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What's new in E-Trade PriceList Importer 2? What makes E-Trade PriceList Importer the best?

Ease of initial setup

Ease of initial setup of E-Trade PriceList Importer

Previously, you needed to know how to add a new product supplier and its price list. Now all you have to do is follow your intuition as The program interface has become more intuitive.

Previously, you needed to know the category names from the price list in order to generate import rules. Now all you need is to list the categories by right-clicking on the import rules window to select the desired category.


Ease of initial setup of E-Trade PriceList Importer Each personal database settings .
Everyone uses the E-Trade PriceList Importer in their own way, so why should your settings be exactly the same as everyone else's? You make a threshold markup for a product or a markup for an entire category of goods. Update the site only with selected products or entire categories. Prepare unique product names, E-Trade PriceList Importer 2 has over 500 new features to help you customize it to your needs. Also, you can use light themes to instantly change the appearance of the program, which will give you a more enjoyable work experience.


E-Trade PriceList Importer Performance

Fly at full speed.

We are constantly optimizing the E-Trade PriceList Importer to speed up the work - so that the database works faster, or the delay when working with smart imports becomes shorter. In the end, the most important thing is not to make you wait long, to give you the opportunity to work quickly and easily, as soon as possible.

Take a Tour of the E-Trade PriceList Importer

Take a Tour of the E-Trade PriceList Importer

You should look at the E-Trade PriceList Importer with open eyes, and not dream. . . And everything will become clear to you right away. Describing the plot is good, but it's betterto watch the video online than to read the text, isn't it?

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