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How to Prepare for Foreign Sales: 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

International sales secrets revealed by successful entrepreneurs. They know how to prepare and succeed. Read on!

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Start by localizing your website 🌍

Is your favorite website already quite effective and bringing you a stable income? Amazing! But now is the time to turn your business into an international empire. Are you ready to open up to new markets and attract customers from other continents? If your answer is yes, then website localization will be your faithful assistant in this journey.

Why do you need site localization? 🌐

Localizing a website into a foreign language is a software minimum when it comes to preparing for foreign sales. First, you should translate the content into English. By creating an English version of your website, you can try yourself in foreign markets. English is a universal language, making it suitable for stores looking to ship their products worldwide.

However, if you have already chosen a specific country and decided to develop exclusively in its market, then focusing on English will not be enough. As Oleg Mikhailenko, an entrepreneur from Laterm, says, he had sales experience in Belgium, and there the English version of the site brought only one order. The Belgians preferred Dutch, and the store that supported it received many more orders.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Localization – details worth paying attention to 📌

Website localization is not limited to just translation of content on the site. It consists of many steps:

1. Adaptation of content. Translate all texts into the language of your target audience. Different cultural backgrounds and regional preferences are important to attract and retain customers abroad. Pay attention to language nuances and use the right terms to make your site sound natural and understandable.

2. Adaptation of design and layout. Make sure your site looks and functions well on a variety of devices and browsers. The design and layout should be intuitive and attractive to your target audience.

3. Localization of marketing materials. It is important that all your marketing materials, including branding, advertising messages and social media, are culturally relevant to your target audience. Use the right images, color schemes, and fonts to build trust and grab your customers' attention.

4. Consideration of local laws and regulations. When localizing your website and launching a business abroad, you must comply with local laws and regulations. Find out about data security, consumer protection and tax requirements in the country where you intend to operate.

Website Localization Best Practices 🌟

  1. Research your target audience. Before you start localizing your site, study the interests and preferences of your target audience. This will help you create content and design that will most effectively attract and retain customers.

  2. Use local experts. Working with local experts can help you avoid language and cultural pitfalls when localizing content. A team of translators and copywriters with local experience will make your website more convincing and attractive to local audiences.

  3. Integrate with local payment and delivery systems. Provide your customers with convenient payment and delivery methods that are accepted in their country. This will help simplify the purchasing process and confirm your reliability in the eyes of customers.

  4. Post reviews and recommendations from local customers. Real reviews and recommendations from local customers will help convince new buyers of the quality of your product or service. Display them prominently on your site to increase trust and attract new customers.

  5. Keep in touch with clients. Connect with your global audience by providing convenient feedback channels. Respond quickly to customer questions and concerns to establish your excellence and show that you are committed to long-term relationships.

    How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Results 📊

Site localization – This is not only the translation of content, but also the adaptation of your entire business to international markets. Successful entrepreneurs always attach great importance to localization, as it allows them to attract new customers and increase sales. Don't limit yourself to just understanding the English language, go deeper into the features and needs of your target audience.

So, don't delay and start localizing your website today. Understand the needs of your global audience, tailor content and design, leverage local expertise, and provide local customers with a seamless shopping experience. Your business will be able to succeed internationally and your website will become a global phenomenon.

"Website localization is a key success factor for your business in foreign markets. Remember to take into account local characteristics and customer preferences." - Oleg Mikhailenko, Laterm.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

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So, you have learned the first advice from entrepreneurs about preparing for foreign sales - start with localizing your website. Now you know a few key steps to help you tailor your business to an international audience. Don't let language and cultural barriers limit your growth - take action today! 🚀

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Note: The table below provides best practices and recommendations for preparing for foreign sales.

What to do What not to do
Research your international audience and tailor your content Localize text only, ignoring design and marketing materials
Ensure that your site's layout and design are localized Use machine translators without checking the quality of the translation
Integrate with local payment and delivery systems Ignore local laws and regulations
Post reviews and recommendations from local customers Ignore customer feedback
Connect with your customers internationally Ignore local preferences and cultural differences

Get started from the first advice from entrepreneurs and follow the best practices for preparing for foreign sales. And remember that site localization is the basis for successful entry into international markets.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Enter foreign markets even with limited assortment

The secret to success in foreign sales lies not only in quality products, but also in proper preparation and adaptation of the business to the requirements of foreign markets. Here are 10 tips from successful entrepreneurs to help you effectively prepare for and succeed in overseas sales.

1. Invest in product quality

Be sure that your product is of high quality and meets international standards. Foreign consumers value quality and are willing to pay more for it. If your product does not meet high standards, then the chances of success in foreign sales are greatly reduced.

2. Tailor Products and Services to Local Needs

Research and understand the needs and preferences of your target audience before entering foreign markets. Make the necessary adaptations to make your product or service as attractive and useful as possible to foreign buyers.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

3. Conduct market research

Thoroughly study the investment attractiveness of foreign markets. Study your competitors, analyze the demand for goods, and assess the solvency of local buyers. This will help you determine how successful your expansion into foreign markets can be.

