imagination knows no bounds. Are you ready to solve this mystery together? Hold on tight as we begin our journey into a world of amazing promotions that will change your business!

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Know your audience

Promotion rules

For a promotion to work, you need to understand who it is aimed at . It is worth using Google Analytics to take into account the age, gender, location, interests of the audience, etc. when preparing a marketing campaign. This will help you choose more accurate messages to communicate with your audience.

Why do you need to know your audience?

Knowing your audience is the foundation of successful promotions in an online store. As an online store owner, you need to understand who your products or services are aimed at and what needs they have. This will allow you to create marketing promotions that are attractive and relevant to your target audience.

Research your audience with Google Analytics

One of the best tools for analyzing your audience is Google Analytics. With it, you can gain valuable information about your traffic, demographics, interests, and user behavior on your site.

Start by looking at basic metrics like age, gender, location, and interests of your users. This will help you get a more accurate picture of your audience and better focus when running promotions.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Example: promotion from the online store "Luxoptika"

Let's look at an example of a successful promotion from the online store "Luxoptika". This store specializes in selling glasses and vision accessories.

In its posts on social networks, Luxoptika clearly targets a young audience. They write texts in a friendly and slightly familiar tone, and on the first of April they offered a stylish visor as a gift.

This promotion was perfect for their target audience - young and stylish people who value fashion accessories. The use of humor and non-standard approaches helped Luxoptika to attract the attention of its audience and make the event memorable.

Basic principles of holding promotions for a particular audience

The Luxoptika audience: young and stylish people

The Luxoptika audience is mainly young people who are interested in fashionable glasses and vision accessories. Based on this, we can highlight several key principles for carrying out promotions:

  1. Content for social networks: Order bright and attractive photographs that will be popular on social networks. Use hashtags and try to increase brand awareness.

  2. Unique gifts : Offer unusual gifts or bonuses that will be of interest to your audience. For example, Luxoptika offered a stylish visor as a gift for the first of April.

  3. Direct Communication : Interact with your audience directly, respond to comments, ask questions and conduct polls. This will help you better understand the interests and preferences of your audience.

Application of acquired knowledge

Carrying out promotions in an online store requires a deep understanding of your audience. Use Google Analytics to gain valuable insights about your users. Analyze data, conduct experiments, and learn best practices from similar stores to attract more customers and increase sales.

Benefits of knowing your audience:

  • Improve your marketing efforts and increase their effectiveness.
  • Create more relevant and engaging content for your audience.
  • Increasing brand awareness and loyalty.
  • Increase conversions and sales.

What to avoid:

  • Don't run promotions that don't match the interests and needs of your audience.
  • Don't forget about social networks and don't leave your subscribers unattended.
  • Don't limit yourself to just one promotion, constantly test new ideas and experiment with different marketing approaches.

Now that you know your audience more deeply, you can intelligently plan and implement promotions in your online store. Remember that all promotions should be aimed at meeting the needs of your target audience and creating a pleasant purchasing experience.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Know your audience
Pros - Improves marketing promotions
- Creates relevant content
- Increases brand awareness
- Increases conversions and sales
Cons - Inappropriate promotions for the audience
- Lack of attention to social networks
- Lack of experiments and new ideas

There is no doubt that running successful promotions in an online store requires knowing your audience. Don't forget to use Google Analytics to gain valuable insights about your users. Use what you learn to create compelling and relevant promotions that will generate sales and increase loyalty with your audience.

Consider the features of your products

The importance of selecting promotions depending on the type of product

Carrying out promotions is an important tool for increasing sales and attracting new customers to the Internet -store. However, when it comes to promotions, you need to consider the features of your products. Each type of product requires a different approach, and not all promotions will be effective or appropriate in all cases.

Which promotions are suitable for different types of stores

  • Jewelry stores. For this niche, typical promotions are discounts on jewelry sets, “Buy one, get one at a discount” or “Give yourself luxury” promotions. Such promotions will help to interest customers and increase sales.

  • Clothing stores. Here you can rely on the gift of promotional codes or free shipping, as well as “3 for the price of 2” promotions. It is also effective to hold promotions in the form of competitions, where the winners will receive gifts from the new collection. Attract customers with original promotions and they will be happy to come back to you again and again.

  • Electronics stores. In this niche, you can offer your customers small free gifts with purchase, such as additional accessories or discounts on products if they purchase a certain set of products. An “Open Your Gift Box” promotion, where the customer will receive a random gift with their purchase, can also be useful.

    How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Your imagination is not limited to typical promotions

In practice, the possibilities for holding promotions in an online store are varied and are not limited to typical scenarios. Your imagination and creativity will help you create more and more original, non-standard promotions that will attract attention and interest customers.

For example , you can run a “One day without VAT” promotion, where customers can purchase goods with a discount equivalent to the tax amount. Another example is the “Share your review and get a discount” promotion, where customers will receive a discount for leaving a review about a product on your website.

Be proactive and test new ideas

Don't be afraid to experiment with different types of stocks and constantly test your ideas. Being active and innovative in your promotions will help you attract new customers and retain old ones.

