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New ability to process competitors' price lists in the E-Trade PriceList Importer program. CommerceML format support

New versions of software products of the E-Trade series have been released, with new features - this is the processing of price lists of competitors, now knowing the prices of your competitors, you can easily form competitive prices for more efficient trading.

Competitiveness in the market is not an unimportant spectrum, and its monitoring has a good effect on creating more favorable conditions for trading, so this type of control should not be overlooked. With a new feature in the E-Trade PriceList Importer price list processing program, this has become much faster and better than manually processing and tracking competitors' prices. Analysis of competitors' prices is not aimed at dumping prices on the market, but with the aim of adjusting the retail markup of a trading enterprise, i. e. now it becomes possible to keep prices not lower than market prices and at the same time receive higher profits, in contrast to standard types of margin, when in 90% of cases the supplier's price is charged at a fixed percentage depending on the group of goods. This process contains the strongest algorithms, but at the same time, setting up this functionality is very simple and universal. According to the created calculation formulas, the program will analyze prices from your suppliers, your competitors, your retail price and form the most competitive price. This will give a huge boost to your business and leave your competitors far behind.

Also, a lot of important improvement was made in the E-Trade PriceList Importer and E-Trade Content Creator programs - this is data exchange via the CML format, which makes the E-Trade series programs even more universal. This format will be useful for exchanging data with such systems as: 1C:Enterprise, 1C-Bitrix, HostCMS, WebAsyst ShopScript, UMI. CMS, Drupal, price.ru and others.

From all of the above systems, you can easily get a file in CML format for import into the Accounting System of the E-Trade series programs. After processing all the necessary data in the programs, you can get an export file in CML format for quick updating with the changed data of the online store or other programs for accounting for commodity items.

ElbuzGroup has been developing software in the CIS market since 2006. During this period of time, existing programs have been constantly upgraded and improved, as well as new unique software products have been developed. Among the company's clients are the largest suppliers, electronics hypermarkets and just online stores.

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