4. Develop an International Sales Strategy

Before entering foreign markets, develop a strategy that will help you succeed in international sales. Define your goals, understand local laws and customs declaration requirements, and develop effective marketing and sales strategies.

5. Establish international partnerships

One of the most effective ways to penetrate foreign markets is to establish partnerships with local companies. Find reliable distributors, resellers or agents to help you market and sell your products locally.

6. Create an international brand

An international brand will help you stand out from your competitors and build trust with foreign buyers. Study the culture and tastes of foreign audiences and create a suitable brand concept that will be attractive to foreign consumers.

7. Ask the Experts

Don't hesitate to ask for advice and additional help from experts who have experience in international sales. They will be able to share their knowledge and experience, help you avoid mistakes and teach you effective strategies for selling abroad.

Market Research

8. Use international online platforms

The Internet is a powerful tool for attracting foreign clients . List your products on international online platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Alibaba. This will help you reach a wide audience and quickly start attracting overseas orders.

9. Maintain the level of service

Pay special attention to the level of service for foreign buyers. Create a convenient website in several languages, ensure fast and efficient delivery, answer customer questions and requests. A satisfied customer will be your best advocate and help attract new customers.

10. Learn and Adapt

To run a successful overseas business, you need to be flexible and willing to change. Study and analyze markets, listen to customer feedback and adapt your strategies and products according to market demands.

Expert opinion:

Natalya Paliy from the Prom company: “Bringing your goods abroad is a step that requires careful preparation and adaptation of the business to foreign requirements. However, with the right strategy and professional support, you can achieve successful results and significantly expand your opportunities in the international market."

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Do's Don'ts
Invest in product quality Neglect quality control
Tailor products and services to local needs Ignore foreign buyer preferences
Conduct research market Do not study competitors and demand for goods
Develop an international sales strategy Ignore local laws and requirements
Establish international partnerships Rely on your own strength
Create an international brand Ignore cultural differences
Contact experts Refuse help and advice
Use international online platforms Limit yourself to local markets only
Maintain a high level of service Ignore customer feedback
Study and adapt to market conditions Remain inflexible and unresponsive to change

The need to prepare and adapt to foreign sales should not stop you on your path to success. Follow the advice of experienced entrepreneurs, study the market carefully and prepare for every step. Confidence in the quality of your products, a competent sales strategy and professional support will help you achieve success in foreign markets.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

For more information on preparing your website for overseas sales, check out our article " How to Sell for border: site preparation in detail ".

Local language skills and partnerships: key factors for successful overseas sales

Expanding your business overseas is exciting and a promising enterprise that can bring significant success. However, before you start selling overseas, you need to be well prepared. In this section we will look at two important aspects: knowledge of the local language and the possibility of partnership.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Knowledge of the local language

When you choose one of the foreign countries to develop your business, Knowing the local language is invaluable. Knowledge of the local language significantly affects the quality of communication with potential clients. If you present yourself as a local online store, but cannot communicate with customers in their native language, your chances of success will be significantly reduced.

EXIST, a leading store in Poland, has come to the conclusion that knowledge of the language is important. Rostislav Derkach, one of the founders of the store, talks about his experience when the first customers on the phone stopped talking after they heard that the manager did not speak much Polish. Not every seller has the ability to speak foreign languages fluently. However, this fact should not scare you away from developing a business in a foreign market.

As a solution to this problem, you can look for a partner in the country where you plan to sell. This advice is given by Alexander Semenikhin from ANSWEAR. A partner can provide support on many important issues related to the operation of your store. He will be able to negotiate with suppliers, help with content translation and other tasks. Moreover, an alternative to partnership may be to hire a local sales manager who will communicate with clients on your behalf.

Partnerships abroad: importance and benefits

Establishing a partnership in the country where you plan to sell has many advantages. First, the partner will have local experience and specific knowledge of the local market. He will be able to provide guidance and strategic advice for running a successful business.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Secondly, the partner will be able to actively participate in communication with clients. He will have the skills and experience needed to build trust and provide high quality service. This allows your store to provide customers with a personalized experience by understanding their needs on a deeper level.

Thirdly, your partner will be able to help you overcome the language barrier. They will be able to translate your website content into the local language, as well as be aware of local cultural and contextual sensitivities. This is an important requirement for creating unique and engaging content that will meet the expectations of your target audience.

Benefits and overview

To better understand the benefits of local language skills and partnership opportunities, let's present their benefits in a table:

Local language skills Partnerships abroad
Improved communication with clients Local experience and knowledge of the local market
More chances to attract clients Recommendations and strategic advice
Overcoming the language barrier Help with attracting clients and servicing

Important: when choosing a partner you need to pay attention to his reputation, work experience and understanding of your target audience. It is also worth considering that a partnership is a long-term partnership agreement that requires transparency and trust within the framework of mutual relations.

Following the above factors will give you a significant advantage when growing your business in foreign markets. Don’t underestimate the role of language skills and partnership opportunities abroad. They are essential components of successful expansion and can significantly increase your chances of success.

