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6 benefits of creating your own online store: why does your business need it?

Every time, no matter what brought us to this page, we are looking for something special, something unique that can grab our attention and twist our collars with curiosity. We are so eager to know what will happen next that our imagination flies forward into the unknown! And today, dear reader, you are in luck: we are here to invite you to relax, take a deep breath and plunge into the world of technological magic and perfection. We'll look at six amazing benefits of creating your own online store. You will see a world where your fantasies come to life and your dreams become reality - get ready for a real adventure in online marketing! 💥

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it


  • Marketplace: An online platform or website where sellers can list their goods and services for sale.
  • Own online store: A website owned and operated by an individual entrepreneur or company where you can sell your products or services.
  • Unlimited functionality and design options: The ability to customize the interface and design of the store in accordance with the needs and preferences of the seller without restrictions.
  • No content restrictions: Ability to post an unlimited number of products, photos, descriptions, as well as company information in your online store.
  • Self-regulation of prices: The ability of sellers to set their own prices for their goods without third party interference or restrictions.
  • More efficient investment: Creating your own online store allows you to allocate resources and investments in such a way that they are as efficient as possible.
  • Own website command center: The online store is the control center for all important aspects of the business, including sales, inventory, marketing and customer service.
  • Protection from monopoly: Creating your own online store allows you to avoid dependence on third parties and monopolists, as well as control your own trading platform.
  • Higher earnings: Opportunity to earn higher income due to the absence of commissions and platform markups, as well as the ability to optimize margins and stimulate sales.

This glossary contains definitions of key terms and phrases used in this article about the benefits of creating your own online store. Understanding these terms will help the reader better understand the context and content of our article.

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

What is a marketplace: sell your products without unnecessary worries!

The main task of marketplaces is to help sellers distribute their goods

A marketplace, or trading platform, is a popular online site with a large number of visitors who are interested in purchasing various goods. They are a great place to sell products because they already have a huge potential audience of buyers. In order to start selling your products on the marketplace, you just need to register and place your offers of goods and services.

Advantages of selling on marketplaces

Selling goods on marketplaces has a number of advantages that make them very attractive to entrepreneurs. Let's list some of the most significant advantages.

Wide audience of buyers

When you use a marketplace to sell products, you get access to a large base of buyers who have already made a choice in favor of this platform. This means that your product will be visible to many potential customers and you have a great opportunity to sell your products.

Free or low initial investment

Creating and promoting your own online store can require significant financial investment, as well as a long time for the preparatory stages. At the same time, selling on marketplaces allows you to start a business without large expenses, because you use a ready-made platform, and these expenses are borne by the buyers themselves or are included in the sales commission, which makes starting online trading more affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Convenience and ease of use

For new sellers, using marketplaces may be the most convenient way to start selling online. Listing your products on the site usually requires minimal web development and design skills, so you can quickly create your virtual storefront and be ready to sell successfully.

Convenient listing and management system

Most marketplaces provide sellers with convenient tools for creating listings, as well as the ability to manage and update information about their products. This will allow you to quickly add new offers or make changes to existing ones so that your assortment is always relevant for customers.

Help in promoting products

In addition to space to place your products, many marketplaces also provide opportunities for promoting products. This may include advertising options, discounts or promotions. These features help you attract attention to your products and significantly increase sales.

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

State and prospects of Ukrainian marketplaces

Today in Ukraine there are several large and successful marketplaces that offer sellers the opportunity to promote their products and find new customers. Some of them include Prom, Kasta, Rozetka, Lamoda, Hotline and others. Each of the platforms has its own characteristics and advantages, so it is important to study and choose exactly those marketplaces that are most suitable for your business.

Rozetka is one of the most popular trading platforms in Ukraine, which attracts a huge number of buyers. Many of our clients successfully use this marketplace as an additional sales channel and strive to increase their profits.

Starting to sell on Rozetka is an excellent strategy for new businesses, as well as for those who want to expand their presence in the online trading market! Over time, any business begins to face various restrictions that complicate its further development. That is why the issue of opening your own online store is becoming more relevant.

Best practices and experience

Selling goods on marketplaces is a convenient way to start online trading and attract even more new clients. This allows you to avoid additional costs for creating and promoting your own online store. To ensure long-term success, it is recommended to take into account proven best practices.

