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Marketplaces: a detailed overview of marketplace trading platforms for successful sales of goods on portals

We have prepared for you a set of articles with useful guides to help you choose the ideal platform for selling goods and become a real guru in this area. Find out what products are in demand and how to make the most of marketplaces to increase sales, attract customers and grow your business. Understand the main advantages of each site, read advice from experts and make your choice informed. Upgrade your skills with Elbuz and reach new heights in the world of online trading! 🚀📈

Marketplaces a detailed overview of marketplace trading platforms for successful sales of goods on portals

Marketplaces are one of the most effective tools for selling goods on the Internet. They provide convenient and reliable platforms for interaction between sellers and buyers. In this article we will look at what marketplaces are, how they are used, what benefits they provide and what joys they bring.

What are marketplaces?

Marketplaces are online platforms where sellers can list their products for sale, and buyers can find and purchase products that interest them. They bring together many independent sellers on one platform, creating a convenient trading space.

How are they used?

Marketplaces usually offer a wide range of products from different sellers. They provide simple and intuitive interfaces for loading and displaying products. Sellers can create virtual stores on marketplaces where they can present their products and information about themselves.

Buyers can easily and conveniently search and compare products on marketplaces. They can use filters by category, price, seller ratings and other parameters to find the best option for themselves.

Marketplace platforms also provide guarantees on purchases, ensuring security and trust in the transaction process. Buyers can leave reviews about products and sellers, which helps other users make informed purchasing decisions.

What benefits do they provide?

Large selection of goods

The presence of a large number of sellers on marketplaces provides a wide selection of goods for consumers. Independent sellers offer a variety of products, allowing buyers to find the best combination of price, quality and other preferences.

Competitive prices

Competition between sellers on marketplaces leads to lower prices for goods. Sellers strive to offer products at lower prices to attract more buyers. This creates favorable conditions for consumers who can purchase goods at the best prices.

Ease of purchase

Marketplaces provide convenient tools for searching, comparing and purchasing products. Buyers do not need to move from one site to another in search of the desired product. All offers are placed on one platform, which significantly saves time and simplifies the purchasing process.

Security and reliability

Marketplaces provide security and reliability during the transaction process. They verify and confirm the identity of sellers and provide guarantees on purchases. This helps buyers be confident that they will receive a quality product and will not lose their money.

Possibility of feedback

Buyers have the opportunity to leave reviews about products and sellers on marketplaces. This is useful information for other users to make informed purchasing decisions. Reviews also help sellers improve the quality of their products and services, which helps grow their business.

Who usually uses marketplaces?

Marketplaces are popular among different categories of users.


Marketplaces provide sellers with a unique opportunity to sell their products on a platform with a high potential of customers. Uploading products to marketplaces gives you access to a wide audience and increases the chances of successful sales. Sellers can also use marketplace tools to manage inventory, set prices, and improve marketing strategies.


Marketplaces attract buyers who are looking for a wide selection of products at competitive prices. Consumers can compare products from different sellers, read reviews, get guarantees on purchases, and enjoy the convenience and safety of shopping on the marketplace platform.

What joys do marketplaces bring?

Wide selection of goods

Marketplaces delight customers with a wide selection of goods. They provide the opportunity to find the desired product among a wide range of offers from different sellers. This allows you to choose the best option that meets the requirements and preferences of each buyer.

Favorable prices

Buyers get the joy of buying goods at competitive prices on marketplaces. As a result of competition between sellers, prices become more affordable. Buyers can save money and get good products at the best prices.

Convenience and simplicity

Marketplaces bring joy to customers with their convenience and simplicity. Searching and comparing products takes place in one place, which significantly saves time and simplifies the selection process. In addition, a quick and secure purchase makes the process even more convenient for consumers.

Trust and safety

Marketplaces bring joy to customers in the form of trust and safety. Buyers can rest assured that their purchases are protected by warranty schemes and data protection. Quality control and seller reviews allow you to make informed choices and trust your purchases on marketplace platforms.

Marketplaces a detailed overview of marketplace trading platforms for successful sales of goods on portals

What marketplaces are there?