How to arrange delivery of goods abroad? If you are interested in this topic, we recommend that you read our article about organizing the delivery of goods abroad. In it you will find useful information about international logistics and the most effective delivery methods.


Stay up to date with the latest export and overseas sales trends and trends. Remember that knowledge and experience are your key to successful business abroad!

Key Points

  • Knowing the local language ensures better communication with clients and increases your chances of success.
  • If you do not speak the language, it is recommended to find a partner with local knowledge and experience in the local market.
  • A partner will be able to support your business in various aspects, from negotiations with suppliers to content translation and customer service.
  • Determine the benefits of both approaches before making a decision, and be sure to consider the factors, reputation and experience of the partner.
  • Pay attention to the organization of delivery of goods abroad for the correct logistics of your business.


Consider market features: how prepare for overseas sales

Building a successful business focused on overseas sales is a complex and multi-faceted endeavor. Expanding to other countries requires careful market research, strategy and the right approach. In this section, we'll share with you 10 tips from entrepreneurs to help you prepare for and succeed in overseas sales.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

1. Research the needs and interests of your target audience

Before you start selling your goods or services abroad, it is necessary to carefully study the interests and needs of the foreign audience. What is popular in one market may be completely unattractive in another. The key point is to understand what product or service may be in demand in the region where you are going to export your business. Don't forget to also consider local preferences, cultural differences, and market competition.

2. Consider tailoring your assortment to the market

Your current product assortment may not always meet the needs of foreign consumers. Sometimes you will have to make some changes and adjustments to your products or services to adapt to a specific market. For example, a product that sells well in your country may not have the same demand in other countries due to differences in preferences and cultural background. Think about what aspects of your business could be changed or improved to make it attractive to overseas buyers.

3. Study Market Competition

Competition is an integral part of business, and foreign sales are no exception. Before you start exporting, do research on competitors in the market. Determine who is already offering similar products or services and study their strategies and approaches. This will help you find niches that are not yet occupied and develop a unique offering that will set your business apart from the competition.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

4. Assess the profitability of foreign sales

The prospects for foreign sales are often determined by their profitability. Before you start exporting, create a document in which you calculate all the costs associated with selling abroad. Consider logistics costs, advertising, taxes and other related factors. This approach will help you determine whether your business will be profitable internationally. You will be able to make an informed decision about whether you should invest resources and time in overseas sales.

5. Understand the Rules and Regulations

Before you begin exporting your business, you need to thoroughly understand the rules and regulations that you will encounter in foreign markets. Different countries may have different trade and import restrictions, customs duties and certification requirements. Be prepared to adapt to different rules and procedures for conducting international business.

6. Develop an international marketing strategy

An effective marketing strategy plays an important role in attracting international buyers. Based on your market and audience research, develop a strategy that will help you achieve your marketing goals. Consider local culture, language characteristics, and communication channel preferences. Use various marketing tools such as content marketing, social media and advertising to reach foreign consumers.

7. Establish strong partnerships

Partnerships can be valuable assets in international business. Look for reliable partners with whom you can cooperate when selling in other countries. These may be distributors, agents or other companies already operating in the target market. Partners may have local knowledge and connections that can help you reduce the time and resources needed to successfully enter foreign markets.

8. Seek Professional Help

Launching a business internationally is a complex process and sometimes it can be helpful to seek professional advice. Consult with experts in international trade, logistics and marketing. Their knowledge and experience will help you avoid mistakes, reduce risks and increase the efficiency of your export business.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

9. Don't be afraid to experiment and learn

Selling abroad is an ongoing process study and experience. Be willing to experiment, test new ideas, and learn from your successes and failures. Constantly analyze your results, learn what works best in each market, and adapt your approaches according to this knowledge.

10. Keep in touch with customers

Don't forget the importance of customer support. Give your overseas customers the opportunity to seek help and information. Provide an effective communication channel and respond to requests promptly. Customer support will help you build trust and continue cooperation on a long-term basis.


🌟 Research the needs and interests of your audience before entering a foreign market.

🌟 Tailor your product range to the requirements of a specific country.

🌟 Study market competitors and develop a unique offer.

🌟 Evaluate the profitability of overseas sales before investing resources.

🌟 Please comply with local rules and regulations in each country.

🌟 Develop a culturally sensitive international marketing strategy.

🌟 Find reliable partners in your target markets.

🌟 Seek professional help and advice in international business.

🌟 Be willing to experiment and learn from your experiences.

🌟 Keep in touch with your overseas clients and provide them with quality support.

Article: How to Find Clients Abroad can be a useful addition to your international expansion.

Image 2

In conclusion, when preparing for foreign sales, it is necessary to take into account market characteristics, audience needs, competition and other factors affecting the success of exports . Be prepared for thorough research, strategic planning and an innovative approach. Remember, the most important thing is to find a balance between adapting to new markets and maintaining the uniqueness of your brand.


🌟 Develop a strategic plan for successful international expansion.

🌟 Research and adapt to your specific overseas market.

🌟 Be prepared for competition and constantly learn.

🌟 Establish a partnership and seek professional help if necessary.

