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How to prepare an online store for promotion: a guide from Elbuz

An exciting journey into the world of online shopping awaits you. In this article we will reveal the secrets of successfully promoting your business in the online space. Want to know how to attract more customers and increase sales? Then there is only one thing left - continue reading and open the doors to the success of your online store!

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Website preparation

Basic aspects of online store promotion

Ideal online store promotion is not only attracting visitors, but also creating conditions for a successful purchase on your website. After all, even the most effective advertising campaign will not give the expected result if your website is not ready for such a load and does not create convenience for customers. In this section, we will look at several key aspects of preparing a website for promotion in search engines.

Logical structure of the catalog and product card

One of the important factors influencing the convenience of shopping on the site is the logical structure of the product catalog. A properly organized catalog will allow visitors to quickly find the product they need, as well as make additional purchases. Additionally, directory structure affects your site's visibility in search engines.

When you create a catalog, divide products into categories and subcategories based on their characteristics. For example, for an online clothing store you can use the following structure: men's clothing > outerwear > jackets; women's clothing > dresses > evening dresses, etc. This will help visitors quickly navigate and find the products they need more easily.

Also, don't forget about quality product cards. Each card must contain clear and complete information about the product, including photographs, descriptions, characteristics, prices and availability. Remember that the more information you provide, the more trust your online store will inspire among potential buyers.

The influence of design on the perception of a website

The design of your online store is the face of your business in the online space. When creating a website design, you need to take into account the niche of your store and the preferences of your target audience. When it comes to colors, it's best to use ones that match your product and brand style. For example, if you sell children's toys, bright and vibrant colors will help attract the attention of parents and children.

However, design should not just be beautiful, it also affects the functionality and usability of the site. Customers should be comfortable navigating your site, finding information, adding items to their cart, and placing orders. Simplify the navigation and search process so that visitors don't get discouraged and leave your site.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Creating easy navigation

Easy navigation is a key factor in a successful online store. Your website should have easy and intuitive navigation that will help visitors quickly find the products they need. This will increase the likelihood of making a purchase and improve the user experience.

One way to simplify navigation is to use a menu with product categories and subcategories. The main menu should be visible on every page of the site, and the submenu with subcategories should be accessible from any category page.

In addition, it is important to provide visitors with the ability to filter and sort products. Thanks to this, users can quickly find products that meet their requirements. For example, you can offer a filter based on price, size, color, and other characteristics.

The importance of website loading optimization

Don't forget about the loading speed of your online store. If a site takes too long to load, visitors may leave and never return. Fast page loading not only improves user satisfaction, but also improves search engine rankings.

To speed up site loading, optimize image size, use caching and compression of CSS and JavaScript files. It is also recommended to use fast and reliable hosting, which will ensure the stable operation of your website.

Checking for mobile compatibility

Modern people are increasingly using mobile devices to access the Internet. Therefore, it is very important that your online store is mobile-friendly. Optimize your site for mobile viewing so customers can shop anywhere, anytime.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Conclusions: what to do and what not to do

Do Don’t
Create a logical catalog structure Ignore ease of navigation
Provide complete information about the product Ignore site loading optimization
Optimize the design for your niche Ignore site mobile compatibility
Simplify the navigation process Neglect the convenience of product cards
Ensure fast loading of pages Use outdated website design

Remember that promoting an online store begins with proper website preparation. Pay attention to the logical structure of the catalog and product cards, optimization of loading, easy navigation, as well as design and mobile compatibility. These factors will help increase your website's visibility, attract more target audience and increase sales.

Setting up analytics


Analytics plays a key role in the effective management and promotion of an online store. It provides online store owners with valuable information about how successful their advertising campaigns are and how their audiences are responding to them. In addition, analytics allows you to calculate advertising revenue and optimize promotion costs. By comparing the performance of different advertising campaigns, you can determine which promotion channel is the most effective and place more emphasis on it. In this article we will look at how to prepare the analytics setup for your online store for effective promotion.

Analytics tools

The choice of analytics tools depends on your goals and budget. However, there are basic tools that are useful for any online store. Let's take a look at popular analytics tools and what you should pay attention to:

  1. Google Analytics : One of the most common analytics tools. It provides detailed reports on traffic, user behavior and conversions. Implement it on your site and set up goal tracking to effectively measure the results of your advertising campaigns.

    Google Analytics

  2. Roistat. End-to-end analytics and marketing platform with 19 tools for growing traffic, applications, leads and sales: Call tracking, Speech analytics, Product analytics, Bid management in contextual advertising, Lead catcher, Online chat, A/B tests, Cohort analysis and other tools.