Useful tips and tricks

What to do What not to do
Analyze demand for products and customer preferences Use the same promotions over a long period of time
Test different types shares and their combinations Forget to pay attention to the results of carried out shares
Create non-standard and original shares Be based only on standard shares
Actively attract customers to your promotions through advertising Don't make enough noise about your promotions

And remember, promotions are just that just one of the online store tools. The effectiveness of promotions depends not only on correctly selected and carried out marketing activities, but also on the reliable functioning of the store, convenient and understandable site navigation, reviews from satisfied customers and many other factors.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Use reasons for promotions

We all love promotions and discounts, don't we? So why not use various occasions and events to launch promotions in your online store? In this section we will tell you what reasons you can use and what ways you can make your promotion more effective and stand out from your competitors.

Sale of the previous collection

One of the most popular reasons for launching a promotion is the sale of the previous collection. As a rule, online stores constantly update their range of products, and old collections may remain in stock. But instead of just slashing prices on that old collection, you can organize a special promotion.

For example, a famous clothing brand held a campaign “Goodbye, old collection!” As part of this promotion, they offered discounts of up to 50% on all products from previous seasons. This allowed them to sell a large volume of old products and make room for new collections.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

New Year holidays

New Year is a great reason to launch a promotion in an online store. This time of year, people are actively shopping for gifts for their loved ones, and you should be ready to offer the most attractive offers.

For example, one of the online stores increased cashback for its customers during the New Year holidays. This allowed them to attract more customers and encourage them to shop at this store.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the most popular days for organizing promotions in online stores. On this day, many companies offer special discounts on their goods and services, and buyers actively take advantage of this.

What can you do to make your Black Friday promotion stand out from the competition? Try using unusual designs for your promotional materials or interesting slogans. For example, you can create a themed black background and come up with an original slogan that will attract the attention of buyers.
How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

How to create a unique promotion?

You can use various creative ideas to create a unique promotion. For example, you can offer free shipping when you purchase a certain item or an extra discount when you purchase items in a certain category.

Also, don’t forget about the ability to attract customers’ attention with the help of humor. Fun and unusual promotional offers may interest them more than regular discounts.

What should you do and what should you not do?

To make sure your promotion is as effective as possible, here are some helpful tips:

Make your promotion visible

Use a variety of marketing tools to draw attention to your promotion. For example, place a banner on the main page of your website or publish information about the promotion on social networks.

Be original

Use creative ideas to make your promotion stand out from the competition. Think about how to make your event unique and memorable.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Analyze the results

After the end of the promotion, analyze the results. Evaluate how successful your promotion was and what you can improve next time.

Don't forget to communicate with customers

A promotion is also a great opportunity to establish contact with your customers. Answer their questions, help them choose the right product, and create a positive shopping experience.

Best Practices Report

Do's Don'ts
Accompany your promotion with attractive promotional materials Don’t limit yourself to just discounts
Use creative ideas for promotional offers Don’t forget to pay attention on the quality of goods
Analyze the results of the promotion Do not ignore customer reviews and comments

Now that you You know what reasons can be used to hold promotions in an online store, you are ready to attract more customers and increase sales. Be creative, experiment and don't be afraid to do something new. Good luck!

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Consider the size of discounts


One of the main factors in attracting customers in an online store are promotions and discounts. They motivate potential buyers to place an order and become your regular customers. However, for these promotions to be truly effective, it is necessary to consider the size of the discounts. In this section, we will look at how to choose the optimal discount percentage to attract customers and increase sales.

What is the discount amount?

The discount amount is a percentage or fixed value by which the price of a product or service is reduced. It may vary depending on the goals of the promotion, the target audience and specific goods or services.

Why do you need to think about the size of discounts?

A very small discount most often does not become a sufficient factor to purchase a product. Offering customers a 1-2% discount may not generate enough interest from them. At the same time, too large a discount can lead to losses for your business.

An example of how an incorrectly thought out discount size can scare off customers is one online store that offered customers a bonus point for every hryvnia spent on goods. And only after the buyer spends 10,000 UAH, he will be able to receive a 5% discount. It is unlikely that this offer will be of interest to many customers, since the discount is small and still needs to be earned.

How to choose the optimal discount amount?

Because every business is unique, the optimal discount amount may vary. However, there are several factors to consider when choosing:

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

1. Market Analysis

Research the market and study what discounts your competitors are offering. Find out which discount sizes attract more customers and which ones are not very popular. This will help you decide on the optimal discount size for your online store.

2. Product marginality analysis

Products and services have different degrees of marginality. Estimate what percentage of the discount you can provide without reducing it.

3. Target audience

Before choosing the discount amount, determine what target audience you want to attract. Some customers value larger discounts more, while others value product quality or service.

4. Goals of the promotion

Clearly define the goals that you want to achieve with the help of the promotion. If your goal is to increase sales, a larger discount can encourage customers to make larger purchases. If you want to attract new customers, a smaller but attractive discount may be more effective.


Determining the correct discount size is an important stage in carrying out promotions in an online store. It is necessary to take into account market trends, product margins, target audience and promotion goals. Don't be afraid to experiment and analyze the results to find the optimal discount amount that will be most effective for your business.