🌟 Follow changes in the market and adapt to new trends and technologies.

🌟 Maintain active communication and relationships with clients.

Now you have the knowledge and advice you need to prepare for successful overseas sales and grow your business internationally. Good luck with your business!

Improving Logistics for Successful Overseas Sales

The logistics process plays a key role in helping your business succeed in foreign markets. Not only customer satisfaction, but also your reputation, as well as the financial success of the company, depends on the quality of delivery of goods. In this section, we offer you ten valuable tips and best practices from experienced entrepreneurs that will help you prepare for overseas sales more effectively and stand out from the competition.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Optimize your logistics processes

It's no secret that organizing the delivery of goods abroad is complex and a painstaking process. Therefore, it is important not to leave room for mistakes. Entrepreneurs are advised to pay maximum attention to the following aspects of logistics:

  1. Check the recipient's data: Be sure to check the correctness of the specified recipient's data several times. Incorrect address information may result in undelivered products and dissatisfied customers.
  2. Measure the dimensions of the parcel: The exact dimensions and weight of the parcel will help you choose the most optimal delivery option and save on shipping costs.
  3. Select Shipping Type: Depending on the specific needs of your business, select the appropriate shipping type. Different suppliers may offer a variety of shipping options, including Express, Standard and Economy.

A successful logistics process will allow you to avoid unpleasant situations associated with incorrect delivery and additional costs.

Here are examples worth considering:

Conduct a shipping cost audit

Keep in mind that the cost of shipping goods depends on many factors: distance, weight, volume and urgency of delivery. The preferred approach can only be determined after conducting a delivery cost audit. Don't forget to take into account any possible discounts offered by delivery partners. Carefully consider the choice of delivery that will be optimal in terms of price and quality of service.

Avoid ordering mistakes

It's no secret that ordering errors can have negative consequences for your business. Also, delivering packages without any hassle has a positive effect on the overall customer experience. Entrepreneurs recommend paying attention to the following points:

  1. Carefully fill out the product information: Indicate all the necessary characteristics of the product and make sure that they correspond its real meanings.
  2. Please provide correct dimensions: Be sure to provide the correct dimensions and weight of the item. Incorrect information may result in the package not fitting into the container or being refused transportation.
  3. Choose the right packing method: Pack items securely and wisely to minimize the risk of damage during shipping.

    How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Share your experience with the experts

Dressa recently faced a problem of incorrect ordering. Instead of registered mail, regular delivery was chosen by mistake, which led to the delivery cost doubling. This seriously impacted the company's profitability and caused customer dissatisfaction. They proactively reached out to logistics experts, received valuable advice and analyzed their processes. The company launched its own delivery quality control procedure and urged its employees to be more careful when placing orders.

Benefits of proper logistics organization

Proper logistics organization affects the results of your business. What clear benefits will you get if you pay due attention to logistics processes?

1. Customer Trust: Customers will appreciate fast and reliable delivery, which will increase their trust in your company.

2. Brand Reputation: Good logistics will help create a positive image of your brand and its professionalism.

3. Competitive Advantage: Well-organized logistics will allow you to confidently compete internationally with other companies.

4. Satisfied Customers: Your ability to deliver products without any hassle will ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

How to prepare for overseas sales?

Now that you know the importance of organizing logistics for successful overseas sales, it's time to prepare for this process as efficiently as possible. Here are some additional tips to help you succeed:

  • Turn to the Experts: Turn to professionals who have experience working with international delivery. Consultations with specialists will help you make an informed choice and avoid mistakes.
  • Use modern technology: Using modern technology will automate processes and simplify delivery management, reducing labor costs and the possibility of errors.
  • Research international markets: Thoroughly research your target overseas markets, learn the culture and needs of your target audience to tailor your product and marketing strategy.

Overview of Logistics Practices

The table below provides an overview of useful and unhelpful practices when organizing logistics processes for foreign sales.

Helpful Not helpful
Check recipient address data Leave sending data unverified
Measure the dimensions and weight of the parcel Indicate incorrect dimensions of the parcel
Select the appropriate delivery type Choose expensive shipping without the need
Audit shipping costs Ignore discounts and possible savings options
Carefully fill in the product information Leave empty fields or provide incorrect information
Properly pack goods Neglect proper packaging
Seek help from logistics experts Do not seek advice, relying only on yourself
Apply modern technologies in logistics processes Use outdated delivery management methods and systems
Study the features of international markets and customer audiences Neglect studying the peculiarities of foreign markets


For Successful foreign sales require special attention to logistics processes. Proper planning, optimization and control will reduce shipping costs, increase customer satisfaction and strengthen your reputation internationally. Remember to embrace modern technology and seek expert help to achieve maximum results in your business.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Survey on Ukrainian business abroad

"Logistics is the stomach between production and the consumer, on which the digestion process depends and the product of its processing is formed." - Mikhail Yaroshevich, logistics expert at Rozetka.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Improve your business's logistics processes today and ensure successful overseas sales!