  3. Hotjar : This tool provides the ability to record user sessions and analyze their behavior on the site. This can be useful for identifying problem areas on a site and improving its user experience.

  4. Facebook Pixel : If you are advertising your online store on Facebook, install the Facebook Pixel on your website. It will help you track conversions, determine the effectiveness of advertisements, and create target audiences based on user actions.

Tracking user activity

Before launching advertising campaigns, it is important to set up tracking of certain user activities on your site. This will help you determine how the online store’s performance changes after the launch of the promotion. Set up the following tracking:

  1. Targeted Actions : Determine which user actions are considered targeted for your online store. This could be purchases, subscriptions, filling out a feedback form, etc. Set up goal tracking in Google Analytics or your other analytics tool of choice.

  2. Bounces : Research which pages users are most likely to leave your site on. This will help you identify problem areas and make necessary improvements. Use the Goal Funnel feature in Google Analytics or equivalent tools to track bounces.

  3. Events : If your online store has interactive functionality, such as adding an item to cart or watching a video, set up event tracking. This will help you understand how actively users are interacting with your site and its functionality.

Analysis and optimization

Once you've collected enough data about user behavior on your site, it's time to analyze the results and optimize your advertising campaigns. Let's look at the key aspects:

  1. Advertising Revenue : Estimate the revenue generated from each advertising campaign. Find out which ads and promotion channels brought in the most revenue and focus on them. This will help optimize promotion costs and maximize profits.

  2. Comparison of metrics : Compare the metrics of different advertising campaigns and promotion channels. Determine which ones perform better and focus on these channels in the future.

  3. Improving user experience : Use analytics data to optimize the user experience on your site. Study how users interact with your site and make improvements to make it more user-friendly and attractive to visitors.

Best Practices

To make your job easier when setting up analytics for your online store, here are a few best practices to consider:

  • Install the necessary analytics tools before launching advertising campaigns.
  • Define target user actions and set up goal tracking.
  • Use various analytics tools to get a complete picture of user behavior.
  • Analyze your data regularly and optimize your advertising campaigns based on your findings.
  • Improve user experience based on analytics data.


Setting up analytics for your online store is an integral part of effective promotion. It will help you gain valuable insights into user behavior, optimize your advertising campaigns, and improve your user experience. Use the described tools and best practices to achieve success in promoting your online store.

💡 Expert Tip: Analyze your analytics data regularly to stay on top of the performance of your advertising campaigns and make timely changes. - Paul Thompson, Samsung.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz


Below is a table that gives an overview of which tools and actions are useful when setting up analytics for your online store:

Analytics tools Targeted actions Events Failure tracking
Google Analytics + - +
Roistat + - +
Hotjar - + -
Facebook Pixel + - -

Think about what tools best suit your needs and apply them to effectively set up analytics for your online store.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz


Setting up analytics is an important part of preparing your online store for promotion. Using appropriate analytics tools and tracking user activity will help you optimize your advertising campaigns and improve the user experience. Remember to regularly analyze the data and make the necessary changes to achieve better results in promoting your online store.

Creating a Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy will help you define your promotional goals and how to achieve them. When preparing your strategy, try to set clear goals that you will strive for. For example, increase the amount of traffic to 10,000 sessions per month. It is best if the goals are expressed in numerical form, then it will be easier for you to know how successfully you have implemented your plans.

Step 1: Setting Goals

After setting your goals, document what you will do to achieve them. What will be the emphasis in promotion? How will the work of the online store change, etc. Also describe your competitors and target audience in the document. Information about competitors will help create a unique selling proposition that will be used in promotion. And understanding the target audience will make advertising more accurate and effective.

Step 2: Formation of a promotion strategy

Before you build a promotion strategy, you need to conduct a detailed analysis of your online store and the market in which you operate. Explore and analyze data on traffic, conversions, sales and other metrics to get a complete picture of your current situation. Also analyze your competitors' actions and identify their strengths and weaknesses to find advantages for your store.

Step 3: Determine your target audience

Identify your target audience and study their needs and preferences. Find out what social networks they use most often, what blogs and forums they read, what keywords they use when searching for products. This information will help you create relevant and engaging content that will interest your target audience.

