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How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

The most popular products in the international market. It all starts with choice!

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting


Large European countries such as Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, according to statistics carried out by the Observatory of Economic Complexity, are showing interest in handmade goods made by Ukrainian craftsmen. Of great interest are handmade goods from the field of folk embroidery, ceramics, wooden souvenirs, as well as jewelry. For this reason, the export of handmade goods from Ukraine opens up wide opportunities for conquering the market of foreign consumers.

Why do foreigners prefer Ukrainian hand-made goods?

Ukrainian handmade goods attract foreign buyers with their uniqueness, high quality and original design. Handmade work is always perceived as very valuable and valued for its individual character, soul and originality. Each embroidered shirt, piece of ceramics or wooden souvenir has its own history and symbolism, which Ukrainians pass on from generation to generation. That is why it becomes a subject of interest and respect from foreigners who want to share and immerse themselves in Ukrainian culture.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

How to start selling Ukrainian handmade goods abroad

Development of a unique product

Before you start selling Ukrainian handmade goods abroad, you need to create a unique product with a unique design. Embroidered shirts with traditional patterns and motifs, ceramics with folk ornaments, as well as wooden souvenirs with unique carvings - all this can attract the attention of foreign buyers. Invest time and money into developing original, high-quality products that stand out from the competition.

Creating a convenient online store

In order to successfully sell Ukrainian hand-made goods abroad, you need to have a convenient and effective online store. Provide simple and convenient site navigation, provide detailed information about each product, add high-quality photographs and the ability to order with delivery. It may also be useful to make an English version of the site to provide product information to the widest possible audience.

Search for foreign partners

To successfully export Ukrainian hand-made products abroad, it is worth considering the issue of searching for foreign partners. Establishing partnerships with shops, galleries and online platforms that specialize in handicrafts can significantly increase sales. Conduct market research, contact specialists and please place your products where the most profitable opportunities exist.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Best practices for successful export of handmade goods

  • Unique Product: Create unique products with original designs and high quality.
  • Online store: Build a convenient and effective online store with high-quality photos and easy navigation.
  • International Partners: Establish partnerships with craft stores and galleries.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Use various marketing and promotion channels to attract the attention of foreign buyers.
  • Quality and Service: Provide high quality products and superior service to retain customers and gain positive feedback.

Note: Ukrainian hand-made products are unique and original products that are popular in the international market. Creating unique products, developing an effective online store and establishing partnerships with international stores and galleries can help successfully export Ukrainian handmade goods abroad. Be professional, strive for quality and offer unique products to conquer the international handmade goods market.

What to do What not to do
✔️ Create unique products ❌ Copy the design of other hand-made goods
✔️ Create an effective online store ❌ Ignore the need for easy navigation on the site
✔️ Look for foreign partners ❌ Don’t pay attention to finding foreign partners
✔️ Use various marketing and promotion channels ❌ Rely only on organic search
✔️ Provide high quality products ❌ Lower quality or offer poorly designed products

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Natural cosmetics

OEC conducts research and analyzes export markets throughout to the world. Their data shows that natural cosmetics from Ukraine are in high demand in a number of countries, such as Poland, Germany, France and Italy. Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Denmark are also potential markets for Ukrainian producers of natural cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics have become a real hit in the global beauty market. More and more people are realizing the importance of using natural and organic products for their health and beauty. But what are real natural cosmetics and how to sell them abroad?

Natural cosmetics differ from conventional ones in that they contain only natural ingredients obtained from plants, minerals and other natural sources. It is free of harmful chemicals that can negatively affect your skin and hair. Such cosmetics carefully care for the skin and give it a healthy and youthful appearance.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Why is it worth selling natural cosmetics abroad?

  1. International demand: The demand for natural cosmetics around the world is growing every year. Consumers want to take care of their beauty and health in natural ways, and they are willing to pay for it.
  2. Uniqueness of products: Ukrainian cosmetics, made on the basis of honey and herbs, have their own uniqueness and differ from the products of other countries. This can be your competitive advantage in the international market.
  3. Export opportunity: Many countries are interested in importing natural cosmetics because of their quality and environmental friendliness. By selling natural cosmetics abroad, you open up new markets and opportunities to expand your business.

How to start selling natural cosmetics abroad?

  1. Market Research: Before you start selling natural cosmetics abroad, do some market research. Find out what products are in demand in different countries and what requirements for natural cosmetics are established in these countries.
  2. Certification: To export natural cosmetics, you must obtain the appropriate certification. Study the requirements and certification process of various countries and follow all necessary procedures.
  3. Develop a Marketing Strategy: Create an attractive brand and develop a marketing strategy to attract the attention and interest of buyers abroad. It is important to think over a unique offer and approach to promoting your products.
  4. Look for partners: Find distributors and partners who will help you distribute your natural cosmetics to the international market. Connect with local vendors and retailers to increase your market share.

Benefits of natural cosmetics

  • Organic ingredients in natural cosmetics help improve the condition of your skin and hair.
  • Natural cosmetics do not contain harmful chemical additives that can cause irritation and allergic reactions.
  • It allows you to preserve the natural beauty and health of the skin without harming it.

    How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

What should you know when selling natural cosmetics abroad?