Best practices for selling on marketplaces:

  • Carefully review the rules and requirements of each marketplace before listing items. This will avoid possible problems and conflicts in the future.

  • Present your products well with compelling descriptions and well-designed photographs. This will increase your chances of attracting customers and increasing sales.

  • Timely update product information and track customer reviews. This will help you maintain a high level of trust and reputation in the eyes of your customers.

  • Use all the opportunities for promoting products provided by marketplaces. This may include contextual advertising, increased visibility or additional promotions.

  • Don't limit yourself to one marketplace: explore different platforms and choose the ones that are most useful for your business!

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

🔥 Review: selling on marketplaces - what is useful and what is not?

Helpful ✔️ Don't ⛔
Wide audience of buyers Ignore marketplace requirements
Low start-up costs Add low-quality product descriptions
Ease of use Reluctance to regularly update information
Convenient management and listings Miss promotion opportunities
Promotion opportunities Limit to only one marketplace

Conclusions: the advantages of selling on marketplaces

Creating your own online store is the next step in developing your business after successful sales on the marketplace. Using popular trading platforms such as Rozetka.ua, as well as other useful resources, you can build your own sustainable and profitable online business!

However, before creating your own online store, be sure to study all the issues related to creating and promoting an online business. Remember: competition in the field of online trading is always high, so you need to constantly improve and strive for new heights and results!

We hope this article has helped you better understand what marketplaces are and why selling on them is an attractive prospect for your business. We wish you successful sales and prosperity in online trading!

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

Advantages of your own online store

Having your own online store is not just an opportunity to sell your products online. This is an entire online business that provides a number of advantages over placing goods on the marketplace. In this section, we'll look at six key benefits of starting your own online store that will help you succeed in today's online retail world.

1. Great functionality and design possibilities

Working on the marketplace, you get a ready-made online store with a certain set of functions. However, you cannot add new functions or modify existing ones on the site. The same goes for design - you inherit the design of the site and cannot change it.

Your own online store provides the opportunity to create a unique design or adapt an existing template. This allows you to present your product in the most favorable light and control the attention of visitors using visual design. You can also gradually develop your store, adding new features and changing the design as your business grows.

2. More freedom in content

Marketplaces have their own rules and restrictions in posting and managing content. You may not be able to create your own catalog structure or add desired product features and filters. On your own website you don't have such restrictions.

You can freely control the information and reviews in your online store. There is no need to fight with the site administration to remove negative comments about your business. You will be able to decide for yourself what to do with reviews and how to interact directly with customers. This allows you to create better content and establish a positive impression of your brand.

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

3. Freedom in setting prices

On the marketplace, price becomes one of the main selection criteria goods. Competition between sellers affects prices, and you may find yourself forced to lower your prices to attract buyers.

With your online store, you have many more opportunities to convey the benefits of all your products and convince customers of their high quality. On your website, you can not only set prices at your own discretion, but also focus on other criteria for choosing a product, such as unique properties, differences from competitors and personalized customer service.

4. Effective investment

When placing goods on the marketplace, you partially spend money on the development of the site itself. By advertising your site on the marketplace, you also bring buyers to the site; part of your advertising costs goes to the benefit of the marketplace.

Investing in your online store will give you complete control over the results of your advertising efforts. All investments contribute only to the development of your business! Also, by developing your own store, you improve your brand awareness and are guaranteed to receive a return on all your investments.

5. Protection from monopoly

Recently, more and more marketplaces are striving to become monopolists in the market and are tightening their conditions for sellers. Your own online store provides protection from such a situation. If working conditions on the marketplace become unfavorable, you will not lose your business because you have your own independent platform. By developing your online store, you ensure stability and independence in the online business market.

6. Higher earnings

Placing and selling goods on the marketplace requires payment. As your business grows, the commission you pay to the marketplace can become significant and exceed the cost of creating and maintaining your own online store.

Having your own online store, you do not pay interest on each sale and have complete control over your profits and earnings. You get much more money for sales and have the opportunity to independently optimize your expenses.