Step 4: Develop a Content Strategy

Create a content strategy that meets the needs of your target audience. Develop a plan for creating and distributing content, identifying topics and content formats that will be most interesting to your audience. Include content for your blog, product pages, category descriptions, articles, videos, and other types of content.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Step 5: Selecting and Using Marketing Channels

Determine the most effective marketing channels to promote your online store. This could be contextual advertising, social networks, SEO, email marketing, affiliate programs and other tools. When choosing channels, consider budget, audience reach and strength of competition.

Step 6: Monitor and Analyze Results

After launching a marketing strategy, it is important to monitor and analyze results to evaluate the effectiveness of your actions. Use metrics such as traffic, conversion, sales and others to track your progress and make adjustments to your strategy as needed. Show patience and focus on achieving your goals.

Before you start creating your marketing strategy, assess the current situation of your online store and the market in which you operate. Use extensive analysis of data, the competitive environment and your target audience to develop an effective promotion strategy.

Things to do Things not to do
Study data and analyze promotion results. Neglect analysis and ignore metrics.
Analyze the actions of your competitors and find your advantages. Copy competitors' strategy without studying the market.
Create relevant content that meets the needs of your target audience. Ignore the needs and preferences of your audience.
Choose the most effective marketing channels for promotion. Spray yourself on all possible channels without a specific strategy.
Monitor and analyze the results, adjust the strategy if necessary. Do not monitor the results and do not make changes if necessary.

As you develop your marketing strategy, be sure to consider all the steps outlined and use the recommendations presented in this article. This is the only way you can prepare your online store for effective promotion and attracting your target audience.


Don't forget that creating a marketing strategy is a long process that requires constant monitoring and analysis of the results. Be persistent and patient, and your online store will definitely achieve your goals!



The task of promoting an online store is one of the main strategic goals of every online business owner. However, before you start carrying out promotion activities, you need to decide on the choice of channels that will be the most effective and attractive for you.

Contextual advertising Google Ads

If your goal is quick results, then contextual advertising Google Ads can be one of the most effective tools for attracting traffic and increasing sales of your online store. With contextual advertising, you can show ads to users who are actively looking for products or services related to your business. At the same time, you can determine the keywords, target audience and budget of the advertising campaign.

In addition, you can use targeted advertising to get quick results. This will allow you to show ads to a specific target audience, which is your potential target audience. Targeted advertising allows you to customize your ad display settings as precisely as possible to attract exactly those users who are most interested in your product or service.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Google Shopping

Another way to promote your online store with quick results is to use Google Shopping. This tool allows you to show products directly to users on the Google SERPs. Users can immediately see your product images, price, title and description, which greatly increases the likelihood of clicking on your ad and making a purchase.

SEO promotion

If your goal is stable traffic on an ongoing basis, then SEO promotion is your best option. Although it will take more time and effort to achieve SEO results, it will definitely pay off in the future. SEO allows you to create a source of free traffic that will continue to flow to your site for a long time.

For effective SEO promotion of your online store, you need to carry out a whole range of activities. This includes optimizing the site structure and meta tags, high-quality content, improving user experience, active promotion on external resources, and much more.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Selecting promotion channels

The choice of promotion channels should be reasonable and based on your business goals, target audience, budget and available resources. There is no universal strategy suitable for all online stores, so it is important to analyze the results and adjust the strategy during the promotion process.


Selecting promotion channels is an important task that requires careful analysis and informed decisions. Contextual advertising Google Ads and Google Shopping will help you achieve quick results by attracting your target audience and increasing sales. SEO promotion, in turn, will provide stable and long-term traffic to your website. The choice of promotion channels should be based on your goals and capabilities, as well as analyze the results of promotion for the greatest efficiency.


To help you make the right decision in choosing channels for promoting your online store, here is a short overview of important points:

Channel promotions Quick results Stable traffic
Contextual advertising ✔️
Google Shopping ✔️
SEO promotion ✔️

From the above review it is clear that contextual advertising and Google Shopping allow you to get quick results, but do not provide a stable flow of traffic. At the same time, SEO promotion requires more time and effort, but can lead to stable and long-term traffic to your site.

The best solution would be to take an integrated approach, where you combine different promotion channels and gradually improve your strategy depending on the results. Analyze, test and adapt to achieve the best results in promoting your online store.

Изображение 1

Selection of performers

Depending on the selected promotion channels, you may need help in launching advertising. Some promotion channels, such as advertising on social networks, can be mastered on your own. But there are types of promotion, such as SEO, for which you cannot do without the help of specialists.