  • Research the laws: Before you start selling natural cosmetics abroad, learn about the laws and requirements in those countries.
  • Promote Uniqueness: Stand out from your competitors by highlighting the unique features of your natural cosmetics and the benefits of using them.
  • Talk to the Experts: Comments and recommendations from natural beauty experts can help build your brand's authority and attract more customers.
  • Cooperation with local sellers: Find reliable and experienced distributors and retailers in each country to make your natural cosmetics available to buyers in those regions.

“Natural cosmetics are not only a choice of health and beauty, but also a choice of responsibility towards oneself and the world around us” - no one knows this better, than experts in the field of natural cosmetics.

How-to Guide:

Actions Result
Explore the natural cosmetics market in different countries Find out what products are in demand and what requirements are set in each country
Get certified to export natural cosmetics Make sure your products meet international quality standards
Create a unique brand and develop a marketing strategy Attract the attention and interest of buyers abroad
Find distributors and partners in every country Expand your presence in the international market

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Conclusion: Natural cosmetics are a growing and profitable niche in the international market. With the popularity of green and eco-friendly products, selling natural cosmetics abroad can become your main source of income. Follow the necessary steps and your brand will become recognizable and successful throughout the global beauty market.

Clothing and accessories

In the world of fashion, Ukrainian clothing and accessories are deservedly gaining popularity and recognition outside their native country. Germany, Denmark, Poland and France - these countries are the main markets for Ukrainian fashion brands. What makes Ukrainian clothing and accessories the most desirable on the international market?

Unique design and quality These countries value unique design and quality clothing. Ukrainian craftsmen have a special creative energy, which gives their products their uniqueness. The highest quality of Ukrainian clothing and accessories is confirmed by numerous positive reviews and high ratings from customers.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Competitive advantages of Ukrainian clothing Ukrainian clothing often has a significant competitive advantage. Firstly, this is the quality of the products. Fashion world experts note that Ukrainian brands use only high-quality materials and treat every detail with love. Secondly, the price of Ukrainian clothing is significantly lower than that of its European counterparts. This allows Ukrainian brands to attract the attention of buyers who are looking for the optimal combination of quality and affordable cost.

Support for fashion magazines The most popular fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar cannot ignore Ukrainian brands. They actively promote Ukrainian fashion and strive to introduce their readers to the most interesting and talented designers. Thanks to this, Ukrainian brands have the opportunity to expand their audience and attract new customers from all over the world.

It is important to note that Ukrainian fashion successfully competes even with Italian brands. For example, many Italian stores purchase clothing and textiles from Ukrainian manufacturers, as it combines high quality and a more affordable price.

Ukrainian clothing and accessories are presented in a wide range, taking into account the latest fashion trends and preferences of buyers of different age and social groups. It may well become a successful product for export to the world market.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Useful tips

  • Explore the international market: Before you start exporting clothing and accessories overseas, research the preferences and needs of buyers in the selected countries. This will help determine which products could potentially be in demand and successfully sold.

  • Quality above all: Put Ukrainian quality first. Invest in quality materials, unique designs and meticulous craftsmanship. This will allow your products to stand out from your competitors and gain the trust of customers.

  • Fashion Media Support: Collaborating with fashion magazines and influential bloggers can be a great way to promote your brand and attracting new clients. Use various tools such as press releases, video collaborations and advertising campaigns to promote your products.

  • Product Localization: Keep in mind the tastes and requirements of different markets. If necessary, adapt your products to the requirements of specific countries and their legislation.

  • Participation in exhibitions and fairs: Take part in international fashion exhibitions and fairs where you can present your products to a wide audience of buyers and potential partners.

    How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting


Actions Result
Research the international market Understanding customer needs and preferences
Focus on quality Increase customer confidence and competitiveness
Collaborate with fashion magazines and bloggers Expanding the audience and increasing sales
Adapt products to market characteristics Satisfy the specific needs of customers
Participate in international fashion exhibitions and fairs Attract attention and establishing partnerships


All these factors make Ukrainian clothing and accessories very attractive to international buyers. They combine high quality, unique design and affordable prices. If you are ready to overcome difficulties and keep up with the times, then exporting Ukrainian fashion will be a successful step onto the world stage.

"Ukrainian fashion is a source of inspiration and stylish solutions. Its high quality and unique designs are the determining factors for its popularity in the international market" - Rhonda Bridges, fashion industry expert from Anne Klein.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Use all the features that provided to you on the global market. Ukrainian clothing and accessories are ready to win the hearts and wardrobes of people from all over the world. Embark on the export route and attract international audiences with your unique style and high quality products.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

The information in this article will help you understand the issue of exporting clothing and accessories, and will also provide practical recommendations for successfully conquering the international fashion market .

Decor for your home: international market and export opportunities

There are many options and styles in the world of interior design, so it is important to choose home decor products that will suit the tastes and preferences of different countries. Buyers from the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, for example, are showing particular interest in Ukrainian home decor products. Taking advantage of this demand, you can bring your products to the international market.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Home decoration in Ukrainian style

If your products are related to traditional Ukrainian folk art, you have an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of buyers from the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. These countries value uniqueness and authenticity, and these are the traits that are inherent in Ukrainian home decor.

Hand-woven textiles

Ukrainian hand-woven textiles are an excellent choice for those who want to give their home a special charm and comfort. Buyers in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria appreciate the high quality of Ukrainian textiles and its unique patterns. You can offer pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths and other interior items decorated with national motifs. This will add a special touch and attract buyers who are looking for unique and exclusive items for their home.