Useful to do:

  • Analyze the market and study competitors.
  • Take into account the marginality of products.
  • Attract with customer care.
  • Develop promotions in accordance with goals.
  • Use examples of successful campaigns as sources of inspiration.

What to avoid:

  • Offering too small discounts that will not attract customers.
  • Provide too large discounts, which can lead to losses.
  • Create promotions that do not meet the expectations and interests of your target audience.
  • Ignore analysis and analysis of stock performance.

And remember that determining the optimal discount size is an ongoing process that requires analysis, verification and adaptation. Good luck in running successful promotions for your online store!

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

💡 Note: Review the table below for an overview of useful practices for choosing discount amounts.

What to do What to avoid
- Analyze the market and study competitors - Offer too small discounts
- Consider product margins - Provide too large discounts
- Attract with customer care - Create promotions that do not correspond to the target audience
- Develop promotions in accordance with goals - Ignore analysis and analytics of stock results

Be prepared for the promotion to work

Promotions in online steel stores an integral part of the strategy to attract customers and increase sales. However, not all online store owners realize how important preparation for the promotion is. In this section, we will tell you a few key aspects that you need to pay attention to in order for your promotion to be a success.

Purchase of gift goods and packaging

Before the promotion, you must purchase gift goods and packaging. Create a list of popular products that will become attractive offers to your customers. Pay attention to current trends and seasonal preferences of customers.

Also, be sure to pack enough. Please note that poor quality or insufficient packaging can negatively affect the overall customer experience of the promotion and your store as a whole. Determine the amount of packaging you need and, if necessary, order it in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Train managers

Fulfilling orders and communicating with customers are important aspects of running a promotion. Pay special attention to the training of your managers. Tell them about the essence of the promotion, the updated pricing policy, the features of delivery and return of goods within the framework of the promotion. In addition, train managers on the principles of politely communicating with customers and responding to possible complaints or problems.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Practical experience of the Folks Coffee Company online store

As a living example of a successful promotion in an online store, let's look at the experience of Folks Coffee Company on the ELBUZ platform. They decided to run a promotion during Black Friday 2018 and got impressive results.

The day before Black Friday, Folks Coffee posted on Facebook about special prices on three types of coffee. Already in the first hour, 17 orders were received, and by the end of the day the number of orders simply shocked the store team. Orders continued to come in throughout the day, resulting in an unexpected surge in the team's work.

One of the problems the store faced was the end of standard packaging. In this regard, it was necessary to divide the packaging into two smaller ones and use more expensive packaging. However, the store team dealt with the situation and continued working the following days, sending orders and communicating with customers.

A few days after the end of the promotion, users continued to be interested in the possibility of purchasing coffee at Black Friday prices. Such success was not possible without well-planned steps and awareness of the importance of preparation.

Lessons and Best Practices

From the experience of Folks Coffee Company and other companies with successful promotions, there are several important lessons and best practices:

  1. Prepare in advance: purchase a sufficient amount of goods and packaging, train managers and tell them about the terms of the promotion.

  2. Define assortment : Create a list of popular products that will be offered at attractive prices.

  3. Leverage Social Media : Use popular platforms like Facebook to promote promotions.

  4. Communicate proactively with customers: answer their questions and concerns quickly and professionally.

  5. Use quality packaging: A negative delivery experience due to poor packaging can create a negative impression and damage the store's reputation.

  6. Post-position marketing: Continue to communicate with customers and offer them additional bonuses or discounts to maintain loyalty.

Don't forget that each promotion is unique and requires an individual approach. Analyze your results and learn from your mistakes. Make online store promotions an integral part of your strategy and reach new sales heights.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Important! Plan and prepare in advance to ensure your promotion goes smoothly and brings maximum returns.

Review of best practices

What to do What to avoid
- Prepare in advance for the promotion - Insufficient quantity of gift items and packaging
- Create a list of popular products for the promotion - Poor quality packaging
- Train managers and tell them about the conditions of the promotion - Untrained staff and unprofessional service
- Active use social networks to carry out the promotion - Lack of customer involvement in the promotion
- Communicate carefully with customers and answer their questions - Forget about post-promotion marketing and customer retention

We hope that our tips and examples will help you run effective promotions in your online store. Remember that success depends on your preparation, communication with clients and consideration of best practices. Be prepared for the promotion to work and attract more customers to your store!

Promote the promotion

If you are preparing a promotion, then the most important thing is to take care of its promotion. After all, as soon as you announce your promotion, customers will immediately begin to learn about it and show interest. But what methods can you use to successfully promote a promotion and attract more customers? Let's figure this out together.

Online Store Banner

The first thing you should do is create a bright and attractive banner for your online store. The banner should be clear and informative to immediately attract the attention of visitors. Use colorful images and interesting headlines that encourage clicks. Don't forget to include all important details of the promotion, including expiration dates and conditions for receiving a discount or gift.

Картинка 2

Email mailing

Email mailing is one of the most effective tools in promoting promotions. It allows you to send information about your promotion directly to the client's mailbox. It is important to create an attractive letter that will immediately grab the recipient's attention. Use a colorful design, include images and interesting headlines. Don't forget the call to action and link to the promotion page.