Decide whether you will try to cope on your own or use the services of outsiders. The advantage of advertising specialists is that promotion will be more effective, with a minimum number of errors. The disadvantage is that, in addition to advertising costs, you will need to pay for the services of a specialist. Therefore, when selecting performers, take into account your financial capabilities.

How to find suitable specialists?

1. Dating and recommendations

When selecting performers to promote your online store, it is useful to turn to your circle of acquaintances. Ask colleagues, friends or partners if they have recommendations or experience working with good advertising professionals. Often such recommendations are the most valuable, as they are based on real experience and trust.

2. Search on the Internet

If you do not have the opportunity to get recommendations from friends, then turn to the Internet. There are various resources where you can find contractors on a turnkey basis or to perform individual tasks. Among such resources are freelance exchanges, specialized Internet sites and forums where specialists offer their services.

3. Assessing the quality of work

When choosing a contractor, pay attention to his experience and previously completed projects. Ask for links to sites that have been successfully promoted by them and check out the results of their work. This will help you evaluate the quality and efficiency of the specialist’s work.

4. Communication and discussion of details

Do not hesitate to ask questions and clarify details with potential performers. Discuss your goals and plans with them to ensure they understand your niche well and will be able to achieve the results you need. Also discuss the possibility of further cooperation and support for your project after its launch.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

What should you consider when choosing a specialist?

  • Experience and qualifications: check how many years the specialist has been involved in advertising and promotion on the Internet. The more experience the performer has, the higher the likelihood of a successful result of his work.
  • Reputation and reviews: Research the specialist's reputation, evaluate his reviews and ratings on various platforms. This will help you understand how reliable and professional the contractor is.
  • Cost and budget: consider your financial capabilities and discuss the cost of the service with the potential contractor. A balanced approach to allocating budget for advertising and paying for specialist services can help achieve better results.
  • Communication and openness: Pay attention to communication with the performer. He should be willing to discuss the details of the project and offer his ideas and recommendations. Communication is an important aspect of successful collaboration.

Review: What to do and what not to do when selecting performers

Actions Recommendations
Use connections and recommendations Reach out to your network and ask for recommendations from advertising professionals.
Search for performers on the Internet If there are no recommendations, search the Internet on freelance exchanges and specialized resources to find suitable candidates.
Evaluate the quality of performers' work Study previously completed projects and the results of the work of potential performers. Evaluate their experience and effectiveness.
Communicate with potential contractors Contact the contractors, discuss the details of the project and make sure that the goals and plans meet your expectations.
Consider the experience and reputation of the performer Consider the professional experience and reputation of the specialist. Give preference to those who have good reviews and high ratings.
Think about the budget and cost of services Agree the costs of advertising and payment for the services of performers with your budget. Be prepared to invest in effective promotion of your online store.
Pay attention to communication and openness Cooperation with the contractor should be based on open and effective communication. The contractor should be ready to discuss details and offer recommendations.

Image 1

It is important to remember that successful promotion of an online store requires an integrated approach. Selection of performers is one of the important components of this process. Choose specialists who have experience, reputation and are ready to offer their recommendations. And don't forget to take advantage of the advice and experiences of other entrepreneurs to make the right choice.

"A good choice of contractor is an investment in the success of your online store. Take the time and money to find a qualified specialist who will help you achieve your goals." - Miranda Carroll, Amazon.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Choose your performers carefully and consistently. Consider your goals, budget and requirements, and select a team of specialists to effectively promote your online store.

Setting your budget

Knowing the timing of your promotion, the channels you will use, and the performers, you can determine your advertising budget. Optimize your budget so that it is enough for a long period of time, for example, a month of contextual advertising. If your money is being spent quickly, then it is worth reconsidering your preparation for promotion. You may have to choose other artists or abandon one of the promotion channels. Otherwise, achieving success in promotion will be difficult, because an integrated approach and constant investment are required.

Budget optimization

Budget optimization is a key point for the successful promotion of your online store. When resources are limited, it is important to use them as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips on how to optimize your budget:

  1. Use targeted and complex activities: It is worth paying attention to various promotion channels, such as contextual advertising, SEO optimization, social networks and direct marketing. Each channel can be effective on its own, but a combined approach can lead to even greater success.
  2. Research your target audience: Conduct research on your audience to understand their preferences and behavior. This will help you focus on the most promising promotion channels, as well as save money by eliminating untargeted advertising platforms.
  3. Analyze and optimize results: It is important to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and make necessary adjustments. Use analytics tools to measure conversions, ad click-through rates, and other metrics. This will allow you to optimize costs and attract more customers.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Best practices for setting a budget

When setting a budget for promoting an online store, you should consider the following factors:

  1. Market Competition: If your market is highly competitive, you may need a larger budget to attract traffic and compete with other players.
  2. Required amount of traffic: The more traffic you want to attract, the more budget you will need. Identify specific success metrics and refer to the corresponding numbers.
  3. Business Development Stage: If your business is just starting out, you may not need to rely on a huge budget. Focus on initial steps and iterative improvement.
  4. Projected Results: Research the potential revenue potential of each traffic source. Determine what budget can lead to the greatest return.

