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Press release: a unique solution for the profitable operation of an online store

A platform of new generation software products has been created for working with price lists of suppliers and filling online stores with content. Elbuz PriceList Importer, a supplier price list analysis software, is equipped with the latest features to make it easy to work with price lists and their prices. This tool allows you to track changes in prices for goods, choose the best price from the available offers from suppliers and take into account your interest, easily update your store on the Internet with this data or receive various kinds of price lists (summary, for customers, for advertising trading platforms and etc. ). The software package for processing, analyzing and comparing price lists is designed for both small online stores and large trading companies, it allows you to process thousands of price lists in order to obtain up-to-date information offered by suppliers, keep the created catalog up to date, and an online store operator or manager to remove a lot of routine work.

The scheme of work of a standard trading enterprise or an online store is shown on this slide.
Схема работы стандартного торгового предприятия или интернет-магазина

All processes of the program are automated as much as possible, intelligent algorithms for product recognition are used, complex mechanisms and functions lie at the core of the system, but at the same time, the program has a simple and understandable interface for the user. The Elbuz PriceList Importer program is accompanied by detailed documentation, as well as video examples of setting various parameters. For those who cannot set up the import of the price list of their suppliers in the Elbuz PriceList Importer program, a free video presentation (screencast) can be ordered from the support service.

Working with your product catalog using the Elbuz PriceList Importer program will reduce time costs, and therefore increase the efficiency of your company as a whole. At the moment, the users of the program are many companies, online stores of the CIS countries.

The second product of the company, the Elbuz Content Creator program, will be useful for those who have an online store and need to fill it with descriptions with photos of existing products on the site. With it, you can easily upload a list of your products into the program and find all the desired descriptions, photos and even video descriptions, as a result of which the online store will become more interesting and more visited by customers. The Elbuz Content Creator is equipped with a modern interface, ease of use and many features. Using our content program will make your Internet business much more profitable.

The ElbuzGroup company has been developing software in the CIS market for 5 years. During this period of time, existing programs have been constantly upgraded and improved, as well as new unique software products have been developed. Among the company's clients are the largest suppliers, electronics hypermarkets and just online stores.
We invite you to cooperation. Let's aim for success.


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Press release: a unique solution for the profitable operation of an online store

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