Decorative ceramics

Another popular category of home decor products that is in demand in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria is decorative ceramics. Ukrainian craftsmen create real works of art from clay, decorating them with unique paintings and ornaments. Such products can become a real decoration for the interior, emphasizing its style and individuality. Vases, figurines, plates and cups are all in demand among buyers seeking to create a unique atmosphere in their home.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

How to start selling products abroad?

Now that you know which home decor products are most in demand in the international market, it's time to look at a few steps to help you start exporting your products overseas.

  1. Explore the market. Before you start selling in other countries, take the time to study the demand and competition in the market of your chosen country. Gain insight into average prices, trends and consumer preferences.

  2. Customize products. When you start exporting, you may need to do some customization of your products to suit specific preferences and market requirements. Analyze customer requests and make necessary changes in design, materials or packaging.

  3. Develop a marketing strategy. Exporting goods requires careful planning and a sound marketing strategy. Use online marketing tools such as social media, blogs, content platforms and advertising campaigns to reach your target audience.

  4. Work with partners. Build partnerships with local distributors, agents or retailers to increase distribution and sales in your chosen country. With local partners, you will have better market access and local understanding.

  5. Pay attention to logistics. Proper organization of logistics is one of the key aspects of successful export. Determine the best way to ship goods, ensure secure packaging and ensure compliance with customs regulations.

    How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

And remember that each country has its own characteristics and requirements. It is important to be sensitive to cultural differences and adapt your strategy to the needs of your local audience.

"Ukrainian home decor is the embodiment of talent and national identity. These products will not only add beauty to your interior, but will also help you create coziness and surprise your guests. Their uniqueness and high quality attracts buyers from all over the world. Don't miss the opportunity to become part of the international market and give people the joy of unique Ukrainian decor!" - notes decor expert Natalya Rudenko.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Useful to do Should be avoided
* Research the market and learn about popular products in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. * Do not ignore local preferences and cultural characteristics.
* Adapt products to market requirements and specific customer needs. * Don't limit yourself to just one country, consider other potential markets.
* Develop an effective marketing strategy that includes online marketing and partnerships. * Do not forget about the logistics aspects and features of international delivery.

Remember these tips, plan your export strategy and enjoy success in the international home decor market!

Food & Gourmet

If you are looking to start selling your products abroad, then one of the most in-demand categories is food and delicacies. Ukrainian cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in different parts of the world, and that is why food products from Ukraine are in significant demand in Poland, Germany and the Baltic countries.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Ukrainian cuisine - authentic tastes that tempt

In recent years, Europeans have increasingly I want to explore our authentic tastes. At the same time, to successfully sell Ukrainian food abroad, it is not necessary to have a full-fledged production facility. It is enough to offer products that are real taste masterpieces of our country.

Ukrainian honey, jams and traditional sweets

Even homemade Ukrainian honey, berry jams and traditional sweets will find their buyers abroad. Our sweet products are unique and attractive to foreigners because they combine tradition, quality and taste. Moreover, a favorable basis has already been formed for the sale of this category of goods.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Ukrainian confectionery products on the world market

Ukrainian confectionery products such as chocolate and candies , do not go unnoticed on the global market. Due to their deliciousness and high quality, they have gained the trust and acceptance of consumers in different countries such as Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

Significant consumer interest

Most people are interested in exotic and unique foods from different cultures. Ukrainian food products have these qualities and attract the attention of many foreigners. Thanks to their authenticity and unique taste, they are able to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes and make them want to buy them again.

Conclusions and recommendations

To successfully sell Ukrainian food and delicacies abroad, it is important to consider the following recommendations:

  • Research the market and identify those countries where there is significant interest in Ukrainian products.
  • Create high-quality and attractive packaging for your products to attract the attention of potential buyers.
  • Advertise your products on social media and various platforms for selling products. This will help attract more customers and increase sales.
  • Pay attention to product quality. Homemade and natural products will be received with greater enthusiasm from consumers.
  • Set affordable prices for your products to attract more customers.

Now that you know which Food & Gourmet products are most in demand in the international market and how to start selling them abroad, you can start your export business successfully and with confidence.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

"Ukrainian food and delicacies are not only authentic tastes and traditions, but also the opportunity to create a successful business abroad. Don't miss your chance and let people enjoy the culinary masterpieces of our country!" - Anastasia Volyunets, international trade expert at OdessaMarket.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Books and literature

Ukrainian literature: popularity abroad


One of the most popular goods on the international market are books and literature. Ukrainian literature has gained particular popularity among European readers. Not only the original language, but also translations of Ukrainian literature into other languages attract the attention of book lovers.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Ukrainian literature in Europe: reasons for success

🌎 Interest with from Poland and other countries Ukrainian online stores offer a variety of literary works, including novels, poetry and historical literature. For example, ELBUZ's client, the bookstore Kniznabaza, created a Polish version of the site and delivers its goods from Ukraine to Poland. The existing historical and cultural ties between Poland and Ukraine attract Polish readers to Ukrainian literary works. But not only Poland is showing interest in Ukrainian books; other European countries involved in literary translation, such as France and Germany, are also interested in Ukrainian literature.

