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About ElbuzGroup


The ElbuzGroup company is a provider of IT solutions in the field of e-commerce, has been operating in the CIS market since 2006.

The main direction of the company is solutions and services designed to provide automation and information support in the field of processing supplier price lists, creating an assortment of a trading enterprise, controlling the availability of goods, and generating product descriptions.

Company's mission

The main mission of ElbuzGroup is the desire to occupy a market niche - to become the largest distributor and integrator of solutions for e-mail.commerce.

Focus on customer needs

We offer our partners and clients only advanced products developed by our specialists on the basis of modern technologies that have become de facto in the industry and are recognized all over the world.

A significant contribution was made in the field of automation of processing, comparison and analysis of price lists (prices) of suppliers

Main activities

  • Software development:
    - systems of automation of trade in the Internet;
    - automation systems for import/export of data from various sources (MS Excel, XML, CSV, SQL files)
    - automation systems for filling online stores, product catalogs, accounting systems;
  • Subscriber service and administration of websites and online stores:
    - information content (news, articles, product catalog, pricing control)
    - analysis and adjustment of the security of the site as a whole

Technical support

Significant emphasis in the work of the company is placed on providing qualified technical support to partners and customers. From our point of view, timely professional assistance is just as important for the client as the right choice and implementation of the solution.


Today, among the partners of the company are leading trade enterprises and organizations. Among the consumers of our solutions, a significant number is occupied by the e-commerce sector. Analyzing the needs of the market, we develop and implement the latest solutions that give our customers and partners the opportunity to always be one step ahead. The company is constantly expanding its market share and is open to cooperation with integrator companies wishing to complement the range of solutions provided by our company's products.

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