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Brand Advocates: Intellectual Property Protection

In a world full of secrets and conflicts, there is a group of people capable of protecting and preserving a company's most valuable assets - its brand and intellectual property. Who are they? Brand advocates.

Who are called brand advocates

Brand advocates are people who use the services of a business, speak positively about it and strongly support its activities in public. They become the voice of the company, representing its interests and protecting its reputation. In this article, we will explain who brand advocates are, what functions they perform, and how they help businesses protect their trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

Brand advocates: who are they really?

Brand advocates are professionals who act as defenders of a company and its image on the Internet and in the real world. They can be either internal employees of the company or external specialists hired to implement special projects.

The role of brand advocates is to clearly communicate the company's values and benefits and inspire trust and support from customers and society. The main goal of these specialists is to manage brand reputation, create a positive image of the company and attract new customers.

Functions of brand advocates

1. Reputation management

One of the main functions of brand advocates is managing the company's reputation. They follow discussions about the brand on social networks, forums, blogs and other public resources. Brand advocates actively comment, answer user questions and concerns, provide useful information and help solve problems related to the company's products and services.

To manage brand reputation most effectively, lawyers must be competent and communicative, have a good understanding of the company's core values and advantages, and also respond quickly to emerging issues and problems.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

2. Brand Promotion

Brand advocates actively promote the company and its products on social media platforms. They create content that attracts the audience's attention, optimize it for search engine requirements, and actively interact with users by responding to comments and providing useful information.

One example of successful brand promotion with the help of lawyers was the case of Comfy. When they launched a new product, brand advocates actively wrote positive reviews, shared information with friends and acquaintances, and organized events and competitions to attract attention to the new product. Thanks to their efforts, sales of the product increased by 30% in the first month.

3. Protecting the interests of the company

Another important function of brand advocates is protecting the interests of the company on public platforms. They monitor copyright violations, publications of false information about the company and its products, as well as counterfeit products and illegal activities that could harm the company. Brand lawyers are taking measures to eliminate these problems, for example, sending complaints to resource owners, publishing official comments and special posts warning about counterfeit products.

How Brand Advocates Help Companies Protect Their Intellectual Property

Brand advocates play an important role in protecting a company's intellectual property. They help businesses protect their trademarks, copyrights and patents from illegal use and infringement. How do they do it?

1. Trademark and Patent Registration

Brand attorneys help companies register their trademarks, copyrights and patents, which provides them with legal protection. They check the availability of similar marks or patents, prepare the necessary documents and represent the company's interests before the relevant authorities.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

2. Conducting legal affairs

In case of violation of the company’s intellectual property, brand lawyers represent the company’s interests in court. They prepare all the necessary documents, collect evidence of violations, formulate legal arguments and defend the company’s rights before the courts.

3. Cooperation with Law Enforcement

Brand advocates work with law enforcement to stop violators and prevent further damage to the company. They report violations, provide necessary information, maintain dialogue with law enforcement agencies, and help recover compensation for damages caused.


Brand advocates are important figures in the world of modern business. They perform many functions related to managing the company's reputation, actively promoting the brand and protecting the interests of the company. Brand advocates help protect a company's intellectual property and prevent brand damage.

Overview tables:

What's useful What not to do Best practices
- Maintain brand reputation - Leave user comments unanswered - Be competent and sociable
- Engage with customers and users - Ignore copyright violations - Manage company reputation proactively
- Protect intellectual property - Ignore emerging problems - Register trademarks and patents

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Research shows that companies that actively engage in reputation management and have brand advocates, receive a significant increase in customer trust and attract more new leads. Remember that brand advocates are your voice in the business world, and for the successful development of the company it is important to pay due attention to them.

To learn more about the importance of online store reputation management, we recommend reading our article " reputation management".

Brand advocates are trusted advocates for a company's interests. Their task is to manage reputation, promote the brand and protect intellectual property. Working with brand advocates will help your company achieve success and confidence in the marketplace.

P.S. Remember that brand advocates are not only legal specialists, but also marketers who help a company promote its brand and attract new customers.

Who can become a brand advocate

When it comes to protecting a company's intellectual property, brand advocates play an important role. They are professionals specializing in the protection of trademarks, copyrights and patents. In this section, we'll look at who can become a brand advocate and how their involvement helps protect a company's interests.


One of the main sources of brand advocates is the company's clients. Customers who are satisfied with the level of service, quality of products and make regular purchases can become true brand advocates. Their loyalty and positive experience in using products or services will become the basis for protecting the interests of the online store.

How to get customers interested in becoming advocates for your brand?

Offer customers the opportunity to become members of a loyalty program where they can receive exclusive bonuses and privileges. Create a user-friendly interface for leaving reviews and create a forum where customers can share their positive experiences with the product.


Company partners can also become brand advocates, improving the reputation and credibility of your business. If your partners rate your products or services positively, they may recommend you to other companies or mention you in their publications.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

How to attract partners and make them advocates for your brand?