Growing popularity of Ukrainian literature abroad

📈 Expanding geographical coverage Thanks to the possibilities of online trading and e-books, Ukrainian literature has become more accessible outside of Ukraine. Many readers from all over the world can easily purchase and enjoy Ukrainian works.

The wealth of Ukrainian literature

📚 Variety of literary genres Ukrainian literature offers a wide selection of genres and topics. From historical novels to modern poetry, Ukrainian literature can satisfy every reader's taste and preferences.

How to start selling Ukrainian literature abroad?

🌐 Creating an online store If you are interested in selling Ukrainian books abroad, creating your own online store may be one of the best options. Maintain your website in different languages so that your store is accessible to audiences from different countries.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Tips for effectively selling Ukrainian literature

🔍 Research the needs and requirements of the international market Before To start selling Ukrainian literature abroad, it is important to conduct research into the needs and requirements of international readers. Understanding your audience's preferences and interests will help you shape your product range and develop marketing strategies.

Review: how to start selling Ukrainian literature abroad

What to do What not to do
Have a wide selection of Ukrainian books Limit yourself only to popular works
Study the international market and the needs of readers Do not take into account the tastes and preferences of the international audience
Create a convenient and multilingual online store Ignore online trading opportunities
Develop marketing strategies and advertising campaigns Do not actively promote Ukrainian literature
Cooperate with international distributors Do not seek partnerships and collaborations

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

⚡️ Now that you have an overview and guide to selling Ukrainian literature abroad, you can start planning and growing your business in this area. Consider the needs of readers, follow the latest trends in the market and actively promote your product range. Successful sales and dissemination of Ukrainian book culture around the world!

Furniture: an export-oriented segment of the Ukrainian economy

In recent years, Ukraine has been confidently gaining its niche in the international furniture market . Thanks to their art and technical skills, furniture from Ukrainian manufacturers is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of leading European countries such as Germany, Italy and the UK. Wooden furniture and decorative elements produced in Ukraine are in particular demand. It is not surprising that the Ukrainian brand ODESD2, which specializes in creating unique furniture, has already gained worldwide fame.

However, in order to successfully present Ukrainian furniture abroad, you need to make a number of important decisions and become familiar with the features of this export segment.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Types of Ukrainian furniture that are in demand on the international market

Ukrainian furniture today is presented in various styles and directions. Modern design, classics, minimalism and eclecticism - all these styles are successfully embodied in the products of Ukrainian manufacturers. It is important to note that the quality and reliability of furniture from Ukraine are at a high level, which makes it competitive in the world market.

The superiority of Ukrainian wooden furniture

🌳 Wooden furniture produced in Ukraine has a special charm and uniqueness. Craftsmen skillfully use local wood species to create elegant and sophisticated products. This includes furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining room, office and other spaces.

🏆 Ukrainian wooden furniture successfully competes internationally, especially in the context of its quality and uniqueness. You have the opportunity to offer customers something special and exclusive.

Successful Ukrainian brand: example of ODESD2

⭐️ An example of a successful Ukrainian brand that has gained worldwide fame is ODESD2. They create stunning wood products that attract the attention of connoisseurs of unique accessories from all over the world. This brand demonstrates that Ukrainian furniture can be modern, creative and in demand.

💡 How can you promote Ukrainian furniture abroad?

International export requires a strategic approach and mandatory research of the target audience and market. Here are some tips that will help you confidently promote Ukrainian furniture abroad:

  1. Research the market and identify your target audience : Conduct research, study the specific needs and preferences of your target audience abroad. This way, you can adapt your furniture and marketing strategy to the requirements of the new market.

  2. Attract attention with original designs: Ukrainian furniture is known for its unique designs and impeccable quality. Emphasize this advantage and create a recognizable brand that will attract the attention of buyers.

  3. Build long-term relationships with partners: Establish contacts with distributors, representatives of interior salons and other partners abroad. Regular cooperation will help strengthen your presence in the international market.

  4. Use modern marketing techniques: Promote your products actively through digital marketing. Websites, social media, content marketing and other tools can help you increase your brand's visibility and attract more customers.

  5. Generate discussion: Engage your audience, ask questions, pique their interest, and stimulate discussion. This will help strengthen your export presence and increase conversions.

    How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Make a choice in favor of exporting Ukrainian furniture!

The global furniture market offers enormous opportunities for Ukrainian manufacturers. Properly planned export of wooden furniture, as well as other types of furniture, will allow you to strengthen your position on the world stage and increase your profits. Seize your market share and offer customers unique products that will delight you with their uniqueness and quality.

💼 Summary: When promoting Ukrainian furniture on the international market, it is necessary to take into account the specific needs of the target audience and design trends. Wooden furniture is the most popular and sought-after segment of the Ukrainian furniture industry. Moreover, the export of wooden furniture is already a successful reality. But don't forget about other types of furniture that may also attract interest from international buyers. Leverage modern marketing strategies and establish partnerships to achieve success in the global sales arena.

