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We are interested in uploading goods with pictures, descriptions and prices from partner sites to our site, which we work on the prom.ua platform (prom.ua), then we plan to use CMS OpenCart. Implementation case for OpenCart (opencart).


We are interested in uploading products with pictures, descriptions and prices from partner sites to our site, which runs on the prom.ua platform (prom.ua), then we plan to use CMS OpenCart.
As I understand it, your product allows you to upload and control the price level, that is, analysis, processing the prices of suppliers and competitors, compare prices and availability. How do you set up the loading of products from partner sites, especially if the site contains only pictures, and the price list with purchase prices goes separately?

Implementation of the E-Trade Jumper system

This is solved in E-Trade Jumper. There is a parsing of sites (any sites of online stores, you set up the parsing yourself). There is a processing of supplier prices, including receiving via API.
Initially, you need to upload your products and categories from your site prom.ua (prom portal), here there is a description of how to do this using the XLSX format.
If there is a partner price list, for example in excel format, then you can add it as a supplier price list to update prices and availability.
If, in the price list, there are links to products on the partner’s website, then you can download products from the photo using these links, then add them to your products and upload to the prom, pre- configure the site parser .
If there are no links, it's also not a problem, you can download the entire partner site and also add a photo to your products. You can order us a paid parser setup to get data from a partner's website to speed up the process.
As a result, your tasks are solved by 100%, we have many prom.ua clients who use E-Trade Jumper.
You can download prices from the links. Can be picked up from the post office if required.
Supported file formats are XLS, CSV, XML, YML, in general, almost all formats.
You can upload all the prices of your suppliers to the E-Trade Jumper program, thereby structuring information from different sources in order to select the best price from different suppliers, taking into account the availability of goods, and based on this information, create offers for your customers or choose a supplier for yourself - partner.
How to work with the program, you first need to download the basic catalog of goods, that is, it’s like your price list (download from the site prom or 1C or CMS).
Then add supplier prices to compare with your products, if your base catalog does not have a product that the supplier has, you can always add it from the price list or from the supplier's website, thereby expanding your price list.
Accordingly, a unique list of products is stored in your base catalog, but not a unique list in the list of products from price lists, because the same product can be from different suppliers at different prices, availability, delivery costs, etc.
Therefore, it will be necessary to match your products with products from price lists in order to automatically detect mines. product prices among your suppliers.
The procedure is indicated in this section .
Then the actual data can be uploaded to an XLSX, CSV, XML file or to a prom site or a CMS-based site, such as OpenCart.

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