Post on social networks

Social networks have become real platforms for promoting brands and promotions. Create an attractive post about your promotion and publish it on your social network page. Use prominent images and interesting text to grab users' attention. Don't forget to add hashtags related to your promotion so that it can be easily found by other users.

Google Ads and advertising on social networks

To reach an even wider audience, you can use paid advertising on Google Ads and social networks. Create an advertising campaign aimed at your target audience and select keywords related to your promotion. This way, your ads will be shown to users who are actively interested in products or services related to your business.

Other methods of promotion

In addition to the main methods of promotion, you can also use other tools to achieve maximum results. For example, post information about your promotion on popular forums and communities where your target audience discusses similar products or services. Don't forget about blogs where you can post guest posts or run an advertising campaign.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Overview of promotion methods

Promotion method Advantages Disadvantages
Banner in the store - Visually attracts attention
- Visually shows the essence of the promotion
- Less effective without additional traffic sources
- Depends on the design and location on the site
Email newsletter - Direct contact with the client
- High conversion
- You must have a subscriber base
- Possible spam
Post on social networks - Free promotion
- Possibility of viral distribution
- Limited reach by subscribers
- Requires constant content updating
Google Ads and social media advertising - Precise audience targeting
- Quick promotion results
- Advertising budget required
- Campaign needs to be optimized
Other ways - Additional traffic sources
- Opportunity to reach new audiences
- Less predictable result
- Requires additional time and resources

The choice of the optimal way to promote the promotion depends on the target audience, budget and characteristics of your business. Use all available tools to most effectively draw attention to your promotion and attract more customers.

"Successful promotion of a promotion is critical to its success. Don't expect people to know about your promotion - actively promote it in all available sources. Use bright banners, memorable email campaigns, actively participate in social networks, launch advertising campaigns. Only then will your promotion become recognizable and attractive to customers." - Nicholas McLaughlin, Rolls-Royce Marketing Expert.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Now that you know how to promote a promotion, you can use these methods to successfully attract customers and increase sales in your online store. Don't forget to be creative, unique and relevant in your offer so that it is truly attractive to your target audience.

“An action that no one knows about is of no use to anyone. Invest in promoting the promotion to get maximum results." - Betty Maggio, Internet Marketing Expert at Walmart.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

🔔 Don't miss the opportunity! Promote your promotion actively and with confidence.A great opportunity to attract more customers and increase profits for your online store awaits you.

  • Effective ways to promote a promotion in an online store
  • Techniques and tools for attracting customers
  • Best practices and advice from experts
  • How not to miss the opportunity for a successful promotion

Promotional codes from Lamoda

Promotional codes are an excellent tool for attracting and retaining customers in an online store. One example of the successful use of promotional codes can be seen on the popular Lamoda website. In this section we will look at how Lamoda uses promotional codes for promotions, and what are the advantages can be obtained using these promotional codes.

Advantages of promotional codes from Lamoda

Lamoda actively uses promotional codes in its marketing, offering customers the opportunity to save a certain amount when purchasing goods. This is a great way to attract attention and interest potential buyers:

  • Discounts on certain products: Lamoda promotional codes can only provide a discount on certain sections or products. This helps attract buyers interested in a specific product category and helps promote individual products or collections.

  • Unique offers: Using promotional codes, Lamoda can offer a unique special offer for its customers. For example, this could be a discount on all products of a certain brand or a discount for regular customers. Such offers help create a sense of exclusivity and increase customer loyalty.

  • Attracting new customers: Lamoda promotes its promotions using promotional codes through all available channels, including the main page of the online store, banners, specialized sites and social networks. This allows you to attract the attention of new customers and allows them to save on their purchase.

    How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

How to get promotional codes from Lamoda

Promotional codes from Lamoda can be obtained in different ways:

  1. Online store home page: Lamoda places promotional codes on the banners of the main page of its website. Users can easily discover these promotional codes when visiting the site for the first time.

  2. Discounts on specialized sites: Many buyers are accustomed to looking for promotional codes on specialized sites that collect current discounts and offers from various online stores. On such sites you can find promotional codes for Lamoda and use them when placing an order.

  3. Subscribe to the newsletter: Lamoda actively uses email newsletters to distribute promotional codes and special offers to its subscribers. If you subscribe to the Lamoda newsletter, you will receive promotional codes and other interesting offers to your email.

How to use promotional codes from Lamoda

To use a promotional code from Lamoda, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Select products: Open the Lamoda website and select the products that interest you.

  2. Add items to cart : Add selected items to cart and proceed to checkout.

  3. Enter promotional code : During checkout, enter the promotional code in the special field. Make sure you enter the promo code correctly for the discount to be applied.

  4. Get a discount : After entering the promotional code, you will be given a discount on selected products. The discount amount will be displayed in the cart or on the checkout page.

Best practices for using promotional codes from Lamoda

When using promotional codes from Lamoda, it is recommended to follow several basic rules:

  1. Don't miss promotions: Closely monitor current promotions and offers from Lamoda. This will help you not miss the opportunity to save on purchasing goods.

  2. Check the expiration date of the promotional code : Make sure the promotional code you are about to use is still valid. Sometimes promotional codes have a limited validity period or only apply to certain products.