What to do What not to do
Explore and adapt to international market demand Don't underestimate needs of the target audience
Attract attention with unique design and quality Don't limit yourself to standard solutions
Build cooperation with partners in the global market Don't forget about long-term relationships with key partners
Use modern marketing methods to attract new clients Go beyond traditional promotion channels
Ask questions and engage your audience to spark interest and stimulate discussion Don't ignore customer needs and opinions
Reinforce presence in the global market and strive for leadership Do not rest on your laurels and do not neglect market trends

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Alcoholic drinks

Strong drinks from Ukraine: from vodka to wines

Demanded variety of Ukrainian alcoholic drinks on the international market

Alcoholic drinks occupy a special niche on the international goods market. In this section, we will look at which spirits from Ukraine are in greatest demand abroad and how to start exporting them.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

🍹 Thirst for success: Ukrainian alcoholic drinks on the way to international recognition

Ukrainian alcohol industry drinks industry is gaining momentum and attracting attention not only within the country, but also abroad. One of the most popular drinks is, of course, vodka. However, in addition to vodka, traditional Ukrainian alcoholic drinks, including fruit liqueurs, wines and mead, have also attracted attention in European markets.

🍯 Mead: a delicious offer from Ukraine

Of all Ukrainian alcoholic drinks, mead deserves special attention. Mead is an infusion of honey, which is extracted using ancient recipes. Distinguished by its unique mild taste and sweet aroma, mead has become a popular choice for connoisseurs of alternative alcoholic beverages.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

🍷 Ukrainian wine: price-quality ratio is higher than Western analogues

Today, Ukrainian wine has found its place on the international stage and has won the recognition of experts. The wines of Ukrainian winemakers are of high quality and have exclusive characteristics. The combination of a unique climate and rich production experience turns Ukrainian wines into real works of art.

🥃 Traditional Ukrainian alcoholic drinks fruit liqueurs

Fruit liqueurs are another interesting category of Ukrainian alcoholic drinks that are successfully represented on the world market. They are made from fresh fruit and are natural and flavorful. Fruit liqueurs have gained popularity among connoisseurs of alcohol and cocktails.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

🔥 Demand for Ukrainian alcoholic drinks in Europe and beyond

Value for money Ukrainian alcohol is often more advantageous than its Western counterparts. Therefore, there is a special demand for Ukrainian strong drinks, such as vodka and mead, in European countries such as Poland, Germany and Lithuania. Ukrainian alcohol producers are constantly improving their technologies to meet the needs and preferences of foreign buyers.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

🌎 Export of Ukrainian alcoholic drinks: where to start

How to start selling Ukrainian alcoholic drinks Abroad

  1. Research your target markets: Before you start exporting, it is important to conduct an analysis and determine where your product will be in demand and competitive.

  2. Learn new markets: each market has its own rules and specifics. Research the laws and requirements of the country in which you plan to sell alcoholic beverages.

  3. Find reliable intermediaries: establish contacts with distributors and market representatives who will help you promote and distribute your product.

  4. Create a unique brand: develop a recognizable and attractive bottle and packaging design that will highlight the quality of your product.

  5. Maintain quality: Confidence in the quality of your alcohol will help attract new customers and retain existing ones.

    How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

📊 A general overview of what you should and shouldn't do when promoting Ukrainian alcoholic beverages drinks

Do's Don'ts
Study the market and customer needs Ignore local laws
Based on the quality and uniqueness of the product Neglect market research
Work with reliable partners Succumb to cheap compromises
Create a recognizable and advertising brand Change packaging and design too often
Maintain a high level of service Forget about building partnerships

💼 Results: successful export of Ukrainian alcoholic drinks

Ukrainian alcoholic drinks are becoming increasingly popular internationally market. Due to their high quality and unique characteristics, drinks such as wine, mead and fruit liqueurs win customers from all over the world. If you are interested in exporting alcohol, apply our tips and recommendations to successfully sell Ukrainian alcoholic beverages abroad.

Organic Foods

Organic foods have provided the foundation for a healthy diet for many people. Grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, these products offer a range of health and environmental benefits. Demand for organic products is growing all over the world, and many entrepreneurs are finding good export opportunities in this area.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Why are organic foods so popular?

There are several reasons why organic products have such high demand in the international market.

  1. Health and well-being: Every year more and more people pay attention to their health and strive for a balanced diet. Organic foods contain more nutrients and fewer harmful chemicals, allowing people to get the most benefits for their bodies. This is especially true for European countries, where a healthy lifestyle and organic nutrition have become fashionable trends.

  2. Environmentally Responsible: Organic food is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, making it a more environmentally friendly method. This helps maintain the regularity of natural processes, preserving soil, biodiversity and water resources. Europeans, especially in countries such as Poland, France and the Netherlands, are actively interested in Ukrainian organic products.

  3. Social Consciousness: Today's consumers are increasingly paying attention to where their products come from and the conditions in which they are produced. Organic farming is often combined with social responsibility, as it provides farmers with fair wages and preserves the traditions of agriculture.

    How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

How to start exporting organic products from Ukraine?

If you are interested in exporting organic products from Ukraine, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Research potential markets: Identify countries where there is demand for organic products and research local laws and standards. Markets in Europe, North America and Asia generally show interest in organic products.

  2. Get certified: To export organic products, you must obtain the appropriate certification. Make sure your products meet the requirements of local certification bodies such as USDA Organic or the European Federation of Organic Agriculture.

  3. Connect with Intermediaries: Finding reliable intermediaries is an important step in successfully exporting organic products. Use established connections and contact distributors, retailers and restaurants that specialize in organic products.