Collaborate actively with other companies, offer them mutually beneficial cooperation and encourage their positive reviews of your company. The results of the partnership and the benefits from it should be visible to everyone so that other companies also want to cooperate with you.

Store Employees

Store employees have a unique opportunity to become brand advocates. They know your company and its work very well, as they see it from the inside. Store employees can reasonably defend the position of the online store and its brand in the public space.

How to involve store employees in the work of brand advocates?

Provide your employees with all the information they need about your brand, its values and benefits. Conduct regular training programs and motivate employees to actively participate in public promotion of your company.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection


Brand advocates are not only lawyers, but also ordinary people who love and believe in your brand. Customers, partners and employees - these groups of people can become true advocates for your company and help you successfully protect your intellectual property.

💡 Expert opinion

Maxim Raskin, General Director of the ALLO online store: “Brand advocates are an important component of a successful business. They help create a positive company reputation, protect intellectual property and strengthen your customer base. Use all potential advocates for your brand and own your company image."

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

💡 Best Practices

Actions to Take What to avoid
Engage customers in a loyalty program Don’t ignore negative reviews
Collaborate actively with partners Do not neglect feedback from partners
Conduct training programs for employees Do not limit yourself to information support for employees

By applying these guidelines, you can effectively use brand advocates and achieve success in advocating for your company.


What is the difference from referral marketing

In the previous article we already looked at the concept of referral marketing and how existing customers can attract new ones. However, today we will talk about another effective brand promotion tool - brand advocates. What is the difference between brand advocates and referrers and how can they help your company?

To better understand this difference, let's look at both concepts in more detail. Referral marketing is a strategy in which existing customers are rewarded with bonuses or discounts for referring new customers. This is an effective way to motivate your customers to recommend your brand to their friends.

Brand advocates, on the other hand, are non-profit supporters of your brand who express their personal opinions and feedback about your company. They do not receive material benefits for their support, but act solely on the basis of their beliefs. Brand advocates can be your customers, employees, or even regular users who speak positively about your product or service.

Now that we understand the difference between brand advocates and referrers, let's look at how they can benefit your company. Brand advocates can build a strong, positive reputation for your company and increase customer trust. Their reviews and recommendations can be a decisive factor in choosing your company's products or services.

Additionally, brand advocates help protect your company's intellectual property. They are involved in the fight against counterfeit or illegal goods, and also stop copyright and patent violations. This is especially important in today's digital world, where intellectual property theft is a serious problem.

Example #1: Imagine that you have a small company that produces cosmetics. One of your clients, who is a brand advocate, posts a positive review about your new product on his blog. This review attracts the attention of a wide audience and goes viral, attracting new customers and increasing awareness of your brand.

Example #2: Your company specializes in developing and selling software. One of your clients, who is a lawyer and brand advocate, discovers that another company is using your software without a license. He contacts you and provides evidence of copyright infringement. With its help, you successfully protect your intellectual property and prevent further infringement.

Now that we've covered the difference between brand advocates and referrers and their role in protecting a company's intellectual property, you're more aware of the importance of this marketing tool. Don't forget to reach out to the brand advocates who support your brand and use their support to build a strong and lasting reputation.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

Expert Note : In the real world, brand advocates are a valuable asset to companies. They help not only protect intellectual property rights, but also create a positive impression of the brand among customers. It is important to find and attract these brand advocates and maintain productive partnerships with them. - Sebastian Wright, Walmart.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

Conclusions and practical tips

Once you are familiar with the concept and role of brand advocates, you can apply the following recommendations to your company :

  • Actively engage with your customers and encourage them to share their positive experiences with your brand.
  • Look for potential brand advocates internally and in your customer community.
  • Maintain constant contact with brand advocates and share with them new achievements and news about your company.
  • Use social media and platforms to find and attract new brand advocates.
  • Be proactive in fighting intellectual property violations and protecting your brand rights.
  • Don't forget to recognize and thank your brand advocates for their support and contributions to your company.

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Review of useful practices

What to do What not to do
Actively interact with brand advocates and encourage their support Ignore reviews and comments from brand advocates
Protect rights to intellectual property and stop violations It is not enough to closely monitor and respond to violations
Thank brand advocates for their support and contribution to the development of the company Forget about supporting and recognizing brand advocates

Don't forget that supporting brand advocates can bring enormous benefits to your company, from improving brand reputation to protecting intellectual property rights. Find and nurture these supporters and create mutually beneficial relationships for the long-term success of your business.

We looked at the concept and role of brand advocates in protecting intellectual property and promoting a company's brand, discussed the differences between brand advocates and referrers and their importance for business development. We hope this information will help you harness the power of brand advocates and create a successful marketing strategy for your company.

How Brand Advocates Benefit

Brand advocates are an important tool for protecting and promoting a company's intellectual property. They play the role of brand ambassadors who selflessly promote the online store and actively interact with customers. In this section, we'll look at the benefits that brand advocates bring and why their work is so important to business success.