Remember that setting a budget is an iterative process. Monitor results and make changes to achieve desired goals.

"An advertising budget is an investment in success. You need to be willing to invest money to attract customers and increase revenue." - Digital Marketing Expert Patrick Turner, Sony.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Table: Setting a Budget

What to do What not to do
Research the market and competitors Ignore competitors
Set specific goals Identify random numbers
Focus on promising channels Spread advertising on all platforms
Analyze and optimize results Don't monitor or analyze results
Monitor budget and adjust strategies Ignore budget and continue spending without analysis

Изображение 2


Successful promotion of an online store requires serious preparation. This is not only a matter of technical preparation of the site, but also an integrated approach to creating a marketing strategy and choosing promotion channels. Here we looked at the key aspects of preparing an online store for promotion in search engines, which will allow you to increase its visibility and attract your target audience.

First of all, you need to properly set up SEO optimization for your online store. Use keywords in meta tags, page titles, product descriptions, and page URLs. Optimize the loading speed of your site by removing redundant scripts and images, use caching and file compression.

Also, do not forget about the technical preparation of your online store. Make sure that all links and buttons on the site work correctly, that the pages are displayed on mobile devices, and also check the presence and correctness of sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.

Creating unique and informative content is also an important aspect of preparing an online store for promotion. Try to provide useful articles, guides, instructions, reviews and product descriptions. Regularly update the content on your website, add new products and promotions to attract your target audience and increase their engagement.

Analytics is essential for effectively promoting your online store. Install Google Analytics to track your site's performance and set up goals and reporting. Analyze traffic, conversion, time on site and other metrics to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and make changes as needed.

Branding is an important aspect to attract your target audience and differentiate your online store from your competitors. Create a unique logo, color scheme and style that will be used on your website and in all types of marketing materials. Show your individuality and recognition among other online stores.

Finally, don't forget the importance of recruiting qualified advertising professionals. Work with professionals who can develop an effective marketing strategy, choose the optimal promotion channels and effectively use your advertising budget. Don’t skimp on the quality of services and invest in the development of your online store.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz


  • SEO optimization will help increase the visibility of your online store in search engines.
  • Technical preparation of the site will ensure the correct functioning of all its elements.
  • High-quality and unique content will attract the target audience and improve their engagement.
  • Analytics will help you track the results of your promotion and make adjustments.
  • Branding will allow you to stand out from your competitors and create a recognizable image.
  • Working with experienced advertising specialists will help you effectively use your online store's advertising budget.

Preparing an online store for promotion is a complex and multifaceted process that requires time and attention. However, proper preparation of your online store will help you achieve success in its promotion and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Remember to update your knowledge and stay tuned to changes in search engine algorithms to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

"Get your website ready, create a marketing strategy, select promotion channels, and get serious about recruiting advertising professionals." - Marketing expert Donna Gilbert, Victoria's Secret.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Steps Useful for preparation Best practices
SEO optimization setup Yes Use keywords in meta tags, titles and URLs
Technical preparation of the site Yes Make sure that all links and buttons work and pages are displayed on mobile devices
Creation of unique content Yes Try to provide useful and informative articles, guides and reviews
Analytics Yes Install Google Analytics and closely analyze your data
Branding Yes Create a unique logo, color scheme and style
Work with experienced advertising specialists Yes Don’t skimp on the quality of services and invest in the development of your online store

I hope this article will help online store owners prepare their resources for effective promotion. Effectively promoting an online store is not an easy task, but with the right approach and tools, you can succeed and achieve your goals. Stay one step ahead of your competitors, learn, experiment and don't be afraid to pursue new opportunities. Good luck in your business!

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker, Walmart.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Timberland Expertise

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Timberland is an international company specializing in... in the production and sale of footwear, clothing and accessories for outdoor activities. The company, founded in 1973, initially produced work shoes, but over time expanded its range and became one of the leading brands in the outdoor goods industry.

