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Elbuz Jumper supports the maintenance of a product catalog in several languages in order to create multilingual sites.
elbuz etrade jumper languages
Description of grid fields

  • Activity
    If the flag is active, then fields for filling in values in this language will be available for system elements.
  • Primary language
    Flag indicating which language in the system to use by default
  • Language name
    The name of the language to display it in the tabs and fields of the system
  • Language code
    The language code allows you to identify a particular language. Used to synchronize data with the site when it is first downloaded from the site.
  • Language prefix in SEO links
    Allows you to specify a prefix name to be added to the SEO link, for example https://site/en-product1
  • Order
    Allows you to display languages on the site, taking into account the specified sorting.
  • Upload to the site
    Allows you to manage the upload of the language to the site, update data on it or not.
  • Language of the translation system
    Allows you to bind the translation module to the language, for this you need to select the language that corresponds to this language from the drop-down list
    elbuz etrade jumper languages translate

Filling in names and values for elements

For each element of the system, it is possible to specify a value in another language. You can fill in values in different languages for elements such as:

  • Categories
  • Tavars
  • Manufacturers
  • Product attributes

When editing elements, it will be possible to fill in names and values in separate tabs
elbuz etrade jumper languages translate
Or in separate lines, for example, for product attributes

Automatic translation into other languages

For a non-primary language, a button for automatic translation will be available. Translation is carried out based on the value specified for the main language.
elbuz etrade jumper languages translate

An example of automatic translation of the product category name

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