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Why should I pay extra for technical support?

Under no circumstances do you owe anything. Elbuz Jumper is a system in which you can figure it out on your own and work without contacting support. For this, a lot of materials have been created, such as:


We hasten to remind you once again that a fee may be charged for consultation and support. We will tell you about the main features, help you customize the Elbuz Jumper system to your needs, you ask questions, we give an extended answer with interactive tips, thereby teaching you how to work.

You understand that during the initial setup process, you need to work out the right solution, so to speak, the direction vector, while you need to understand the essence of the task, get into your project, analyze all the information, it takes a lot of time, because you need to "switch" only to your problem in order to give an accurate answer. This takes not only time, but also affects the overall daily workload of the support department, all our specialists are involved in solving your problem, including the analyst of the Elbuz Jumper system and specialized programmers, thus the whole team will work on your project.

The first month may be the most difficult for you, but then the understanding of the principles of working with the system comes and you start working on the machine, like playing the piano. Initially, a correctly configured system is the key to success, and if it is also configured in a very short time, this is doubly successful.

I paid for support, but my issue is not resolved, what should I pay for?

Every work must be paid. In your case, you pay for a consultation, for the time spent, which is given specifically to your unique problem, if the problem is global, it will be eliminated and solved for free, since it will arise not only for you. After all, you pay for a consultation with a doctor or a lawyer, although sometimes there are cases when neither the first nor the second, unfortunately, solve your problem.

I'm sure it's not my settings, but the program!

There are cases when the problem may be on the side of the program, but globally it does not repeat itself, and it can be identified only by checking the program on your database. If you have a toothache, you do not try to eliminate it by placing a filling yourself, you turn to professionals.

I want to pay for support, but I think that the solution to my problem is not worth that much

There was such a case, the famous company "Siemens and Schuckert" asked P. L. Kapitsa for advice, it was necessary to find out why the electric motor of a very important machine was not working. The amount of the fee was appointed very solid - 10 thousand marks. Pyotr Leonidovich examined the car, then took a hammer and hit the main bearing - the engine started working.
The company felt sorry to pay such money and she asked the scientist to draw up a written estimate for the work performed. The estimate was as follows: "One hit with a hammer - 1 mark and 9. 999 marks - for knowing where to hit. "

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