  3. Terms of use : Please note the terms of use of the promotional code. Some promotional codes may only apply if certain conditions are met, such as minimum order amounts or product category restrictions.

  4. Compare prices : Using promotional codes does not always guarantee the best price. Check prices on other online retailers to make sure you're getting the best deal.

About Lamoda business

Lamoda is one of the largest online stores in Ukraine, specializing in the sale of clothing and accessories. The Lamoda business has been successfully operating on the market for many years and offers a wide selection of fashion products from popular brands.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Expert opinion

"Using promotional codes is an effective way to attract customers and increase sales in an online store. Well-thought-out promotions with promotional codes like in the case of Lamoda, they will help strengthen the brand’s position in the market, attract new customers and encourage the loyalty of existing ones.” - Marina Shechenko, marketer at Lamoda.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Review: What you need to know about promotional codes from Lamoda

Receipt method Advantages Best practices
Home page of the online store - Easy to find promotional codes
- Quick access to current ones offers
- Check the main page regularly
- Don't miss out on promotions
Discounts on specialized sites - Find promotional codes you didn't know about
- Check promotions from other online stores
- Use reliable and trusted sites
- Compare prices before using promotional code
Subscribe to the newsletter - Receive promotional codes by email
- Stay up to date with all the latest offers
- Check your email regularly
- Don't miss promotional codes that can only be provided to subscribers

Note: Lamoda promotional codes provide various benefits, helping you save money when purchasing goods. However, before using promotional codes, it is recommended to carefully read the terms of promotions and compare prices on other resources in order to make an informed choice.

Be careful and happy shopping!

Gifts from Foxtrot

Carrying out promotions in an online store is a great way to attract customer attention and increase sales. That being said, one of the most effective strategies is to add additional value to products through gifts. In this article we will look at how the online electronics store Foxtrot successfully implements this strategy and what examples of attractive promotions with gifts can be used.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Why are gifts so important for an online store?

Given the specificity of the products that Foxtrot offers, adding gifts with purchase is a very convenient way to attract customers. After all, a gift can be a useful addition to the main product and help increase its value.

The Foxtrot online store offers a wide selection of inexpensive gifts that can be offered for purchase. For example, when purchasing a smartphone, the client may be offered to receive free headphones or a memory card. When purchasing a laptop, the client can be offered a case or speaker as a gift. This approach allows the Foxtrot online store to increase the value of the goods sold and make them more attractive to customers.

How does Foxtrot advertise gifts?

The Foxtrot online store actively advertises the opportunity to receive a gift using various marketing tools. On the banners of the online store, on product previews and in the product card, you can see information about the gift and the conditions for receiving it.

Thanks to the use of ELBUZ functionality, Foxtrot clients can easily find out about gifts and make a purchase taking into account the promotion. For example, the banner of an online store may contain information about a gift that can be received when purchasing a certain product. Also, the product card itself may indicate that a certain gift is provided with its purchase.

Examples of successful promotions with gifts

For clarity and a better understanding of how the Foxtrot online store conducts promotions with gifts, let’s look at several examples of successful marketing activities.

Example 1: When purchasing a Foxtrot-X15 smartphone, the client receives Foxtrot Airbuds wireless headphones as a gift. The gift fits perfectly with the main product and significantly increases its value. This promotion attracts the attention of customers and encourages them to buy.

Example 2: As a promotion, Foxtrot offers to receive a laptop case as a gift when purchasing a Foxtrot-Ex21 laptop. This gift is a useful addition to the main product and may be attractive to potential buyers.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Benefits and best practices of running promotions with gifts

Carrying out promotions with gifts has a number of advantages and can significantly increase the effectiveness of online store marketing campaigns. Here are some helpful tips and best practices for gift promotions:

  • The gift should be related to the main product and add value to it.
  • The gift should be attractive to the target audience.
  • Provide clear and understandable information about the gift and the conditions for receiving it.
  • Use marketing tools (such as website banners) to advertise gifts.
  • Analyze the results of gift promotions and make the necessary changes to achieve better results.
Pros Cons
Attracting attention Not always effective
Increasing the value of the product May require additional costs
Promotion of purchases Can lead to inappropriate purchases

Using the above tips and principles, as well as examples of successful promotions, the Foxtrot online store can It is very effective to carry out promotions with gifts and attract more customers. This approach will allow the store to meet the needs of its audience and stimulate sales growth.

As online store owners, marketers or entrepreneurs, you need to do something to be competitive. Carrying out promotions with gifts can be a powerful tool for achieving success in online trading.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Giveaways from MakeUp

MakeUp, a popular online cosmetics store, is a real hub for selling products from various brands. While various brands independently organize giveaways for their cosmetics, MakeUp provides them with such an opportunity to draw attention to their own products against the competition. In this section, we'll look at examples of effective giveaways and see how to use different methods to run them on MakeUp's online store and social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Giveaways on the main page and banners

One of the simple and effective ways to spread the word about a giveaway is to place a banner on the home page of your online store. The big advantage of using a banner is its direct visibility to all store visitors. MakeUp often works with brands, giving them the opportunity to showcase their products through such banners. They contain information about the giveaway and an attractive design that grabs the customers' attention.