Free Advertising and Organic Traffic Nativeness

Brand Advocates operate on a selfless basis and truly value the store they advocate for. Their recommendations are comparable to native advertising, which is less intrusive and aims to build long-term relationships with customers. Thanks to the active work of brand advocates, you have a source of organic traffic, which contributes to the growth of visitors and potential buyers.

Mention on third-party resources and creation of a positive reputation

An important element in building a good reputation is the mention of the store name on third-party resources. However, in order for this mention to be positive and pleasant, it is necessary to carefully build communication with clients and maintain an active relationship. Brand advocates take on the task of creating and maintaining a positive store image on external platforms.

User-generated content and its impact on customer opinion

One of the functions of brand advocates is the creation of user-generated content, which can include extensive product reviews on social networks, video reviews and other formats. Research shows that users trust user-generated content more than professionally created content. User-generated content is a powerful tool for shaping customer opinion and can significantly influence purchasing decisions.

Saving on marketing and attracting new customers

One of the clear advantages of brand advocates is saving on marketing costs. Thanks to free advertising of the online store by brand advocates, you will save a significant amount on advertising campaigns. In addition, the active work of brand advocates helps to attract new customers, since recommendations from people you can trust are of great value.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection


Pros Cons
Nativeness of free advertising Control required
Mentions on third-party resources Requires active engagement
User-generated content creation Brand advocates may not always be available
Marketing savings

Brand advocates are valuable assets for any online store. Their activities allow them to get organic traffic, mentions on third-party resources, create user-generated content, save on marketing costs and attract new customers. The benefits of working with brand advocates far outweigh the possible difficulties that may arise from active communication and control over the actions of brand advocates.

Rest assured, brand advocates will help you build a positive reputation, attract new customers and save on marketing costs. Consider hiring brand advocates for your online store and reap many benefits to grow your business.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

What it takes to create brand advocates

Brand advocates are specialists who play an important role in protecting a company's intellectual property. To turn everyday customers into brand advocates, a store needs a special ecosystem that encourages them to emerge. In this section, we will tell you what you need to do to create such an ecosystem and turn your customers into true advocates for your brand.

Provide a high quality product

The first step to becoming brand advocates is to provide a high quality product or service. Your company should strive for excellence in everything it does. If you offer products that frequently cause customer dissatisfaction or fail to deliver on their promises, your customers will not advocate for your brand.

Stand out from your competitors

To attract and retain customers, you need to offer them something special. Develop a unique proposition that will set your brand apart from your competitors. This could be a special product feature, personalized service, or your brand's unique style. Make customers feel that your brand is truly special and unique, and they will want to protect it.

Create a community around your brand

One of the key aspects of becoming brand advocates is creating a community around your brand. Make customers feel like they are part of your company. This can be achieved through creating forums, social media groups or organizing events and meetings. Allow customers to share their experiences, ask questions, and discuss their ideas. Get them interested, give them the opportunity to show their love for the brand and become its advocates.

Reward Loyalty

Another way to turn customers into brand advocates is to reward them for their loyalty. Offer special bonuses, discounts or privileges to those customers who are your most loyal supporters. Show them that you appreciate their support and are willing to thank them for it. This will create even more motivation for customers to continue to advocate and recommend your brand.


To create brand advocates, your company must provide a high-quality product, differentiate itself from competitors, build a community around your brand, and reward customer loyalty. These steps will help you increase the number of advocates for your brand and create strong protection for your intellectual property.

Изображение 1

"For everyday customers to become brand advocates, a store needs a special ecosystem that encourages them to emerge." - sales stress test

Action Helpful Not recommended
Provide a high quality product ✔️
Stand out from competitors ✔️
Create a community around the brand ✔️
Reward loyalty ✔️

In creating an ecosystem for emerging brand advocates, delivering a high-quality product is essential. Ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction will help you stand out in the market and attract more supporters. It is also important to create a community around your brand so that customers feel like they are part of your company. Remember to reward customers for their loyalty to keep them motivated and interested in protecting your brand.

Now that you have the knowledge you need, you can create an ecosystem that creates brand advocates and helps protect your intellectual property. Apply these guidelines and your customers will become not only loyal customers, but also active advocates of your brand, ready to defend it with tenacity and passion.

Communicate with customers

Communication with customers is one of the most important aspects of branding. Communication helps communicate company values to customers, show that their opinions matter, and maintain and strengthen relationships with them. In this section, we'll look at how good customer communication can improve and protect your company's reputation.

🔸 Respond to Reviews Be prepared to respond to reviews about your brand, whether they are positive or negative. Every review is an opportunity for a company to improve its product or service. Don't ignore negative feedback, but rather use it as constructive criticism and a chance to grow. Respond to reviews and demonstrate your desire to help customers solve their problems.

🔸 Take a personal approach Same template answers can cause disappointment among customers and only make the situation worse. Try to always take an individual approach and offer solutions that are most suitable for a particular client. Show that you truly care about each person and their experience with your company.

