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06/05/2019 End of support for Elbuz (programs under Windows OS)

Starting from 06/06/2019, main support and release of updates for the following programs will be discontinued:
- Elbuz PriceList Importer (PLI)
- Elbuz Content Creator (CC)
The sale of these programs has been discontinued since November 2018.
After this period, the programs will continue to work as before, while new functions will not appear, the current functionality will not be finalized.

What does this mean?
This means it's time to act.
Instead, a new modern product Elbuz Jumper is offered, which many users of previous generation programs have already switched to.
We offer you a free service for converting databases of PLI and CC programs into the new Elbuz Jumper product, the offer is valid until 06/14/2019.
After this period, the conversion cost will be 200EUR for any of the products.
For new clients of Elbuz Jumper, a promotional offer is valid until 06/14/2019, minus 20% for the purchase of a license or a three-fold bonus when replenishing the balance (replenished by €600 and received €1800).

06 05 2019 End of support for Elbuz programs under Windows OS
Elbuz Jumper has received all the developments that have been implemented for 10 years in products such as Elbuz PriceList Importer and Elbuz Content Creator. At the moment, Elbuz Jumper surpasses PLI & CC products in terms of functionality, a number of unique features have been added. You can try out the product in demo mode, to do this, open the demo version on our website .

What's new in Elbuz Jumper compared to Elbuz PriceList Importer:
- Fast data processing (300 times faster).
- Processing only those categories that are needed, which greatly speeds up data processing.
- Work with large price lists (million products).
- It is possible to download price lists via links, including google cloud services, Yandex, mail.ru, etc.
- You can pick up prices from email. mail with the search for the desired letters.
- Supported file formats XLS, CSV, XML, YML, almost all formats.
- It is possible to load data through the provider's API.
- Flexible pricing, markup of products through advanced formulas. Creating markups for groups of counterparties.
- Parsing of products from any sites, obtaining: a list of products with descriptions, photos, prices and availability. Competitive prices. Self-configuring parsing.
- Creation of links to prices for clients.
- Unloading products to the trading platforms prom.ua, tiu, rozetka, hotline, yandex market. Extended editing of upload templates.
- Protection against failures, daily archiving of data.
- Works in a browser, access is always available from any PC.

What's new in Elbuz Jumper compared to Elbuz Content Creator:
- Advanced parsing of products from sites to obtain: descriptions, attributes, photos, videos.
- Possibility of self-configuring parsing from any site.
- Fast processing of the received data with transformation into the desired form.
- Generator of text descriptions, reviews.
- Possibility of automatic translation of attribute names and values into any languages (creation of multilingual sites).
- The ability to work with the system through a browser, there is always access from any PC for the work of content managers.
- Protection against failures, daily archiving of data.

Expect the release of the new version of Elbuz Jumper, which will include features such as:
- CRM system for customer accounting
- Inventory control
- Help Desk system for customer support


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Discussion of the topic – 06/05/2019 End of support for Elbuz (programs under Windows OS)

06/05/2019 End of support for Elbuz (programs under Windows OS)

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