Examples of MakeUp giveaways on Instagram and Facebook

MakeUp also actively promotes giveaways on its social media pages. This allows you not only to attract more subscribers to your accounts, but also to increase brand awareness. To take part in the drawing, users must follow the page, like the post and tag a friend in the comments. This attracts the attention of a large number of users, they take the necessary actions, which ultimately increases the number of participants. Examples of contests from MakeUp on the social networks Facebook and Instagram are presented below:

Example of a contest from MakeUp on Facebook:

We present to your attention a contest from our partner “Natural Beauty”. The conditions for participating in the drawing are very simple: become a subscriber to our page, like this post and tag a friend in the comments with whom you would share the prize.

The winner will be selected at random one week after the end of the competition. Don't miss your chance to win a wonderful set of Natural Beauty products!

An example of a contest from MakeUp on Instagram:

We are glad to present you our new contest! Join the giveaway for a chance to win a bundle of our most popular products. To participate, you must complete the following steps: be subscribed to our account, like this post and tag friends in the comments who would benefit from such a kit.

Winners will be randomly selected and announced one week after the end of the competition. Hurry up to take part and become the owner of a set of our best products!

Overview of sample sweepstakes

The table below provides an overview of different ways to organize sweepstakes in the MakeUp online store:

Method of holding Advantages Disadvantages
Home page Direct visibility for clients Limited spaces
Banners Attractive design Can be blocking
Instagram Large number of subscribers Not all users are active on Instagram
Facebook Ability to tag friends Not all users are on Facebook

Now that you have a complete understanding of how to run giveaways in your MakeUp online store, you can increase your brand awareness and attract more customers. Use these examples and tips to create effective promotions that will interest your audience and lead to the success of your business!

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

🌟 Expert Tip : Remember that giveaways should be easy to enter and engaging for your audience. Select prizes that appeal to your target audience and make them want to participate. And don't forget to follow up on member requests and comments - this is an opportunity to create interaction and maintain relationships with your audience! - Linda Abramson of MakeUp.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Conducting sweepstakes is an effective way to attract customers to an online store. MakeUp is a prime example of how to use this tool correctly. Don't be afraid to experiment and find new ways to run promotions to remain interesting to your audience. The success of your brand and the profit of your business are in your hands!

Sets from Ukrzoloto.ua

Online store Ukrzoloto.ua - unique offers for stylish looks

When it comes to buying jewelry, everyone willingly chooses unique and harmonious sets. And here Ukrzoloto.ua, a popular online store, shows its best features, offering a wide selection of jewelry sets. A professional understanding of customer needs and the specifics of the product allows this store to offer discounts on sets, attracting even more attention with its offer.

Why choose jewelry sets?

Jewelry sets are an excellent solution for those who want to create a stylish and harmonious look. Earrings, rings and bracelets created in the same theme allow you to combine them together and create unique sets that will highlight your individuality and style.

Benefits of Buying a Jewelry Set

  1. Cost Benefits : By purchasing a jewelry set, you get a discount compared to purchasing each item separately. This allows you to save money and purchase more jewelry.

  2. Individuality : By choosing a ready-made set, you can be sure that all the jewelry will fit together perfectly. This eliminates the need to search for suitable parts to create a kit.

  3. Ready-made solutions: When choosing a set, you get a ready-made solution for creating a stylish look. You don't need to think about how to combine different decorations, as this has already been thought out by professionals.

How Ukrzoloto.ua attracts customers with its promotions

The online store Ukrzoloto.ua understands the importance of attractive offers and discounts to increase its customer base. By selling sets of goods at discounted prices, Ukrzoloto.ua makes the purchase of these jewelry more affordable for its customers.

The fact that Ukrzoloto.ua offers discounts on sets can only be found on the page of the product itself, if it is part of a set. Lack of promotion of this opportunity is one area where the store can improve. Actively promoting jewelry sets on social media, especially Instagram, can attract more attention and increase store awareness.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

What can the online store Ukrzoloto.ua do to improve promotions?

  1. Activity in advertising: The online store Ukrzoloto.ua should focus more on the availability and possibility of purchasing kits at a reduced price. Attract clients with vibrant images that help them imagine how they can use jewelry sets in their own looks.

  2. Indicating discounts on social networks : When advertising jewelry sets on social networks, including Instagram, you must indicate the possibility of purchasing sets at reduced prices. This will help attract the attention of more potential buyers.

  3. Showing the effectiveness of sets : Capture customers' attention by showcasing personal style and how sets can be used in a variety of looks. Create content that will inspire customers to purchase jewelry sets.

Successful promotions in an online store are a key factor in attracting more customers and increasing sales. Jewelry sets from Ukrzoloto.ua are an excellent tool for increasing store recognition and attracting more customers. Discounts on sets offer customers economic benefits and the opportunity to create stylish and harmonious looks. The online store Ukrzoloto.ua should actively advertise its promotional offers and pay attention to the use of social networks to disseminate information about discounts on jewelry sets.

