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Price list structures

For the correct definition of categories in the price lists, you need to know what types of structures are in the price lists.

Vertical structure

A price list where the category is written in a separate line or column and is not written for each product does not have a price in the line with the category.

A characteristic feature of this type of price list is that the category of products and the name are in different columns. The category in this case has an empty column in the "Price" column and is not repeated for each item.

Some examples of this structure

  • clip0004
  • clip0005
  • clip0006
  • clip0007

horizontal structure

Price list where the category is indicated in each line along with the name of the product and, accordingly, in the line with the category there is the price of the product (horizontal structure).

A few examples of such a structure

  • spr_kontr
  • clip0001
  • clip0002
  • clip0003

By default for the program, the category is the line in which the price column is not filled. Since in this example the price is filled in the category line, it is necessary to specify an additional category definition setting that will indicate that the price will occur in the category line in order to accurately determine the product category for the product.

For a horizontal structure in the category definition settings, you need to make an additional setting that will tell the program that the price list uses a horizontal structure.

elbuz etrade jumper pricelist add

elbuz etrade jumper pricelist add

Price list without categories

The price list does not have categories in general. To distribute products by categories of the base catalog, it is possible to link only to the name of the products or other columns of the price list.

Some examples of this structure

  • clip0008
  • price_no_category

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