🔸 Keep the conversation going Communication with customers should not be limited to just responding to reviews. Try to maintain a dialogue and actively communicate with your audience. Ask questions, conduct surveys, collect opinions and suggestions. This will help you better understand your customers' needs and expectations and develop your products and services accordingly.

🔸 Importance of Online Reputation Today, online reputation is critical to the success of a business. Customer comments and feedback may influence the decisions of other potential customers. Therefore, it is important to be active on social networks, respond to reviews in the online store and on other platforms.

Remember that your communication with customers is an investment in trust and loyalty. Good communication can make your brand more attractive and competitive in the market.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection


- Look at reviews as an opportunity to improve and develop your product or service.

— Do not overuse the same type of answers, but take an individual approach to each client.

— Maintain an active dialogue with customers, ask questions and listen to their opinions.

- Pay special attention to your online reputation, reviews and comments in your online store and other platforms.

Now you understand that communication with customers is an essential component of successful branding. The various practices and approaches that we have discussed in this part of the article will help you increase customer loyalty, improve your company's reputation and ensure its successful development.

📚 Also read our online store blog, which will give you even more useful information about doing business in the online environment.

Thank customers

A thank you note is one of the most important practices to implement after placing an order. This is the first step to establishing a loyal connection with the client and should not be missed. Show your appreciation by thanking the customer for their purchase or other request.

Meaningful Thank You Letters

A thank you letter to a client is an opportunity to express your sincere appreciation and connect with them. However, in order for such a letter to be as effective as possible, there are several important points to keep in mind.

  1. Formatting a letter. Start your letter by addressing the client by name to add a personal touch to the message.

  2. Showing deep respect. Show consideration by noting the importance of the client and his decision to use your company's services. Make it clear that you value them as an individual customer.

  3. Mention of a deal. Remember the important details of the order and indicate the success of its completion. This will help the client gain confidence in his choice.

  4. Continue interaction. At the end of the letter, invite the client to continue interaction, for example, by subscribing to your newsletter or following you on social networks for interesting and useful information about brand news.

Thanks to such a letter, the client will receive positive emotions from interacting with your company and will be satisfied with the transaction.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

Public gratitude on social networks

By developing your store's social networks, you can take the opportunity to thank your customers publicly. One effective way is to hold a competition where you choose winners.

For example, you can invite customers to enter a competition for the best photo related to your brand or product. Then choose the winners and create a social media post to announce their names and reward them for their activity. Remember, the more intriguing and unique the competition is, the more participants and attention it will attract.

This social media post will not only be a way to thank your customers, but also a signal to other potential customers that your brand appreciates their efforts and activity.

Benefits of Thank You Letters and Public Thank You

Expressing gratitude to clients and publicly thanking you on social media has a number of benefits that should not be underestimated:

  1. Strengthening relationships. Thanking someone for their purchase or activity becomes a good reason for further transactions and leaving positive feedback.

  2. Positive brand image. Posting a public thank you message on social media gets the attention of other potential customers, which creates a positive impression of your company and its product.

  3. Establishing loyalty. When you demonstrate openness and a willingness to respond to customer activity, they become more loyal to your brand.

  4. Increased engagement. Gratitude on social networks evokes an emotional response and interest from the client and other users.


Customer care is an integral part of a successful business. A thank you note and public thank you on social media after checkout will help you build loyalty and increase your brand's positive image. Don't forget that personalization and originality of your thank you message will help you stand out from your competitors and pique the interest of your customers.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

Benefits of thank you notes and public thanks:

🌟 Strengthening relationships
🌟 Positive brand image
🌟 Establishing loyalty
🌟 Increased engagement

“Thank your customers and they will thank you for a successful and enjoyable interaction!”

Improve user experience

What is user experience?

User experience is the impression a product leaves on users. In the case of an online store, the user experience depends on many factors, such as ease of use of the site, communication with the sales department, the quality of the goods offered and much more.

Importance of User Experience for Business

A great user experience is one of the key factors that helps a business turn a customer into a brand advocate. When users have a good experience with your product or service, they tend to share positive reviews and recommend your brand to their friends and acquaintances.

The Impact of User Experience on Conversion

Statistics show that users who have had a positive experience with a product are more likely to become repeat customers. At the same time, a negative experience can lead to the loss of a client. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to improving the user experience.

Stress testing of sales departments

Last year, ELBUZ, together with Binotel, conducted a stress test of sales departments in order to assess the quality of customer service. Testing results showed that half of the stores do not return missed calls from customers, and after placing an order they call on average 3 hours later. This approach certainly does not improve the user experience and does not help turn customers into brand advocates.

Best practices for improving user experience

  1. Pay attention to site usability: Make sure your site is easy to navigate and has a clear interface. Divide the information into logical blocks and add the ability to quickly search for the necessary products.

  2. Communicate with customers: The sales department must be easily accessible to customers and promptly respond to their questions and concerns. Try to offer the most personalized approach and resolve all emerging issues as quickly as possible.