  4. Develop a Marketing Strategy: Identify your unique product selling point and develop a marketing strategy to appeal to overseas buyers. Consider participating in international trade shows, creating online sales, and using social media to promote your products.

Assessing the Export Prospects of Organic Products

Organic products have great potential to export and capture the international market. Here are some helpful practices and tips to help you succeed in this area:

What to do Things to Avoid
Invest in certification Do not ignore local laws and standards
Find reliable partners and intermediaries Use chemical fertilizers and pesticides
Actively promote your products Don't forget to stay updated on

Organic food is the answer to the growing need for healthy and organic food. Exporting organic products from Ukraine provides entrepreneurs with enormous opportunities to expand their business and capture the international market. Follow the guide provided above and market your products effectively to achieve success in this industry.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

"Food should be a source of pleasure, not just a means of subsistence." - Sofia Rybalko, expert on organic products.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Now that you have realized the benefits of exporting organic products and learned about the strategy to adopt, you are ready start your journey in international trade. Good luck with your new venture!

Pet food and supplies

Impeccable nutrition and comfortable conditions are the key to a happy and healthy life for our pets. The variety of pet products is steadily growing, and selling them abroad is a very promising area. In this section, we will look at which feeds and products are in greatest demand in international trade, and also explore in detail the process of starting to sell and strengthening our position in foreign markets.

Benefits and potential

Pet food and products are an industry that is actively developing not only in Ukraine, but also at the international level . The quality of Ukrainian products has already been appreciated in European markets, and this opens up many opportunities for successful export.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

✅ Why are Ukrainian pet products in high demand?

  1. Wide range of feed. Ukrainian manufacturers offer a wide selection of feed rations that take into account the needs of all types of pets. From spiders for cats and dogs to food for rodents and birds, there is an option for everyone.
  2. Product quality. Ukrainian pet products are produced in strict accordance with international quality and safety standards. This guarantees healthy and complete products for animals.
  3. Competitive prices. Ukrainian food and pet products are relatively affordable compared to similar products produced in other countries.

Popularity in the international market

🌍 The international market of food and pet products is represented by numerous foreign buyers. Most often, Ukrainian pet products are exported to countries such as Moldova, Sweden and Poland. What exactly makes foreign customers turn to our products?

✅ Why is Ukrainian products important to foreign buyers?

  1. Quality at EU level. Ukraine is rapidly approaching European quality standards, so foreign clients appreciate Ukrainian products.
  2. Uniqueness of taste preferences. Ukrainian food suits the taste of Western pets thanks to the interesting culinary culture of our country.
  3. Availability. Relatively low prices for Ukrainian goods make them attractive for purchase by third-party customers.

    How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

How to start selling pet food and supplies abroad?

Introducing your products to the international market can be a daunting task, but with the following guide, you'll have all the tools you need to export successfully:

  1. Marketing research. Study the needs and preferences of your target audience abroad. Analyze your competitors and determine your unique advantages.
  2. Certification and Compliance. Prepare your products for export by obtaining the necessary quality certificates and other documents required by international markets.
  3. Logistics and supplies. Develop an efficient supply chain to confidently fill orders and deliver products on time.
  4. Appearance of the package. Give your products an attractive design that will make them stand out on store shelves and online platforms.
  5. Marketing and promotion. Create a unique marketing strategy for your products. Use various promotion channels, such as social networks, blogs and cooperation with popular bloggers.

💡 Tip: Use unique product offers and promotions to attract and retain customers abroad. Regularly update your product line to follow global trends and meet changing market needs.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Review of practical recommendations

Do's Don'ts
🎯 Study market requirements and customer preferences. ❌ Forget about the growth of competition and do not follow innovations.
🎯 Prepare your goods for export and certification. ❌ Avoid violating security standards.
🎯 Develop an efficient logistics and supply chain system. ❌ Leaving customers without proper service and support.
🎯 Pay attention to the quality of packaging and design. ❌ Use aggressive marketing methods.
🎯 Use a variety of marketing and advertising channels. ❌ Not paying enough attention to customer feedback and reactions.

Consider every step carefully to maximize the success of your business in the international market. Remember that product quality, price competitiveness and marketing efforts will play a key role in attracting and retaining customers overseas. We wish you good luck and prosperity on this promising path of exporting pet products!

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Herbal and traditional medicine

Ukrainian culture is enriched by ancient traditions of herbal treatment and traditional medicine. This rich heritage is attracting the attention of European consumers, especially in France, Italy and Spain. Ukrainian herbal supplements, essential oils and traditional medicines have gained well-deserved popularity and thorough scientific research is being conducted confirming their effectiveness and safety.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Traditions of Ukrainian folk medicine

Ukrainian folk medicine carefully transmits knowledge about the medicinal properties of various herbs and plants from generation to generation. This knowledge is based on the experience of ancient healers who discovered the valuable properties of natural ingredients.

Ukrainian herbs and plants are used not only to treat various diseases, but also to maintain general well-being. Some of them have anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and soothing effects.

The most popular Ukrainian herbs and plants

  1. Thyme 🌿: This One of the most commonly used herbs to treat various stomach problems, it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps cope with stress.

    💡 Interesting fact: In Ukraine, thyme is valued so highly that they created a print for aromatherapy workwear with the built-in smell of this herbal plant.

