Importing products on Opencart

The E-Trade Jumper program allows you to quickly fill an online store on OpenCart with a huge number of goods. On average, in 10 minutes, E-Trade Jumper can add more than 10,000 products to the OpenСart site.

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Options for uploading and downloading data in Opencart

The source for filling can be any site or a file with a price list from a supplier, you can order a paid setup from us or see the documentation on how to upload products to opencart.

Our unique software product allows you to quickly process prices compare supplier and competitor prices with your own, carry out mass data changes in cards, fill product cards with content create a product range and keep it up to date.
It integrates with all existing CMS and price list formats and pays for itself in the first month of use.

Adding and editing products in OpenCart on the example of the store

The client was interested in quickly adding OpenCart products, since manually this process took too much time. Price data from several suppliers were used as initial information, and many products were duplicated in them, and not all positions contained photos, descriptions and technical specifications.

In other words, the customer needed a complete product catalog, which had to be created from several sources at once (including competitors' resources) and further kept up-to-date in terms of prices and availability.

Step by step adding a product to CMS Opencart store

Installation of the E-Trade Jumper program and integration with CMS Opencart

After registration of the demo version, you do not need to download the software to install it on your PC, it is available immediately in your browser!

For integration, a special HTTP Tunnel module is used, the files of which are transferred to client hosting. Open a detailed description of the installation of the integration module.

After that, the link to the site must be registered in the program and click the connect button.

Export and import of products in OpenCart

To transfer information to the software, you need to select the “Download” item, the data format is E-Trade Tunnel, CMS - OpenCart. Press the "connect" button. After that, additional parameters will appear in the “Downloads” tab and become available for editing.

Bulk editing of products in OpenCart

It is possible to change the basic assortment taking into account the existing specific characteristics (for example, the color of the product, cost, availability), choosing the appropriate items and automatically sorting them into categories. The most effective method of editing OpenCart products is to automatically adjust products based on supplier or competitor prices.

Unloading products in the form of a price list for Opencart

How to add many products at once in OpenCart? To do this, you need to create a template for uploading a catalog edited in the software, select which product data you want to update on the site, for example, attributes and options, specify the access parameters to the site where the upload should be performed.

How to add many products at once in OpenCart? There is a simple solution in the program from Elbuz


Benefits of the module and results of installation on the OpenCart store

It was supposed to use the price lists of several suppliers as sources. Initially, products were added manually on OpenCart, but the process took too long, and some price lists lacked the necessary information.

We offered to try our end-to-end automation product, to which we added price lists and several competitor resources as a source of missing data. Helped set up the module for adding products to OpenCart - E-Trade Tunnel.

This made it possible:

  • In just 2 days, create an up-to-date assortment with an indication of availability and cost, detailed photos and the necessary product characteristics and transfer it to your resource.
  • Set up a schedule for updating the catalog and prices in automatic mode (products in the form of a price list for OpenCart are sent to the mail).
  • Find several new suppliers thanks to scraping and automate the processing of new prices in order to select the most profitable offers.
  • Automate the appearance of new products on the site, as information from suppliers is updated. Use Yandex Market parser 1C to monitor competitors' prices.
  • All this cost the customer € 87 (for comparison, the content manager received € 100 per week for manually maintaining cards). He quickly figured out the functionality, especially appreciating the OpenCart bulk product editing feature and automating his online store.

Frequently Asked Questions about integrating E-Trade Jumper with CMS OpenСart

Yes, of course, you can try the features of the software for free in demo mode. You can download the demo version by clicking on the button.
The cost is from € 2.89 / day. It is possible to rent the software monthly or purchase a license for permanent use.
To work with data along with the software, the HTTP Tunnel integration module is used, with which you can transfer your catalog to our software, and back after editing and filling it.
All materials regarding the use of functions and settings can be found on our website in the “Documentation” section.
The transfer of the finished catalog is possible by uploading to the site a pre-generated file in XLSX, CSV format or the HTTP Tunnel integration module.

Parsing competitor prices
Product attributes

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