  3. Offer quality products: You should not skimp on the quality of the products offered, as this directly affects the user experience. Suppliers must be verified and guarantee the high quality of their goods.

  4. Analyze and optimize the ordering process: Simplify the ordering process, make it as intuitive and fast as possible. Split the process into several steps and avoid asking for unnecessary information.

    Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection


Improving user experience is an important strategy for every brand. It helps turn customers into brand advocates and creates a positive user experience. The sales department plays a key role in improving the user experience, and therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to communicating with customers and resolving their questions and problems in the shortest possible time.

What should you do? What is best to avoid?
Ensuring a user-friendly website Not answering missed calls from clients
Fast communication with sales department Long wait before calling after placing an order
Offering quality products Complicated and unintuitive ordering process

Improve your user experience to turn customers into brand advocates!

“When customers have a great user experience, they are willing to talk about the brand and recommend it to their friends. Positive reviews are key to growing a brand and attracting new customers” - Branding Expert Christy Harris, Joma.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

Be transparent

✨💡 Transparency is a key aspect of the successful operation of any online store. Business owners, lawyers and marketers should be especially attentive to this issue, since the trust and safety of users during purchases depends on transparency. In this part, we'll look at why transparency is integral to how brand advocates work to protect a company and what steps you can take to be transparent.

🧐 The operation of an online store should be transparent

In the modern world, where online shopping has become the norm, users are becoming more and more careful and demanding. They want to know that they can make a purchase with complete confidence and security. This is where brand advocates come into the picture - experts who help companies ensure transparency in their work so that customers can afford to trust and make purchases.

Clearly defined return conditions, the availability of various payment methods and delivery of goods - all this forms the basis for the transparent operation of the online store. Users should be able to easily find this information on the site and be fully aware of what to expect when purchasing.

📜 Unfortunately, not all companies understand the importance of transparency and not all provide enough information about their work. This can lead to loss of customer trust and damage to brand reputation. Shoppers are becoming more receptive to product reviews and ratings before making a choice, and transparency can make all the difference in their purchasing decision.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

🚀 How to be transparent?

✅ Start by writing down the terms and conditions for returning products on your website. Provide customers with complete information about return periods, conditions, and refund options.

✅ Be sure to indicate the availability of all necessary certifications and licenses confirming the quality and safety of the goods you offer.

✅ Provide a variety of payment and delivery methods. In the modern world, people increasingly prefer various online payment systems and convenient ways to receive goods.

✅ Post customer reviews and ratings on your website. This will help build trust and confidence in the quality of your products.

✅ Be prepared for feedback from customers and help them solve problems. This means caring about your reputation and being willing to improve your services.

📊 Transparency practices: what's useful and what's not

Helpful Not helpful
Clearly stated return conditions Unclear or complex return conditions
Availability of certifications and licenses Lack of information on certification and licenses
Various payment and delivery methods Limited choice of payment methods
Publishing customer reviews and ratings Hiding negative reviews
Willingness to receive feedback and solve problems Reluctance to accept feedback

Following these guidelines will help your brand become transparent and reliable in the eyes of customers. Remember, having brand advocates is important to protect your intellectual property and give customers confidence in your brand.

✨💡 Transparency is not only the need of the hour, but also a competitive advantage. Be transparent and you can gain more trust and confidence from your clients.

Give customers more than they expect

When a person enters an online store, they expect to receive good service and quality products. In the end, he pays money for all this. However, smart business strategies involve exceeding customer expectations. If you can give people more than they expect, you will create a unique experience and strengthen your brand in the eyes of consumers.

To stand out from your competitors, you can use various tools. One of these tools is creating an online store blog with informative content. This can be a place where customers find not only the products they want to purchase, but also useful, free information.

For example, if your store specializes in selling beauty products, you could create a blog where you talk about the latest makeup trends, give skin care tips, or talk about new products that have hit the market. This way, your store will become not only a place to purchase goods, but also a valuable source of information for customers.

Don't be afraid to share your knowledge and experience. You can tell interesting stories about how your products helped customers solve their problems. Use your blog to share the journey your brand has taken, what obstacles you've encountered along the way, and what lessons you've learned from your experiences.

Besides blogging, there are other ways you can use to exceed customer expectations. For example, provide the option of free shipping or gifts with your order. Organize contests and promotions so customers can win something valuable. Create a loyalty program where customers can receive discounts and bonuses for their purchases.

Remember to include emotion and humor in your activities. A smile and a good sense of humor can help strengthen your bond with customers and make their shopping experience much more enjoyable.