What's good to do What not to do Best practices
- Advertise sets - It is not enough to actively advertise discounts on sets - Provide bright looks using jewelry sets
- Indicate a discount in social networks - Do not indicate the possibility of purchasing kits at a reduced price - Demonstrate the individual style of clients
- Demonstrate the effectiveness of kits - Create content that inspires customers to buy sets


Discounts on jewelry sets in the online store Ukrzoloto.ua allow customers save money by purchasing stylish sets that will help you create harmonious looks. Successful promotions and advertising on social networks help attract more customers. Online store owners, marketers and entrepreneurs should remember the benefits of jewelry kits and use this tool to increase sales and brand awareness.

Let's summarize

Understanding effective promotions in an online store

To achieve maximum returns from ongoing promotions in an online store, you need to use them consciously. In this section, we will look at the key aspects that will help you run successful promotions and attract more customers.

Audience and target group analysis

Before you start a campaign, it is important to conduct a detailed analysis of your audience and identify your target group. Find out who is most interested in your products or services, what customer segments you want to attract. This will give you a better understanding of which promotions may be most attractive to your target audience.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Using audience analysis, you can determine which promotions may be most effective and interesting for your customers. For example, if you have a target group of young mothers who are interested in children's clothing, promotions related to seasonal discounts or gifts for children could be an ideal opportunity to attract the attention of this audience.

Thoughtful promotion of promotions

Carrying out a promotion is only half the success. It is important not only to organize a promotion, but also to promote it in order to attract the maximum number of customers. In this section, we'll look at some promotional methods and share practical tips to help improve the effectiveness of your promotion.

  • Use social media: Use social media platforms to promote your promotion. Tell us about it on your profiles, publish previews of materials, use hashtags and invite subscribers to take part in the promotion. This will help increase your reach and attract new customers.

  • Email Marketing : Take the opportunity to send information about your promotion by email. Prepare an attractive letter that includes a description of the promotion, benefits for customers and vivid images. Don’t forget to add a bright and noticeable Call to Action (CTA) - a link or button that, when clicked, the user can immediately take part in the promotion.

Using reasons for promotions

To make promotions more organic and interesting, you can use reasons to hold them. The occasions may be different: seasons, holidays, birthdays of your online store, etc. Below we will look at a few examples that will help you understand how you can use reasons for promotions.

  • New Year : December is a great month for promotions. Many customers are actively looking for gifts and discounts, so you can offer special offers on popular products or product categories.

  • Store Birthday : Celebrating your store's birthday is a great opportunity to run promotions. Give away discount coupons to all customers who send greetings, or offer free shipping for a certain period of time.

Let's take an example from famous brands

Interesting and successful promotions are carried out not only by small online stores, but also by well-known brands. Use their work experience to learn how they achieve their goals. Below we give several examples of successful promotions carried out by famous brands.

  1. ASOS : The ASOS website ran a promotion offering customers 50% off all items. This discount was only available for a certain time and encouraged customers to make purchases as soon as possible.

  2. ZARA : ZARA store held a Seasonal Sale promotion, offering discounts of up to 70% on selected products. Customers could buy fashion items at attractive prices, and ZARA attracted new customers and increased sales.

    How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Useful practices and recommendations

In this section, we looked at the main aspects of running successful promotions in an online store. To help you understand this information, we invite you to review the overview table that summarizes our recommendations.

Useful Not recommended
Analyze the audience and target groups before conducting the promotion Carry out promotions without prior preparation
Think through ways to promote promotions Leave promotions without advertising or promotion
Use reasons to hold promotions Carry out promotions without special reasons
Study successful promotions of famous brands Ignore the experience and recommendations of other companies

These useful practices will help you run successful promotions in your online store and attract more customers. Don't forget to analyze the results of your campaigns and draw conclusions to improve future marketing strategies.


Carrying out effective promotions in an online store is an important tool for attracting new customers and increasing sales volumes. Conscious use of promotions, audience analysis, thoughtful promotion and use of reasons for promotions are all important components of a successful marketing strategy.

Online stores can follow the example of well-known brands that hold promotions taking into account the features of the products they sell. Use the helpful practices and recommendations presented in this section to run successful promotions and achieve your business goals.

Don't forget to study the experience of other companies and analyze the results of your shares. Only constant development and improvement of strategies will help you achieve constant growth and success in the field of Internet marketing.

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Rossmann Expertise

How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

Description of the client, their business and goals

Rossmann is one of the leading health and beauty retail chains in Ukraine. They offer a wide range of products including cosmetics, fragrances, vitamins, health and skin care products. The main goal of the company is to satisfy customers' needs and provide them with quality products.

Main goals and objectives set for Rossmann

  • Increase brand awareness and attract new customers to the online store.
  • Develop and implement effective promotions to increase product sales.
  • Improve interaction with the target audience and increase their loyalty to the brand.

The main problem that needs to be solved

The main problem is the low conversion of the site and the insufficient number of visitors who become clients. The company needs effective measures to attract and retain customers in the online store.

Description of the characteristics and interests of the target audience

Rossmann's target audience is men and women aged 25 to 45 years old who are interested in health, beauty and personal care. They pay special attention to the quality of the goods offered and sometimes make purchases online. They also value innovation and modern technology to help them achieve their goals.

