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Why us? A few good reasons to partner with us!

For 15 years we have been constantly studying the algorithms of online stores.

We know everything that a modern online store requires and what an online store lacks in standard configurations.

We have removed routine work and reduced operating costs for more than 600 online stores, and this number is increasing every day.

Fast payback of our software products (up to 50 days) confirmed by customers.

We have achieved integration of our programs into all popular CMS and 1C.

We provide qualified technical support for the entire period of use of the software.

All this is collected in the programs of the E-Trade series

  • The programs use modern technologies
    • The program can work with all processor cores simultaneously
    • The program uses the speed of RAM, which increases the speed of data processing in the program
    • Algorithms for approximate word matching, the probability of recognizing product names when processing and analyzing price lists of suppliers (competitors). Here you need to rephrase somehow in a smart way.

  • Updating data on the site in "one click"

  • Integration with all Scientific systems
    • Integration with popular engines
    • Integration with 1C
    • Integration with self-written engines via csv file or direct SQL queries
    • Formation of a file for trading platforms
  • Extensive program functionality
    • Processing price lists in all formats (xls, xlsx, csv, xml, yml, CommerceML)
    • Selection of the best price from all suppliers
    • Competitor price processing
    • Formation of the sales price based on numerous settings and markup formulas
    • Tracking the actual availability of products from suppliers
    • Formation of a consolidated price list
    • Intelligent product matching system
    • Search and generation of descriptions, technical characteristics and photos for products based on the largest Internet portals
    • Possibility of work of several users at the same time in one Database.
    • All the features and functions in the program have been collected throughout the entire time of the company's foundation, they are created based on the real needs of online stores.
  • Payback of the program from 20 to 50 days:
    • By reducing the time for manual processing and searching for the best offer in price lists
    • Due to the easy entrainment of commodity items for sale
    • By maintaining a product catalog with up-to-date prices and availability
    • As a result, an increase in the number of sales
  • Flexible payment systems
    • Possibility of transition from the younger edition of the program to the older one by paying the difference between the editions
    • The license fee is a one-time payment.
    • No hidden fees Should be waived (+5%), this scares off many customers. Put them in the cost of the program.
    • Possibility to rent the program and pay a small monthly fee.
    • Possibility to draw up all necessary documents on payment for programs
    • A wide range of payment methods, including non-cash for the countries of Ukraine (in hryvnia), Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan (in Russian rubles).
  • Providing operational support
    • Support is provided both before and after the purchase of software products.
    • Support is provided through a forum where not only client-techs respond and conduct conversations. Support, but also colleagues among themselves (client-client)
    • Support is provided via e-mail
    • Support is provided through the ICQ instant messaging service
    • Support is provided through the instant messaging service On-line chat on the website.
  • Huge track record of clients throughout the CIS
  • Numerous testimonials and testimonials from customers
  • Regular release of new software versions
    • Unlimited automatic software updates within the purchased platform.
    • Improvement of new functionality
    • Operational correction of detected errors
  • Intuitive and fairly simple program interface.

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