Product packaging: the key to successful overseas sales

In the world of online commerce, where goods are sent across borders, reliable packaging plays a huge role. Each package traveling long distances must be delivered to the customer in safe and excellent condition. In this article we will look at the importance of proper packaging for the successful development of foreign sales.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

1. Product protection throughout the entire journey

International parcels can take a long time in transit , passing through various postal and delivery services. Therefore, it is especially important to ensure the reliability of the packaging so that the goods remain safe and undamaged inside the parcel. Use strong boxes and pad the space inside the packaging to prevent the item from moving during delivery.

2. Attractive packaging

Product packaging should not only provide reliability, but also be attractive to customers. Add small but noticeable details that highlight your brand and make the unboxing experience special for the buyer. A great way to make packaging attractive is to include branded cards or use boxes with branded logos and designs. These small details create a positive user experience and can increase customer loyalty.

3. Preparing for International Shipping

When you're planning to ship internationally, consider the specifics of each individual market. Study the requirements and rules of international postal services and certification bodies. Please note the weight and size restrictions for each country to avoid additional costs and delays during customs clearance.

4. International tracking service

To ensure transparency and communication between you and your customers, it is very important to provide the ability to track packages online. Integrating an international tracking service on your website will allow customers to see the status and location of their parcel in real time. This will build confidence and trust among customers and reduce the risk of questions and complaints.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

5. Attention to detail

Check the item before packing and make sure it is in in perfect condition. Monitor new trends and product demand in international markets to tailor your packaging and give customers what they really want.

6. Optimizing Shipping Costs

To effectively manage overseas shipping, evaluate different options and choose the most cost-effective and reliable shipping method. Study the offers of different postal operators and logistics companies to find the optimal combination of price and quality of delivery.

7. Adapting packaging to local needs

Each country has its own characteristics and preferences for packaging goods. Research local markets and understand what changes to packaging can make your product more attractive and convenient for customers. Apply local traditions and preferences in packaging design and accessories to successfully interact with foreign clients.

8. Considering environmental factors

Today's consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues and are trying to choose products and companies that treat the environment responsibly. Consider using environmentally friendly materials in your packaging or offer customers the option to recycle packaging materials.

9. Customer Communication

Maintain constant communication with customers, especially when shipping goods overseas. Notify them of the order status, provide detailed instructions on how to receive the package, and be prepared to answer any questions they may have. Active communication will help establish trust and create a positive image of your brand.

10. Customer Reviews and Recommendations

Receive and analyze reviews from your customers, especially those who have already made international purchases. Identify and address weaknesses in packaging and shipping to continuously improve your processes. Positive reviews and recommendations will serve as additional advertising and attract new customers.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Expert opinion:

"Proper packaging of goods is one of the key components of successful overseas sales. In addition to protecting the goods throughout the journey, focus on the attractiveness of the packaging. Pay attention to the specifics of each market and country to which you export your product. Optimize shipping costs and adapt packaging to local needs. Remember the importance of customer communication and actively collect feedback and recommendations. All these points will help you grow your business internationally with confidence."

Alena Bliznyuk, manager of the Ukrzoloto jewelry store.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

🔍 What's useful: ❌ What not to do:
- Use strong and reliable materials for packaging - Insufficient protection of the goods in the parcel
- Adding branded elements to packaging - Ignoring local requirements and regulations
- Integration of international tracking service - Forget about maintaining communication with clients
- Analyzing customer feedback and improving processes - Using non-sustainable materials in packaging

Reliable packaging of goods is an integral part of successful foreign sales. Each package must be delivered to the customer in safe and excellent condition. Use durable materials and create an attractive packaging design to create a memorable user experience. Actively engage with customers, consider local requirements and regulations, and continually improve your delivery processes. Don't forget about the importance of communication and analyze customer feedback to constantly develop and offer even better services.

🌟 CTA (together with the following paragraph, code sections or examples, you need to place elements that will allow you to put the advice in this section into practice)

Add a piece of candy to each package to make it even more attractive and bring a smile to the customer's face. Remember to use recyclable materials in your packaging to highlight your commitment to the environment. Every detail matters, and your packaging can be the key to your successful entry into the international market.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

How to successfully accept payments for orders from foreign buyers

Successful overseas sales involves many aspects, and one of them is order payment. Foreign clients unfamiliar with Ukrainian payment services may be confused and dissatisfied. This may affect their decision to make a purchase as they may be wary of possible deception. This was confirmed by entrepreneurs who said that some Ukrainian online payment services require additional personal information from foreign buyers to confirm the payment. Often foreigners become very cautious when it comes to the security of their data and may refuse to purchase from your store because of this.

It is important to provide various integrations with Western online payment services such as Stripe, PayU or PayPal to successfully accept payments for orders on your website. They serve as a reliable means of payment for foreign customers and will help increase the level of trust in your business. However, it should be remembered that the choice of payment services also depends on the niche of your business and the cost of goods. If your store specializes in high-value items, or the average order value is always high, then international customers may not be comfortable using online payment. Based on the experience of Ukrainian sellers, in such cases, most foreign buyers prefer payment through a bank account. Therefore, it is important to provide this option in your store and ensure the ability to accept payments through the bank.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Convenient payment options for international buyers will help increase international sales for your business. Protect yourself from losing customers and increasing conversions by providing them with different payment methods. This is confirmed by statistics: more than 50% of foreign buyers prefer to use alternative payment methods other than standard card payment services. It is necessary to give customers comfort and the opportunity to choose the payment method that suits them.