  2. St. John's wort 🌼: Used to treat wounds, burns, inflammation and fungal infections. It is used in the form of infusions, ointments or creams. It has a general strengthening effect on the body and helps improve immunity.

    How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

    💭 Expert opinion: "St. John's wort is a true natural antibiotic that is especially effective in combating skin problems "It not only moisturizes and soothes the skin, but also stimulates its regeneration." - Dr. Anna Shevchenko, herbal medicine expert.

    How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

  3. Coltsfoot 🌼: This plant is often used to treat respiratory problems such as coughs, bronchitis and colds. Has expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects. Can be used externally to treat wounds and skin problems.

    ⚡ Tip: Prepare a decoction of coltsfoot and use it as a gargle to reduce pain and inflammation from throat diseases.

  4. Wormwood 🌿: Used in traditional medicine as an antiparasitic and to improve digestion . It has a bitter taste and helps to cope with disturbances of enzymatic activity in the stomach and intestines.

    🌟 Historical point: In ancient times, during epidemics, wormwood was used in amulets, as its smell was considered to repel infections.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Preparation and export of Ukrainian herbs

To prepare Ukrainian herbs and folk remedies for export, certain rules must be followed.

Step 1: Harvesting and Drying

Ukrainian herbs are usually harvested by hand to avoid damage to the plants. Once collected, they undergo a drying process, which may be natural or artificial. It is important to preserve all the beneficial properties of plants during this process.

Step 2: Processing and Packaging

Once dried, the herbs are ready for further processing and packaging. The plant processing process removes unwanted impurities and residues to produce pure, quality products.

Packaging plays an important role in preserving the quality of herbs. Durable bags are used that protect plants from exposure to light and moisture. This helps extend the shelf life and maintain the beneficial properties of the products.

Step 3: Certification Procedures

Before export, Ukrainian herbs undergo certification procedures to ensure they meet quality and safety standards. This is important to convince foreign buyers of the reliability of the product and its compliance with international requirements.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Best practices when exporting goods to the world market

To increase the success of exporting Ukrainian goods, There are several important factors to consider:

1. Research your target markets

Conduct research on your target markets to understand their needs and preferences. Learn about legislation, licensing and certification requirements. This will help you prepare for a successful entry into the international market.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

2. Focus on Quality

Strive to produce and provide high quality products. Invest in technology, staff training and optimization of production processes. Excellent product quality will help you gain the trust of customers and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

3. Design Attractive Packaging

Packaging plays an important role in attracting the attention of customers. Develop an effective packaging design that stands out from the competition. Consider the requirements of the target market and ensure that the packaging meets safety standards and communicates the contents of the product.

4. Establish good communication channels

Create effective communication channels with your customers. This may include creating a website, using social media and email. Be open to feedback and respond promptly to customer requests and questions.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Review of recommendations

Actions Helpful
Research markets 🌟
Ensure quality 🌟
Develop packaging 🌟
Establish communication 🌟

Whether you are an entrepreneur or business owner, exporting Ukrainian goods to the international market offers enormous opportunities to develop your business. Drawing on the rich tradition of herbal and traditional medicine, you can create a unique product that will be beneficial and in demand internationally.

Remember that success requires careful planning, continuous learning and active involvement in the market. Follow the recommendations and move forward with confidence.

Conclusion: how to choose goods for export from Ukraine abroad

When considering the topic of exporting goods to the international market, especially in Europe, there are several of the most popular categories of Ukrainian goods that are in high demand. These are wood products and furniture, which are the main export goods from Ukraine to European countries.

In addition, a significant share of exports is made up of clothing, accessories, food, hand-made goods and household goods. It is important to note that the market is always dynamic and new trends may emerge that may change the demand for certain products. Therefore, it is important to monitor changes in the industry and research the market to identify potential opportunities for exporting goods.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

However, regardless of the product category you choose to export, there are several important steps you need to follow to successfully start selling them abroad.

  1. Research the Market: Before you start exporting goods, it is important to thoroughly research your target market. Determine the demand for selected products, the competitive environment, import and export regulations, and cultural characteristics that may influence demand and consumer preferences.

  2. Create an international brand: In order to attract the attention of buyers abroad, it is important to develop and promote an international brand. Create an effective marketing strategy, including online, to attract new customers and establish trust in your brand.

  3. Establish reliable suppliers and partners: In case of exporting goods, it is important to establish reliable connections with suppliers and partners. Research and select reliable companies that can provide quality delivery of goods and timely processing of orders.

  4. Shipping and Logistics: Please pay attention to shipping and logistics issues. Provide different delivery options so that customers can choose the most convenient and affordable way to receive their goods.

  5. Understand the Features of International Business: International business has its own specific features and requirements. Make sure you understand international laws and regulations related to the export of goods to avoid problems with customs and legality of transactions.

It is important to remember that successfully exporting goods to the international market takes time, effort and a strategic approach. Research the market, develop an effective marketing strategy, establish strong partnerships, and be prepared to adapt to changing demands and trends. Gradually, your business can become a successful exporter and bring you significant income.

"Exporting goods to the international market is a complex but rewarding process that requires preparation, research and a strategic approach. Success depends on many factors, including selection of goods, market analysis, establishing partnerships and competent logistics. Be prepared for difficulties, but they are compensated by the potential opportunities and benefits of international business." - comments expert on export of goods Victoria Pasechnik.