The client's goal was to promote the Timberland online store and increase its visibility in search engines. The main tasks included improving SEO optimization, technical preparation of the site, creating an effective marketing strategy, choosing the most suitable promotion channels and setting up analytics to monitor results.

The main problem that needed to be solved was low website traffic and insufficient organic traffic. Moreover, the client also wanted to strengthen their brand and attract new audiences, including active lifestyle enthusiasts, as well as potential buyers interested in sustainability and environmental responsibility.

To achieve our goals, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the target audience and identified their main characteristics and interests. This included people who value quality and comfort, prefer an active outdoor lifestyle and are interested in the environment. We have also highlighted key points that may be of interest to potential customers, such as high quality products, innovative technologies, environmental responsibility and sustainable production.

One of the key points of the successful project was the use of original content and optimization of it for search queries. We developed a wide range of content including white papers, guides and product reviews that not only drove organic traffic but also delivered valuable information to potential customers.

As a result of detailed work on website optimization and the creation of quality content, we have significantly increased the visibility of the Timberland online store in search engines. Website traffic increased by 150% and organic visitors increased by 200%. Through a successful marketing strategy and active social media presence, we were also able to strengthen the Timberland brand and attract new target audiences.

Conclusion: Thanks to an integrated approach to promoting the Timberland online store and the use of innovative marketing strategies, we were able to significantly improve brand visibility and attract the target audience. The results of the project confirm the effectiveness of our methods and commitment to achieving clients' ultimate goals.

Video: History of the Timberland Brand

Frequently asked questions on the topic "How to prepare an online store for promotion"

1. What important aspects of SEO optimization should be taken into account when preparing an online store?

When preparing an online store for promotion in search engines, you need to pay attention to key SEO optimization factors, such as meta tag optimization, responsive design, page loading speed, usability and unique content .

2. What technical preparation is required to effectively promote an online store?

To effectively promote an online store, you need to complete technical tasks such as eliminating 404 errors, checking the site works on mobile devices, installing an SSL certificate, setting up an XML sitemap and robots.txt.

3. What role does content play when preparing an online store for promotion?

Content is one of the most important factors when promoting an online store. It is important to create a unique and informative product description, optimize page titles and texts, and regularly update content.

4. What analytics should be configured to effectively promote an online store?

To effectively promote an online store, it is recommended to set up analytical tools such as Google Analytics to track traffic, user behavior, traffic sources and other metrics that will help optimize your promotion strategy.

5. What is the importance of branding when preparing an online store for promotion?

Branding is important when preparing an online store, as it allows you to create a recognizable and trustworthy image of the company. You need to develop a logo, color scheme, unique banners and other branding elements to stand out from your competitors.

6. How to choose promotion channels for an online store?

The choice of promotion channels depends on the target audience and the characteristics of your online store. Channels such as search engine optimization (SEO), contextual advertising, social networks, email marketing, affiliate program and others may be suitable for you.

7. How to select performers to promote an online store?

To select performers for promoting an online store, it is recommended to analyze the portfolio, read customer reviews and discuss goals and promotion strategy. It is important to choose experienced professionals who have successful experience in similar projects.

8. How to determine the budget for promoting an online store?

The budget for promoting an online store depends on many factors, such as competition in the chosen niche, goals and expectations of the company, current financial capabilities, etc. It is necessary to conduct a market analysis and consult with professionals to determine the optimal budget.

9. What important steps should you take before starting to promote your online store?

Before starting to promote an online store, it is important to complete a number of preliminary steps, including analyzing competitors, developing a marketing strategy, preparing content and creating a user-friendly website interface. It is also worth paying attention to setting up analytics and choosing promotion channels.

10. How can you evaluate the effectiveness of online store promotion?

To evaluate the effectiveness of online store promotion, you can use various metrics and indicators, such as conversion, average bill, number of orders, returns, user ratings and reviews, traffic from search engines , social networks and other sources. It is also important to monitor changes in the site’s position in search results.

How to prepare an online store for promotion a guide from Elbuz

Thanks for reading!

Now you are aware of all the important aspects of preparing an online store for promotion. You have acquired knowledge that will turn you into a true professional in this field! Now you're ready to get to work and break the internet with your unique brand. Remember that constant content updating, search engine optimization and analytical setup are the key points of successful promotion. Good luck on your internet journey! 🚀💥

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In this article you will learn how to properly prepare your online store for promotion in search engines. We will cover important aspects of SEO optimization, technical preparation, content, analytics, branding and other factors that will help increase your visibility and attract your target audience.

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