An important point for accepting payment is the reliability and security of the transfer of buyer data. International customers are increasingly paying attention to protecting their information. Therefore, you should pay special attention to data protection: choose payment services that provide a high level of security and compliance with the standards of international payment systems. This will reduce the risk of problems with the protection of customer data and ensure trust from foreign buyers.

Payment for an order: what you need to know

  1. Various payment methods - provide foreign customers with a choice of alternatives payment methods such as Stripe, PayU or PayPal.
  2. Understand the unique needs of your niche - consider the specifics of your business when choosing payment services and methods of receiving funds.
  3. Data Security - Ensure a high level of data security for your international customers by choosing payment services with a good security reputation.
  4. Integration with Western payment services - take into account preferences and provide convenient payment methods for customers from different countries.
  5. Understanding customer needs - Find out what payment methods your international customers prefer and provide them with options accordingly.
  6. Increasing trust - Give customers the choice of payment methods that are convenient for them to increase trust and confidence in your business.

Expert advice: Use analytics and statistics to determine the most convenient and popular payment methods for foreign customers in your area niche. This will help improve conversion and increase overseas sales.

What to do What not to do
1 Provide a variety of payment methods Limit yourself to only one payment method
2 Ensure secure data transfer client Ignore security concerns
3 Consider the preferences of foreign clients Ignore local preferences and culture
4 Integrate with Western services payments Use only Ukrainian payment services
5 Constantly analyze and follow changes in the market Stick to one specific payment method

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

A variety of convenient and secure payment methods will allow you to attract and retain foreign buyers, and, consequently, increase the volume of foreign sales in your business. Streamline the payment process based on customer needs and use internationally renowned payment services to establish the reliability and trust of your store. Remember to monitor market trends and analyze payment statistics to stay on top of changes and provide the best possible service to your international audience.

Do not rush to spend large sums on promotion

If you already have experience with advertising tools in the domestic market, this is a great starting point for developing an international promotion strategy. However, there is no need to rush into investing in promotion abroad. The advertising tools you've used in the past may not have the same effect overseas.

To improve the effectiveness of your overseas sales efforts, we recommend that you test different promotion channels gradually and study their effectiveness. This will allow you to focus on the most profitable and effective methods.

Gradual testing and analysis

Experienced entrepreneurs recommend gradually testing various promotion channels to determine the most effective ones. This will allow you to learn which tools work best in your industry and for your brand.

When you start testing different channels, it is important to sample each for an adequate amount of time to gather the necessary data. Use analytics to gain insight into how each tool impacts your sales and conversions.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Key Promotion Tools

There are several key tools that are recommended for use in overseas sales. Firstly, developing active social media pages can be very useful for communicating with foreign clients. Social media is widely used abroad and is one of the main ways to connect with customers. Make sure your page is in a foreign language and is aimed at a Western audience.

Secondly, if you already have experience optimizing your website for search engines in Ukrainian, you can use this knowledge to translate your content into English. Many companies have already taken this step and are enjoying organic traffic right from the start.

Black Hat SEO and Other Practices to Avoid

When you're promoting abroad, there are a few practices to avoid. One of them is the use of gray and black hat SEO techniques such as link spam and content theft. Not only are these practices illegal, but they can also negatively impact your brand's reputation and cause your site to rank lower in search engines.

You should also be careful when choosing promotion agencies that promise incredibly fast and immediately tangible results. In most cases, this may be a sign of fraud. It is better to choose reliable agencies with a good reputation that are ready to provide you with proven results of their work.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Experience of Entrepreneurs

In international sales, the experience of entrepreneurs can be very useful. They have already gone through many trials and errors and are ready to share their knowledge. They may be able to give you useful tips and advice based on their experience.

For example, Ivan Ivanov, a successful international sales entrepreneur, advises the following: "Don't rush to invest large sums of money in promotion at once. Test different channels gradually and base your strategy on data and results."


It is important to remember that successful international expansion requires careful planning and analysis. Take your time investing in promotion and gradually test different tools. Refer to the experience of other entrepreneurs and use proven promotion methods.


The table below provides an overview of key recommendations and best practices for preparing for overseas sales:

What to do What not to do
Check promotion channels gradually Do not use gray and black SEO methods
Develop active pages on social networks Do not choose agencies with unreliable promises
Translate site content into English Take your time with big investments
Learn the experience and advice of experienced entrepreneurs Don't ignore analytics and test results

These recommendations, based on experience and expertise, will help you smartly prepare for foreign sales and achieve success in international expansion.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Connect with customers for successful overseas sales

Find out why customer communication is a key element of successful overseas sales and how to properly connect with your audience

As you know, customers are the foundation of any business. They are the ones who determine the success or failure of your company. And when it comes to overseas sales, the importance of maintaining contact with customers is especially important. Whether you're a small start-up or a large international enterprise, customer communication is a key factor to success and success in overseas sales.