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

🔥 Review: comparative table of advantages of your own online store

Benefits 📝 Own online store ✔️ Marketplace ✔️
Functionality Large selection of functions and the ability to modify them Limited set of preinstalled ones features
Design Unique design or template adaptation Restrictions on modification visual design
Content Freedom to create and manage content Restrictions and content moderation by the site
Prices Freedom to set prices Competition and pricing restrictions
Investments Investments only contribute to your business and its growth Part of the investment goes to the development of the marketplace
Protection from monopoly Independence from marketplaces and their working conditions Dependence on marketplace conditions
Earnings High earnings and control over money Commissions and restrictions on the marketplace

Conclusions: the advantages of your own online store

Owning your own online store gives you much more freedom and control over your business. You can develop it according to your own rules, set your own prices, control the quality of content and create a unique experience for your customers. Independence from marketplaces and protection from monopoly ensure stability and growth in the long term.

Listing and selling your online store may seem like a daunting task, but we are ready to help create and promote your own online store in the online sales market. Find out how to start selling on Rozetka and take advantage of all the benefits of your own online store.

ELBUZ advice: "Your own online store is an opportunity to create a unique online business that will give you full control over functionality, design, content and prices. This is the basis for effective investment and earnings "Create your own online store and become independent from marketplaces and their working conditions!"



Expertise of the Corsair company

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

Detailed description of the client, his business and goals

Corsair is a manufacturer of computer components and peripherals founded in 1994. They specialize in creating high-quality products aimed at gamers and IT enthusiasts.

Corsair's mission is to provide its customers with the latest technical innovations and enhanced solutions to meet their gaming, productivity and gaming needs. The organization strives to create unique products, stimulating the development of gaming technologies and helping its clients achieve maximum results in their activities.

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

Statement of the main problem to solve

In today's digital world, hundreds of online stores offer products for gamers and IT enthusiasts. Corsair was faced with the problem of capturing the market and realized the need to create its own platform to effectively promote its products. Their main problem was existence on third party platforms, loss of control over content and limitations in functionality. All this prevented the company from realizing its full business potential and caused damage to revenues.

Description of the characteristics and interests of the target audience

Corsair's target audience includes gamers and IT enthusiasts who engage in various types of computer activities, including gaming, video editing , web development and other creative processes. The interests of this audience include the use of advanced technologies, high performance, reliability and functionality of products, as well as intuitive and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Key points that may be of interest to potential Corsair customers include:

  • Wide range of products, from gaming mice and keyboards to computer components , allowing gamers to customize their systems according to their needs and requirements.
  • Innovative technology and high-quality execution, guaranteeing the best gaming experience and enhanced performance.
  • Unique features such as programmable keys, customizable lighting and exclusive software that allow users to customize their devices and enjoy ease of use.
  • A community of gamers and enthusiasts where Corsair customers can share experiences, get advice and support, and make new friends with shared interests.

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

Facts, figures and concrete results of the project

Corsair made a decision create your own online store to sell your products. Their new platform has been developed and launched using cutting-edge technology to provide users with maximum functionality and convenience when purchasing Corsair products.

During the first year of using Corsair's own online store, the company achieved the following results:

  • Increased sales of Corsair products by 30%. The company was able to maximize the potential of its products and attract a large number of customers, thanks to detailed descriptions, promotion of promotions and offers, as well as the opportunity to receive feedback from customers.
  • Increases Corsair brand awareness and reputation among gamers and enthusiasts. Creating its own marketplace allowed Corsair to strengthen its position in the market and build stronger relationships with customers.
  • Improved user experience and customer satisfaction. Corsair was able to provide their customers with better service, easier site navigation, informative product descriptions, customization of products to individual needs, and the ability to view ratings and reviews from other users.


These results confirm the success of creating Corsair's own online store and highlight the particular benefits of this approach for companies selling products in the information technologies.

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

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🔥 Frequently asked questions on the topic: "Six benefits of creating your own online store"

1. What are the advantages of creating your own online store?

Creating your own online store provides a number of advantages, including unlimited functionality and design possibilities, no content restrictions, the ability to independently adjust prices, more efficient investment and high earning potential .