Highlighting key points that may be of interest to potential customers

  • Large range of products, including well-known brands and new items.
  • Guaranteed quality and proven effectiveness of products.
  • Convenience and ease of purchasing goods in the online store.
  • A variety of promotions and special offers that help save money and make shopping more attractive.

Facts, figures and specific results of the project

Rossmann carried out several successful promotions that led to a noticeable increase in sales and an increase in the number of satisfied customers. For example, the “Buy two, get the third free” promotion attracted the attention of the target audience and led to a 30% increase in sales within two weeks. In addition, the “10% discount on all products” promotion attracted new customers and increased repeat purchases by 20%.

Results overview

Promotion Results
"Buy two, get the third free" - Increase sales by 30%
- Increasing customer loyalty
"10% discount on all products" - Attracting new customers
- Increase in repeat purchases by 20%

Conclusions from the Rossmann case

Thanks to effectively developed and executed promotions, Rossmann was able to successfully increase brand awareness and attract new customers to its online store. Promotions allowed us to improve interaction with the target audience, increase sales and increase customer loyalty.


Frequently asked questions on the topic “How to run promotions in an online store: tips and examples”

1. What are the main advantages of holding promotions in an online store?

Carrying out promotions helps attract new customers, increase sales, improve the store's image and stimulate repeat purchases.

2. How to determine your target audience before holding a promotion?

Research data about your existing customers, conduct market research and determine the main characteristics of your target audience, such as gender, age, interests, purchasing behavior, etc.

3. What features of your products should you consider when carrying out promotions?

Consider the specifics of your product, its seasonality, popularity, competitive environment and other factors to choose the most effective type of promotion.

4. What reasons can be used to hold promotions in an online store?

You can run promotions to celebrate holidays, events, your store's birthdays, the launch of a new collection, or seasonal sales.

5. How to determine the size of discounts when carrying out promotions?

Consider your costs, competitive product prices, customer expectations, and seasonal trends to set an appropriate discount rate that will attract customers while making you a profit.

6. What to do if a promotion does not give the expected results?

Analyze the reasons for the failure of the promotion and draw conclusions. You may need to change the terms of the promotion, improve its promotion, study the preferences of your audience in more detail, or conduct additional research before the next promotion.

7. How to effectively promote a promotion in an online store?

Use social networks, email newsletters, contextual advertising, SEO optimization, blogs and other marketing tools to convey information about your promotion to your target audience.

8. Can promotional codes help with successful promotions in an online store?

Yes, promotional codes can be an effective tool for attracting customers and increasing sales. They may provide a discount on a certain product or order, give free shipping, or provide other bonuses.

9. What gifts can be offered as part of the promotion in the online store?

You can offer gifts such as additional products, souvenirs, discount coupons, free samples or services to attract and interest your customers.

10. What results can be expected from a successful promotion in an online store?

A successful promotion can lead to an increase in the number of orders, increased sales, attracting new customers, increasing awareness of your store and improving its reputation.

Acknowledgments and Conclusion

Thanks for reading this article and becoming a smarter reader! Now you have valuable knowledge on how to run effective promotions in your online store and attract more customers.

We've covered helpful tips and specific examples of successful promotions that will help you create a unique offering, engage your audience, and achieve greater success in your business.

Now you have become a true expert in your field, ready to apply new knowledge and ideas to increase sales and expand your customer base.

Remember to experiment, be creative, and measure results to improve your stock and achieve even greater success. Good luck with all your future promotions!


How to run promotions in an online store tips and examples

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Oh, this is a very interesting topic! We often hold promotions in our online store, but I would like to hear even more tips and examples of successful promotions from other participants. Can anyone share their experience?


Of course, Maria! One of our successful experiences was with a free shipping promotion for purchases over a certain amount. This attracted new customers and increased the average bill. I recommend trying it!


I love the idea of free shipping! The company and I held a promotion with an additional discount on products from previous collections. She helped us get rid of old products and draw attention to the new collection. It was very successful!


We ran a promotion in our store where customers could choose one of three gifts when purchasing a product. This created an additional incentive to purchase and increased the number of orders. I still recommend limiting the number of gifts so as not to lose too much on them.


Ilya, great gift idea! We also held a promotion with gifts, but additionally launched a competition among participants, where they were also offered valuable prizes. This helped make the promotion even more attractive and allowed us to increase our customer database.


Yes, gifts and competitions are what work! We had a promotion where customers could get a discount on their next purchase when leaving a review of the product. This got users interested, helped us get more reviews and improve our reputation.


Oleg, yes that’s for sure! We also held a promotion where every week we chose the most interesting review and gave its author a prize. This activated users and helped create a good atmosphere. Customers felt valued and connected to our store.


All these shares are worth nothing! It seems to me that this is all a waste of resources on clients who still don’t stay after the promotion. For me, it is more important to provide quality service and products, rather than spend money on gifts and discounts. What's the point of these trends?


Vasily, I understand your point of view, but past promotions can help attract attention to the store and increase sales in the initial period. Of course, you need to be careful with costs, but you shouldn't neglect the opportunities that marketing offers.