Of course, you decide which tools to use to exceed customer expectations. However, remember that creating a positive customer experience is key. If you can give your clients more than they expect, they will speak well of you, recommend you to their friends, and come back to you again and again.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

🚀 Important:

An online store blog with informative content can help you create a unique experience for clients. Share useful information, tell interesting stories and use humor to make the shopping experience more enjoyable. In addition to your blog, use other tools such as free shipping, giveaways, and contests to exceed customer expectations. Create a positive experience for customers, and they will speak well of you and recommend you to others. 🌟

Considering the many options and strategies, we can conclude that exceeding customer expectations is one of the main goals of a brand. But whatever your strategy, remember this: people value being taken care of, and if you can give them more than they expect, your brand will become special and memorable in their eyes. Thanks to this, you can strengthen your position in the market and attract new customers.

I hope this article has helped you understand the concept of exceeding customer expectations and gives you useful ideas to implement in your online store. Good luck in creating unique customer experiences and growing your brand!

💡 Practical recommendations:

  • Create an online store blog with informative content that will be interesting to your audience.
  • Tell interesting stories about how your brand helps customers solve their problems.
  • Use humor to make the shopping experience more enjoyable for customers.
  • Provide free shipping or gifts with your order.
  • Organize contests and promotions so that customers can win valuable prizes.
  • Create a loyalty program where customers will receive bonuses and discounts for their purchases.

Expert Opinion:

“Exceeding customer expectations is not only a means of attracting new customers, but also a way of strengthening connections with existing ones. If a brand can "Being not only a place to buy products, but also giving customers more than they expect, it creates an experience that people want to experience again and again." - Dmitry Sedykh, Auchan.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

Get feedback

A brand advocate is a professional who not only protects a company’s intellectual property rights, but and represents its interests throughout the brand life cycle. However, the task of a brand advocate is not limited to protection; receiving feedback from clients also plays an important role.

Find out from customers what they think should be improved in the online store

To successfully develop your business, you need to understand customer expectations and needs. Receiving feedback allows you to identify problems and potential areas of improvement in your online store. How can you collect this valuable information?

Create discussions on social networks

Creating discussions on social networks is an effective way to engage customers in dialogue and get their opinion on the operation of an online store. For example, you can ask open-ended questions, invite customers to share their ideas and suggestions for improving the service or product range. Not only does this help you gather important information, but it also makes your customers feel involved in the development of your store.

Use a newsletter to collect feedback

A newsletter is another convenient tool for receiving feedback from customers. As part of your monthly newsletter, you can invite customers to take surveys, leave reviews and suggestions. Remember that customer feedback is valuable to growing your business, so encourage their participation, for example by offering a discount or gift for filling out a survey.

Measure the customer loyalty index

The customer loyalty index is an indicator that allows you to assess the level of customer satisfaction and their willingness to recommend your online store to their friends. You can ask clients to rate the likelihood of a recommendation on a scale of one to ten. Clients who rate the probability at 7-8 points are neutral. It is believed that customers who rate the probability of 9-10 points are potential brand advocates or already are.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

What other ways to receive feedback can be used in an online store? Determine the most convenient and effective for your company. Consider conducting surveys on the website, leaving reviews of products, and pay attention to comments under posts on social networks. It's important to encourage customers to share their opinions, suggest ideas, and help you grow.

"Customer interaction is the foundation of a successful business. Take a look inside your online store, listen to what customers have to say, and improve your online experience based on their feedback." - Branding expert Jim Hackman, Nike.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

What is useful and what not to do

Useful Not to do
Create active discussions on social networks and mailing lists Ask questions too actively and ask to assess the likelihood of a recommendation, which may become intrusive and irritate customers.
Actively respond to customer comments and reviews Ignore customer reviews and comments and leave them unanswered. Negative feedback should not be ignored, it is important to offer customers a clear explanation and offer a solution to the problem.
Regularly analyze the feedback received and implement improvements Ignore feedback and do not take action to improve the service.

Customer interaction and feedback play an important role in brand development. Be active in seeking customer opinions; their ideas and suggestions will help you improve your online store. Carefully analyze the feedback you receive and implement improvements to satisfy your customers' needs and build a loyal community.

And remember that brand advocates are not only lawyers, but also clients themselves who will defend and recommend your brand if you offer them quality service and listen to their opinions.

Become a true advocate for your brand and grow with it!

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"Feedback is an essential element of business development. Don't be afraid to show openness and transparency, and remember that even negative feedback can be beneficial for your business." development. The main thing is to learn to listen and learn from mistakes." - expert in the field of Internet marketing Igor Sokolov, Prom.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

Take care of your customers and they will take care of your brand!

Be patient

Customers don't become brand advocates overnight

When you're building your brand, one of your main goals is to attract brand advocates - people who will become your loyal army, protecting your company and contributing to its success. However, it takes time and effort for customers to become brand advocates. In this section, we'll tell you why patience is key in creating brand advocates and how you can support their development.

Maintain and develop relationships with your customers

Your potential brand advocates need time to establish trust in your company and products. Only after a few successful purchases will they begin to feel a strong connection with your brand and become interested in promoting it.

How can you develop relationships with your audience?

  • 📞# Pay attention to feedback: Follow customer reviews and comments across all platforms to show them that their opinions are valued and that you are always here to help.