2. What is the difference between your own online store and a trading platform?

Owning an online store involves creating and managing your own website to sell goods or services, while a marketplace provides a platform to list products from various sellers. Having your own online store gives you more flexibility, control and branding opportunities.

3. What functionality and design does your own online store provide?

Having your own online store allows you to create a unique design and customize functionality to suit your business needs. You can add various design elements such as a logo, product information blocks, shopping cart, order form and much more.

4. Are there any restrictions on content in your own online store?

No, your own online store has no content restrictions. You can add any product information, descriptions, images, videos and other materials that will help attract and convince potential buyers.

5. How can you independently regulate prices in your own online store?

With your own online store, you have complete control over prices. You can independently set and change prices for goods based on business strategy, competitive environment and other factors affecting the market price.

6. What are the benefits of having your own command center site?

Your own command center website provides all the necessary tools and resources for effectively managing your online store. You can track orders, manage inventory, process payments, analyze data, and more, all on one platform.

7. How does your own online store protect against monopoly?

Your own online store allows you to offer goods or services regardless of the main market players. You are not limited by third party policies or regulations and are free to compete in the market and grow your own business.

8. How can your own online store provide higher earnings?

Having your own online store allows you to earn more income thanks to the ability to directly sell goods or services without intermediaries. You can set your own prices, control margins, and make even more profit on every sale.

9. What investments are required to create your own online store?

Investment in creating your own online store depends on various factors such as business size, choice of platform, design and functionality. Compared to traditional retail stores, setting up an online store can be a more cost-effective investment.

10. What are the basic steps to create your own online store?

The main steps to create your own online store include: choosing a platform, registering a domain, developing a design, setting up functionality, adding content, installing an inventory management system and processing payments, processing testing and launching the store.

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

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You've learned how to identify your target audience, strategically plan and grow your business, increase customer confidence, and improve customer service. Now you can offer customers better selection, faster delivery, and an amazing shopping experience.

Take the next step and realize your dreams today! Create your online store, and together with us build a successful future for your business.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your entrepreneurial decisions! We are proud to help you become a true expert in the world of online shopping. Congratulations and continued success!

6 benefits of creating your own online store why does your business need it

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Five benefits of creating your own online store

Discussion of the topic – 6 benefits of creating your own online store: why does your business need it?

In this article, we'll look at six benefits of creating your own online store and show why it's becoming increasingly popular in today's online retail world.

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Very interesting article! As a small business owner in England, I am thinking about creating my own online store, so this information is very useful. I think one of the main advantages will be the opportunity to sell your product internationally. Does anyone have experience with this?


Hi Tom! I'm from Ukraine and created my own online boutique six months ago. Indeed, the advantage of this business is that your product can be available to buyers from all over the world. I believe that the more unique your product is, the greater your chances of attracting customers from other countries. Good luck in creating your online store!


Good day to all! I'm Hans, an entrepreneur from Germany. I want to share my experience of working with my own online store. An important benefit that I have noticed is the low costs compared to a traditional retail store. Less costs for renting premises and paying staff. This provides more opportunities for business growth and development. Thanks for the article, very useful!


Hello Hans! I'm from France and have long dreamed of having my own online store. I'm very glad to hear about the economic benefits. How do you manage sales and delivery? Are there any difficulties in this regard?


Good day! I'm Carlos from Spain. In our country, online stores are also becoming increasingly popular. I think another big advantage of creating your own online store is the opportunity to communicate personally with customers. You can easily find out their needs and offer personalized service. What is your opinion on this matter?


Hello Carlos! I am from Italy. I agree with you, customer interaction is an important aspect of owning an online store. I often use social media for communication, conducting surveys and competitions to find out what customers think. This activity helps attract new customers and strengthen connections with current ones. Have you tried something similar?


Oh my God. I just don't understand all these online stores and fashion trends. Why buy anything online at all? What happened to the good old store around the corner? All this is too noisy and unnecessary. I like to just sit at home and not worry about any deliveries and other nonsense.


Hello, Grumpy! I'm sorry you're not excited about online shopping, but it's not for everyone. Online shopping offers convenience in shopping, especially for people who find it difficult to go to stores or live far from big cities. The ability to compare prices and choose from a huge selection also attracts many. We are all different, but I believe that online shopping has a number of advantages.