European Union

  • Amazon EU - The world's largest marketplace, providing a huge range of products from various sellers. Here you will find almost anything - from electronics and books to clothes and household appliances. Amazon also provides delivery services and strives to provide a convenient and reliable shopping experience.
  • eBay Europe - The world's online marketplace where buyers and sellers from around the world can interact. eBay offers a wide range of items including unique collectibles, electronics, fashion and more. It also hosts auctions where buyers can bid on their desired items.
  • Zalando - European marketplace specializing in fashion and shoes. Zalando provides a wide range of brands, styles and sizes, making it a popular place to shop for fashion clothing and accessories.
  • Allegro - The largest online retailer in Poland, providing a variety of products from various sellers. Here you can find electronics, home goods, clothing and much more. Allegro also provides convenient delivery conditions.
  • Cdiscount - French marketplace providing a variety of products including electronics, household goods, clothing and cosmetics. Cdiscount actively attracts customers with various promotions and discounts.
  • La Redoute - Another French marketplace specializing mainly in fashion, furniture and home items. La Redoute is also known for its stylish collections and collaborations with famous designers.
  • Fnac - European retailer focusing on electronics, books, music and videos. Fnac provides a wide selection of entertainment and tech products, as well as delivery and warranty services.
  • Otto - German marketplace offering products for the whole family, including clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture and home goods. Otto is also known for its promotions and loyalty program for regular customers.
  • Bol.com - The largest online retailer in the Netherlands, providing a variety of products including books, electronics, toys and household goods. Bol.com is also actively developing delivery services and loyalty programs.
  • Rakuten Europe - A global platform that brings together various online stores and sellers. Rakuten offers a wide variety of products including electronics, fashion, cosmetics and more. Buyers can enjoy a variety of offers from various sellers on one platform.


  • Prom.ua - This is the largest Ukrainian marketplace providing a wide range of goods and services. Here you will find everything from electronics and home appliances to home and garden products. Sellers can create their own stores and offer their products to a wide audience.
  • Rozetka - One of the leading online retailers in Ukraine, offering a huge selection of products, including electronics, household appliances, household goods and much more. The site also provides reviews and ratings to help shoppers make informed choices.
  • Olx.ua - A popular marketplace for advertisements for the sale of goods and services. Users can post free advertisements for used goods and also find offers of interest from other users.
  • Bigl.ua - Another trading platform that provides a wide range of products from various sellers. Here you can find products at affordable prices, as well as take advantage of various promotions and discounts.
  • Zakupka.com - A trading platform aimed at corporate clients and business buyers. There is a wide selection of goods and services for offices, businesses and organizations.
  • Epicentrk.ua - The largest Ukrainian retail store, which also provides its own trading platform for online shopping. Here you can find a wide range of products, including building materials, electrical goods, furniture and other categories.
  • Allo.ua - Electronics and equipment store with its own online platform. Allo offers products from the world's leading brands, as well as various accessories and components.
  • FoodSynergy is a culinary marketplace platform that provides unique opportunities for purchasing food products, kitchen appliances, and ordering ready-made dishes from restaurants.


  • Amazon - The world's largest marketplace, providing a huge selection of products from various sellers. Amazon is one of the leaders in online retail and provides customers with a wide range of products including electronics, books, clothing, food and more. Delivery services, loyalty programs and an extensive network of warehouses make Amazon a convenient shopping destination.
  • eBay - A global marketplace that provides a platform for auctions and fixed prices. Here buyers can find unique products, and sellers can sell used goods or create their own stores. eBay is also known for its variety of product categories.
  • Walmart Marketplace - An online marketplace provided by one of the largest retail stores in the world. Walmart Marketplace provides a wide selection of items including electronics, clothing, groceries and more. Customers can buy from various sellers on one platform.
  • Etsy - A marketplace specializing in unique and handmade items made by independent artists and craftsmen. Here you will find jewelry, clothing, home decoration and other original products.
  • Target Plus - Marketplace provided by retailer Target. Here, customers can find products from a variety of sellers, including electronics, clothing, home goods and other categories.
  • Best Buy Marketplace - Marketplace provided by the largest electronics retail store Best Buy. Here, shoppers can find a wide range of electronics, from home appliances to gadgets.
  • Wayfair - Marketplace specializing in furniture and home goods. Wayfair carries a wide selection of styles and brands, allowing shoppers to choose from a variety of furniture and home accessories options.

Marketplaces a detailed overview of marketplace trading platforms for successful sales of goods on portals

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