Building relationships and increasing customer loyalty

Microcommunications with customers help establish long-term relationships and make them more loyal to your company and product. Your task is to create a positive impression and interest users in your offer. It is through regular communication and the ability to listen to your customers that you can simultaneously solve their problems and create new opportunities for development. Constant communication will help you understand customer needs and adapt your offer to international market requirements.

Getting Feedback and Recommendations

No one can evaluate your product or service better than your customers. Feedback from foreign customers is the basis for developing your offer and improving the quality of your service. Positive reviews and recommendations help in establishing trust with potential clients. Don't be shy about asking customers for their feedback and sharing their experiences with your audience. After all, success in foreign sales starts somewhere!

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Attractiveness to interested people

Feedback from foreign clients that you received through communication with them can serve as a powerful motivator for other interested people. When potential customers see a positive review of your product or service, they begin to trust your brand and feel confident in the transaction. This effect is enhanced when such reviews are actively disseminated on social networks and other communication channels.


Customer communication is one of the most important aspects of successful overseas sales. Connecting with your audience, nurturing relationships, and soliciting feedback will help increase customer loyalty and grow your business internationally. Use the power of microcommunications to create strong connections with customers and ensure your company can be trusted.

"If you don't talk to customers, who will make a product they actually want?" - John Flynn, co-founder of NOMAD

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Methods of communication with clients Advantages Disadvantages
Personalized letters - Creates an individual approach to the client
- Improves the impression of the company
- Requires time to creation of personalized messages
- May require additional staff expansion
Calls and video calls - Allows you to set closer contact and exchange of information on an instant basis
- Helps resolve problems and answer questions directly
- Inconvenient for clients from other time zones
- Possible lack of skills interpreting
Social networks and online forums - Rapid dissemination of information
- Possibility of demonstration your experience and expertise
- Openness to criticism and negative feedback
- May require constant monitoring and management of social channels

Regardless of the chosen method, the main thing is to be active in communicating with clients, pay enough attention to them and strive for mutually beneficial relationships. And remember, the more time and effort you put into communicating with clients, the better results you will get in overseas sales.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Don't delay entering international markets: tips from entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs who successfully work in export unanimously recommend not delaying entry into international markets. In this section, we bring you their experiences and give you tips on how to effectively prepare for and succeed in overseas sales. International expansion is not only an opportunity to increase profits, but also to expand your customer base, create new partnerships and increase awareness of your brand.

1. Sell abroad: don’t be afraid to try

Most Ukrainian entrepreneurs agree that selling abroad is easier than it might seem at first glance. Ukrainian online stores are quite competitive on the world stage: we have technological development, a high level of service and quality products that attract foreign buyers. After all, according to our survey, only 2% of entrepreneurs called their experience in foreign markets unsuccessful.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

2. Develop sales with ELBUZ

If you are just starting your journey in international markets, we recommend paying attention to ELBUZ. This is a product designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to develop their sales abroad. ELBUZ offers a wide range of opportunities for business promotion, and also contains stories of successful Ukrainian online stores that are already operating for export.

3. Learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs

Don't be afraid to seek advice from those who have already been through the training for foreign sales. Communication and exchange of experience with entrepreneurs who successfully operate internationally will help you avoid mistakes and learn effective strategies for selling abroad.

4. Develop a Custom Export Strategy

Every market is unique, so don't expect a one-size-fits-all approach to exporting. Develop an individual strategy based on the characteristics of the target audience and the requirements of a specific market. Research the needs and preferences of foreign consumers and adapt your product or service to them.

5. Leverage international online platforms and partnerships

Successful overseas sales require direct access to foreign consumers . Post your offer on international online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and others. Also consider partnering with local distributors or retailers to gain access to your existing customer base.

6. Involve Foreign Experts and Agents

External help can be invaluable when developing a foreign sales strategy. Involve foreign experts or agents who know the specifics of the market and can help with establishing contacts and promoting the product.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

7. Adapt products and services to the foreign market

The cultural and linguistic characteristics of the destination country are also important. Tailor your products or services to suit local preferences and needs. This includes both changing packaging and labeling and adapting the product to local standards and requirements.

8. Position your brand as international

To attract the attention of foreign buyers, it is important to present your brand as international. Create a professional and engaging image, stay active on international social media, and provide information about your brand in multiple languages.

9. Investigate potential risks and regulatory issues

Before entering foreign markets, it is necessary to conduct an analysis of potential risks and regulatory issues questions. Learn about international trade agreements, customs and currency restrictions, and possible legal obstacles that may affect your sales.

10. Create a flexible international marketing strategy

Finally, don't forget to develop a flexible international marketing strategy. Learn to recognize and adapt to new trends and changes in foreign markets. Constantly track and analyze the results of your sales and advertising campaigns to improve your international strategy and stay competitive.

