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Setting up the loading of goods from the price list of the ERC supplier via the API

In the E-Trade Jumper automation program, it is possible to quickly load products from any price lists, including obtaining data from the suppliers' API, that is, without having a file with a price list in XLS (Excel) or XML format.
In the example below, in the video, we will upload the price of an ERC supplier through a private API access.

Order of operations:

  1. Open price lists.
  2. Create a new counterparty, specify an arbitrary name.
  3. Open the API tab to select a provider.
  4. Enter the username and password provided by the supplier.
  5. Loading goods.

After receiving the supplier's products, you can link the products from the price list to your products to update prices and availability. Or quickly create a product catalog from scratch and upload it to your website.

How to determine the currency of the product in the price list of the ERC supplier when using the API

An official response has been received . Information about the currency sign is stored in the ddp field.

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To automatically determine the currency for product prices, you must set the price in this way.

  1. Add a "Currency" field.
  2. Specify the name of the ddp field.
  3. For the "Price" field, select the USD currency code.

Set up multicurrency definition.

  1. Open the setting for the "Price" field.
  2. Add currency UAH.
  3. Write the text to search for "1".


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