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Owners of more than 500 online stores received a flexible product management product

The main component of any online store is, first of all, a product that is available to the buyer. At the same time, maintaining the relevance of the price of a product and its availability status is not an easy task even for experienced store employees, because the number of products sometimes reaches tens of thousands of units, and the price changes daily (due to the exchange rate, changes in prices from suppliers, etc. ). Changing the price every time, while taking into account the minimum price, supplier, availability, etc. - this is the lot of the "diligent", but the question is why do this when there is a software solution that allows you to do this with full automation.

It's no secret that the exact price and the exact availability status on the website of the online store is very important. If this is not observed, then the store is guaranteed to receive an outflow of customers, they will not be satisfied with this store, and word of mouth will make itself felt, and taking into account the emergence of numerous social networks, this is no longer the same radio that was before, a blow to the image is lightning fast and guaranteed. How to prevent this? Very simple: use the software assistant called Elbuz Jumper. At the moment, 543 online stores use this software to display truly correct data on their sites, this number is steadily growing every day, while using this software gives a competitive advantage over other participants in the e-commerce market who are not yet aware that this is possible and right now. Separately, it is worth noting the ability not only to automatically select the minimum price for each product among many suppliers, but also the ability to control the price level, taking into account the prices of competitors, i. e. creating a logical formula for adjusting their prices in order to create a competitive price. In addition to price and availability control, the software will please you with other functions that will be in demand on a daily basis to maintain the store in a leading position.

What results can be achieved by using this software for an online store:

  • reduce the financial cost of maintaining data processing staff by delegating their tasks to the shoulders of a full-time electronic employee named Elbuz PriceList Importer, who will monitor prices and availability;
  • reduce the daily time spent on processing goods;
  • significantly increase sales and look at e-commerce in a completely new way;
  • increase overall profit by optimizing the markup on goods;
  • get a leading position on the trading platforms Yandex Market, Price.ru, Goods@mail.ru, Wikimart, Nadavi and many others;
  • guaranteed to catch yourself thinking "It's already hard to imagine how we lived and worked before without using the Elbuz PriceList Importer. "

The ElbuzGroup company has been engaged in the field of IT programming, development and maintenance of online stores since 2006, since then we have gained tremendous experience in the field of e-commerce automation. We have done a lot of work and now we are pleased to offer you completely ready-made solutions for the successful operation of an online store. Among the company's clients are many major suppliers, electronics hypermarkets and just online stores. We invite you to cooperation.


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Discussion of the topic – Owners of more than 500 online stores received a flexible product management product

Owners of more than 500 online stores received a flexible product management product

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