  • 🌟# Provide high-quality content: Regularly share useful information, tips, and news that will interest your audience and establish you as an expert in your field.

  • 🛍# Create unique offers: Offer special discounts, promotions and free gifts for regular customers. This will not only encourage repeat purchases, but will also strengthen brand loyalty.

Why does patience matter?

Patience is an integral part of the process of turning customers into brand advocates. You need to give them the time and space to personally understand how your brand impacts their lives and why they should protect and support it. Let's look at a few reasons why patience plays an important role:

  • ❤️# Time to form relationships: Get to know your customers better - their interests, problems and needs. Only then can you offer suitable solutions and begin to develop long-term relationships.

  • 🔥# Time for Brand Affirmation: For customers to become brand advocates, they must be confident in the quality of your products or services. Give them time to try and evaluate your product; their personal experience will be most convincing.

  • 🗣️# Time for Education: Constantly educate your audience, explain the benefits of your product and its unique features. This will help strengthen their faith in your company and increase their desire to share this information with others.

A quick summary of the dos and don'ts of creating brand advocates:

Move away from the passive approach Be proactive
Don't settle for one-time sales Use emails or social media to retain customers
Don't Ignore Customer Feedback Proactively Respond to Comments and Reviews
Don't Forget About Loyal Customers Provide Personalized Bonuses and Perks

Exercising patience is key to building a resilient and loyal audience that will champion your brand and share it with everyone they know. Continuously develop your relationships with customers, give them attention and offer unique opportunities. And then your audience will grow and turn into a real army of brand advocates.

"Patience and persistence have the magical power to transform any difficult task into an achievable goal." - Bill Palan, DELL.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

Use the final table below to see which activities are useful for creating brand advocates:

What Do's Don'ts
Give time and attention to your customers Don't give customers anything to complain about
Offer a high quality product Don't ignore customer reviews and comments
Strive for continuous product improvement Don't stop achieved
Actively interact with your audience Don’t forget to reach out to loyal customers

In this section we discussed the importance of patience in turning clients into brand advocates. The key is to maintain and develop relationships with your audience, provide high-quality content, and create unique offerings. Patience is a necessary factor for your customers to realize the value of your brand and become active advocates for it. By following the recommendations in this section, you can develop your base of brand advocates and strengthen your company's position in the market.


Brand advocates play an important role in protecting and promoting a company's intellectual property. They are indispensable assistants in building a good business reputation and indicate a high level of customer service. Representatives of this type of legal practice help businesses protect trademarks, copyrights and patents, preventing illegal use and violation of intellectual property rights.

The main task of brand lawyers is to ensure the protection of the company's brand from unscrupulous competitors and to provide all the necessary legal measures to establish full control over products and services, as well as over the quality of their provision. They develop strategies for protecting a company's intellectual property and prepare and enforce commercialization and licensing agreements for intellectual property rights.

Brand advocates help businesses maximize their intelligence by providing effective brand protection, creating value and competitive advantage. They monitor the market, identify possible violations and prevent unauthorized use of trademarks, copyrights and patents. Thanks to this, brand advocates help preserve the company’s reputation and strengthen its position in the market.

By starting to work with brand lawyers, you receive not only professional legal services, but also reliable partners who are ready to go all the way from consultation to successful dispute resolution. Brand advocates will help grow your business, protect your reputation and support you in the most difficult situations.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

🔔 Are you interested in learning more about the role of brand advocates in protecting intellectual property? Contact us for advice and assistance in resolving issues related to protecting your company's brand! 🔔

🌟 Best practices for protecting your business's reputation:

  • Proactive market monitoring and regular updating of the company's legal framework
  • Establishing strict procedures to control the quality of products or services
  • Developing and implementing an intellectual property policy
  • Competently interacting with brand advocates and using their professional advice
  • Training employees on the need for compliance intellectual property

To be competitive and successful in the market, you need to pay attention to the protection of intellectual property. Brand advocates will help you create and maintain a positive perception of your company, protect its reputation and minimize the risks of intellectual property rights violations. Choose qualified professionals who specialize in legal brand protection, and see how your reputation gains defenders and becomes unattainable! 💪

Reputation protection No reputation protection
✔️ Increasing customer confidence ❌ Risks of damage
✔️ Attracting new customers ❌ Loss of consumer confidence
✔️ Strengthening market position ❌ Deterioration of the company’s image
❌ High defense costs ✔️ Illegal use
❌ Difficulty in resolving disputes ✔️ Infringement of the rights
❌ Unauthorized use by
partners of intellectual property

👉 Do business wisely, properly protect your property and reputation! Contact brand lawyers and protect your intellectual property rights today!

Adidas expertise

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

Client description

Adidas - It is one of the world's leading brands in the field of sporting goods and clothing. The company was founded in 1949 in Germany and has since gained enormous popularity due to its innovation and quality of products.

Goals and objectives

The main goal of the Adidas company was to strengthen its position in the global market and protect its intellectual property. Specific objectives included:

  1. Protect the Adidas trademarks from potential infringement and counterfeiting.
  2. Ensure copyright protection for the design and development of the company's products.
  3. Prevent the illegal use of patents related to the company's innovative technologies.