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Review: Dos and Don'ts of Exporting Goods

Do Don't
Research the target market Ignore customer demand and preferences
Create an international brand Do not pay attention to marketing and promotion
Establish reliable partnerships Work with unverified suppliers and partners
Pay attention to delivery and logistics Do not take into account the peculiarities of international business
Understand international laws and regulations Ignore the legalities of exporting goods

The conclusions and practical recommendations presented in this section will help you understand which products are most in demand on the international market and how to start selling them abroad. Be prepared to adapt to changes in the industry and follow trends to successfully develop in the international market.

Amazon Expertise

How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Description of the client and his business

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world. They offer a wide range of products including electronics, home goods, books, clothing and more. The company's goal is to provide customers with a convenient and affordable way to shop online.

Goals and Objectives

Amazon's main goal is to expand its business outside the United States and increase its volume sales on the international market. The main task is to determine which products are most in demand in the markets of different countries and develop effective strategies for their promotion and sale.

Target Audience Description

Amazon's international target audience is broad and diverse. This includes consumers of different genders, ages and interests. The company is focused on providing high quality products at reasonable prices and emphasizes the importance of meeting the needs of its customers.

Key Points that Attract Prospects

Prospects are attracted to a variety of Amazon factors, including:

  • ⭐️ Wide range of products
  • ⭐️ Competitive prices
  • ⭐️ Convenience and ease of online shopping
  • ⭐️ Fast and reliable delivery
  • ⭐️ Quality guarantee and return options

Facts, numbers and concrete results

In recent years, Amazon has demonstrated impressive international sales results:

  • 📈 In 2023, Amazon's international sales were $76 billion.
  • 🌎 Amazon is active in more than 15 countries around the world, including the USA, UK, Japan, Spain and others.
  • 🚚 The company delivers its products to more than 100 countries, which opens up opportunities for customers throughout the global market.

    How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

Overview table

Below is a table summarizing the basic facts and data about Amazon and their international sales:

Main Objective Identify the most popular products on the market abroad
Target audience Consumers of different gender, age and interests
Main factors in attracting customers Wide range of products, competitive prices, convenience and safety of online shopping, fast delivery and quality assurance
Meaningful results Amazon had $76 billion in international sales in 2020, operates in over 15 countries and ships to 100+ countries

💡 Note: Amazon continues to evolve and introduce new sales strategies to meet the needs of its international audience. This allows them to remain a leading retailer and successfully promote products abroad.

Video: Amazon Empire: The Rise and Success of Jeff Bezos

Frequently asked questions about what products to sell abroad

What products are most in demand on the international market?

The most popular goods on the international market are handmade products, natural cosmetics, clothing and accessories, home decor, food and delicacies, books and literature, furniture, alcoholic beverages, organic food, pet food and supplies, as well as herbal and traditional medicine.

How to start selling products abroad?

To start selling goods abroad, you should study the demand for your product in the target country, conduct marketing research, decide on the choice of platform for sale (for example, international online marketplaces or own online store) and prepare for international logistics and tax issues.

What are the main advantages of selling handmade products abroad?

Selling hand-made products abroad allows you to expand your target audience, gain greater profits through a competitive advantage, strengthen your brand and develop interaction with foreign clients.

Which sales channels are most effective for exporting natural cosmetics?

The most effective sales channels for exporting natural cosmetics are online stores, specialized physical stores, and participation in international fairs and exhibitions.

What are the most popular segments of clothing and accessories in the international market?

The most popular apparel and accessories segments in the international market are fashion apparel, shoes, bags, jewelry and hair accessories.

What factors should you consider when selling home decor overseas?

When selling home decor abroad, consider the cultural background and tastes of your target audience, adapt products to local requirements and standards, and pay attention to effective marketing and distribution channels.

What types of food and delicacies are most popular in the international market?

The most popular types of food and specialty items in the international market are local specialties, exotic foods, health foods and organic foods.

What books and literature are most in demand abroad?

The most popular books and literature abroad are classical literature, books about handicrafts, historical and popular science publications, as well as manuals for learning foreign languages.

What types of furniture are in high demand in the international market?

In the international market, there is an increased demand for furniture in a modern style, furniture for offices and workspaces, as well as handcrafted furniture.

Which countries have the greatest demand for alcoholic beverages?

The greatest demand for alcoholic beverages is observed in countries such as France, Italy, Scotland, Japan, USA and Canada.

What are the most popular organic products in the international market?

Some of the most popular organic products on the international market include fruits and vegetables, honey and non-GMO foods.

What products and food products are in high demand abroad?

Abroad, there is an increased demand for exotic products, spices, healthy foods, organic products, as well as delicacies and traditional local products.

What should you consider when exporting pet food and supplies?

When exporting pet food and products, it is necessary to take into account the requirements and standards of the target country, ensure high-quality packaging and labeling, and obtain the necessary permits for customs clearance.

How to popularize herbal and traditional medicine abroad?

Promoting herbal and traditional medicine abroad can be done through seminars and master classes, creating online courses, publishing scientific and popular articles, and collaborating with local partners and health centers.

What are the benefits of moving goods abroad?

Taking products overseas can bring benefits such as increased competitiveness, a larger customer base, reaching new markets, developing an international brand and increased profits.

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How to choose products to sell abroad and start exporting

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