RULE #1 Don't delay entering international markets: Try selling abroad today! Your online store has every chance of success, especially in technologically developed countries, where the offer of Ukrainian goods is becoming increasingly valuable. Maintain a high level of service and expand your customer base to the international market!

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

What's useful

  • Sales on international markets is a process accessible to most Ukrainian entrepreneurs.
  • ELBUZ is an effective tool for preparing and developing sales in foreign markets.
  • Learn from the experience of successful entrepreneurs who are already working for export.
  • A customized export strategy is the key to successful overseas sales.

What not to do

  • Don't delay getting out foreign markets, otherwise you risk missing out on the opportunity to expand your business.
  • Don't rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to exporting: develop a strategy tailored to your target market.
  • Don't forget to adapt your products and brand to the international market.

Expert commentary

"International expansion is a huge potential to increase profits and expand business. Ukrainian entrepreneurs have an important advantage: high quality products and developed online stores. Feel free to explore new markets and don’t be afraid to try!" - Ekaterina Priymak, export and business development expert at Rozetka.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

ASUS experience

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Description of the client, his business and goals

"ASUS" is an international company specializing in the production of computer equipment , electronics and components. The company was founded in Taiwan in 1989 and has since become one of the leading players in the information technology industry.

One of ASUS' main goals is to expand its business beyond Taiwan and increase overseas sales. The company strives to strengthen its presence in international markets and achieve profitable growth by attracting new customers and partners.

Defining the main problem

The main problem of ASUS is the need to adapt its products and brand for foreign markets. Different countries have different cultures, languages and consumer preferences. The company faced the challenge of preparing its products and marketing strategies to best suit the requirements of each market.

Description of the characteristics and interests of the target audience

The target audience of ASUS includes a wide range of consumers, including both private users and enterprises. They are interested in purchasing high-quality computer hardware and components that provide optimal performance and reliability.

How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Also taking into account the growing popularity of gaming products, ASUS has decided to actively enter the gaming market by offering specialized products that meet the needs and the interests of gamers. This has allowed the company to successfully penetrate various market segments and achieve recognition and trust among its target audience.

Highlighting the main points that may be of interest to potential customers

  1. Innovation: ASUS is constantly introducing the latest technologies and developments into its products to provide cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

  2. Quality and Reliability: ASUS products undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure high performance and longevity of their devices.

  3. Gaming Audience: Focused on developing gaming hardware to meet the needs and expectations of the gaming community.

  4. Wide Variety of Products: ASUS offers a wide range of products including laptops, tablets, smartphones and accessories to meet the varied needs of customers.

    How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

Facts, figures and concrete results of the project

ASUS has achieved significant success in international markets due to its focus on product quality and tailoring its brand to the needs of each market. For example, the company's sales in Europe have grown by 20% over the past few years, and its margin on product sales in international markets has increased by 15%.

Thanks to the website localization strategy, ASUS was able to attract more visitors and increase conversions on its overseas web pages. This has led to a 25% increase in profits from overseas sales in the last year.

Review table

Characteristics Result
Height sales in Europe +20%
Margin increase +15 %
Profit increase +25%

ASUS has proven its expertise in expanding into foreign markets, successfully adapting to the needs and preferences of its international audience. The company continues to grow by offering quality products and effective marketing strategies to achieve its strategic goals.

Video: History of ASUS

Frequently Asked Questions on "10 Tips from Entrepreneurs: How to Prepare for Foreign Selling"

1. Why is it important to localize your website before entering foreign markets?

Website localization allows you to attract the attention of foreign customers by adapting content and interface to their language and cultural characteristics.

2. How can you start working in foreign markets if you have a limited range of products?

Start by selling the most in-demand items to test market demand, and then gradually expand your selection.

3. What role does knowing the local language or having a partner play when entering foreign markets?

Knowing a language or having a partner helps you communicate with clients in their native language, establish better relationships and more easily master the culture and characteristics of the market.

4. How to take into account the characteristics of each foreign market when preparing for sales?

Study the rules, laws, culture, and buyer preferences of each individual market to tailor your strategy to suit them.

5. What role do logistics processes play in foreign sales?

Effective logistics allows you to quickly and reliably deliver goods to customers, ensuring a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

6. How to package items for safe delivery overseas?

Pack items securely using suitable packaging to minimize the risk of damage during transit.

7. What are the best payment methods to offer to international buyers?

Offer a variety of payment methods such as payment cards, e-wallets and international payment systems to make the payment process easier for international customers.

8. Do you need to immediately invest significant funds in promotion in foreign markets?

It is recommended to gradually increase the promotion budget, starting with small amounts and analyzing the effectiveness of each campaign, so as not to risk large investments in the initial stage.

9. Why is it important to communicate as much as possible with customers when selling abroad?

The more you communicate with customers, the better you understand their needs, build trust and improve the quality of service provided, which leads to increased sales.

10. Why shouldn’t you delay entering foreign markets?

Wasting time can mean missed opportunities and a competitive advantage. Early entry into foreign markets helps to create lasting connections and gain new clients.

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How to Prepare for Foreign Sales 10 Tips from Entrepreneurs for Successful International Business

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