Statement of the main problem

The main problem that Adidas faced was preventing infringement of its intellectual property. In an environment of increasing competition and mass production of sporting goods, Adidas was faced with an increase in the number of counterfeits and infringers.

Description of the target audience

Adidas' target audience included sports fans, professional athletes and fashion enthusiasts. The main characteristics and interests of the audience included:

  • Love of sports and an active lifestyle.
  • Desire to use high-quality and stylish sportswear and shoes.
  • Interest in the latest fashion and style trends.

Key points of interest to potential clients

The following key points were important to potential clients of Adidas:

  1. Quality and reliability of Adidas products in comparison with competitors.
  2. Innovative technologies used in the development of sportswear and footwear.
  3. Unique product design and style that matches the latest fashion trends.
  4. Guarantee of the authenticity of goods and protection against counterfeiting.

Project results

As a result of cooperation with brand lawyers, the Adidas company achieved the following specific results:

  • Rights protection on Adidas trademarks and preventing counterfeits in the market.
  • Strengthening the company’s position in the global sporting goods market.
  • Copyright protection for design and innovative developments.
  • Successful defense of patents related to the company's technologies.
  • Increasing consumer confidence in the Adidas brand and strengthening the company's image.

Example of a successful project:

🏆 Case: Protection of the Adidas trademark from counterfeiting

At the beginning of the project, Adidas was faced with an increasing number of counterfeits of its trademarks, which seriously threatened the company's reputation and profitability. Specialists from brand advocates conducted an in-depth analysis of the market and identified the main sources of counterfeits.

A comprehensive protection plan was developed, including monitoring and suppressing the production and distribution of counterfeits, taking legal action against violators, and educating consumers to distinguish counterfeits from genuine products.

As a result of this project, Adidas was able to significantly reduce the number of counterfeits on the market and protect its trademarks. The company also received a significant increase in consumer confidence and the preservation of its image as one of the leaders in the world of the sports industry.

Thus, cooperation with brand lawyers allowed Adidas to successfully protect its intellectual property and strengthen its leadership in the sporting goods market.

Video: History of the Adidas brand

Frequently asked questions on the topic “Who are lawyers brand"

1. What are brand advocates?

Brand attorneys are specialized lawyers or law firms who work to protect a company's intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights and patents.

2. What role do brand advocates play in protecting a company's intellectual property?

Brand attorneys help companies protect their intellectual property by registering and protecting trademarks, copyrights and patents, and stopping infringement.

3. Who are called brand advocates?

Brand lawyers can be either individual lawyers specializing in the protection of intellectual property or law firms providing related services.

4. Who can become a brand advocate?

Any lawyer or law firm with experience and knowledge in the field of intellectual property can become a brand advocate.

5. What is the difference between brand advocates and referral marketing?

Brand advocates are dedicated to protecting a company's intellectual property, while referral marketing refers to obtaining referrals from customers to promote products or services.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

6. How do brand advocates benefit?

Brand advocates help businesses protect their intellectual property, preventing infringement and minimizing potential losses to the company.

7. What does it take to create brand advocates?

The emergence of brand advocates requires demand for such services, as well as legal expertise in the field of intellectual property and rights protection.

8. What communication methods do brand advocates use to interact with clients?

Brand advocates can use a variety of communication methods, including mail, telephone, face-to-face meetings, and electronic platforms to interact with clients.

9. What role does customer feedback play in the work of brand advocates?

Customer feedback allows brand advocates to optimize their work, better understand customer needs and improve the quality of services provided.

10. What role does transparency play in the work of brand advocates?

Transparency is an important aspect of brand advocates' work as clients need to be fully informed about the protection process and intellectual property rights.

Brand Advocates Intellectual Property Protection

🌟 Thank you for reading and for now being a true brand advocate! 🌟

You have become familiar with the concept and roles of brand advocates and understand their importance in protecting companies' intellectual property. Now you will understand how these experts help businesses carefully protect their trademarks, copyrights and patents.

Now that you know what the threats and opportunities may be, you are ready to effectively use the knowledge of brand advocates to protect your business. Let your brand become an unshakable fortress and defeat any competitor! 🛡️

Don't forget that in your search for perfection you can always turn to specialists who will help you every step of the way and suggest the best solutions. So keep your brand advocates close and fruitful cooperation is guaranteed!

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance and role of brand advocates, and inspired you to unleash your potential on your path to success. And remember that protecting your brand is an investment in the future that brings solid returns and strengthens your position in the market!

Thank you for your attention and interest in our article! The right choice is to support and protect your brand in a timely manner. We wish you continued success and reliable protection of your intellectual property! 💪💼✨

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In this article, you will learn what brand advocates are and what role they play in protecting a company's intellectual property. We'll cover the concept and functions of brand advocates and how they help businesses protect their trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

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