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How to set up automatic creation of an internal product SKU (counter)

Function [[FindMaxAdd1{BK item: Article (internal)}]] in the program is a convenient tool for working with the counter in formulas. This function allows you to automatically increase the value of the counter, making the necessary calculations more automated and simplified. With this function, you can easily increase the field value for each product by 1, starting from the specified initial value.

To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Data preparation: make sure you have a field where you want to auto-increment values, and each product has its own unique SKU ( internal code), which is used to identify goods.
  2. Set Start Value: Select the start value from which to start incrementing values ​​for each item. For example, set the initial value to 1200.
  3. Formula: Insert the function [[FindMaxAdd1{BC Item: SKU (internal)}]] for the desired field to automatically increment values. In this case, the program will search for the largest value in the selected field among all products and increase it by 1 for each new product using the specified field, in this example the Article (internal code) field to identify products.
  4. Formula application: after inserting the formula, the program will automatically process the data and fill the field with values ​​increased by 1 relative to the maximum value found in this field among all products.

Example: function [[FindMaxAdd1{BC Product: SKU (internal)}]] will search for the maximum value among the existing ones, and then add 1 to it, so if you have 1200 in the initial value, and among the existing products there is a product with a value higher, for example, 1300, then the function will take this maximum value as a basis and start counting from 1301.
This avoids manual data entry and saves time when working with a large number of products, when you want to set consecutive values ​​for each of them.

How can I create initial article prefixes.
Let's say the products have the column "Article (internal)" and "Article prefix". You want to automatically generate SKU (Internal) values ​​for each item based on the SKU prefix and some initial value. To do this, you can use the following formula:
CONCAT('PRF-', [[FindMaxAdd1{BC Product: SKU (internal)}]])

In this example, we use function CONCAT() to concatenate the string prefix "PRF-" with the result of the function [[FindMaxAdd1{BC Item: SKU (internal)}]] . Each time this update is performed, function [[FindMaxAdd1{BC Item: SKU (internal)}]] willfind the maximum value of "Article (internal)" among all products and increase it by 1.

Thus, each product will receive a unique "Article Prefix" in combination with its article (internal code) and the initial value "PRF -". For example, if the products have SKUs "1001", "1002", and "1003", after executing this query, they will receive the "SKU Prefix" values ​​as follows: "PRF-1001", "PRF-1002", and "PRF-1003". "Article prefix" can be set in advance in a separate field (for example, it can be different for categories, brands, etc.), then in the formula you can specify the name of this field instead of "PRF-".


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Discussion of the topic – How to set up automatic creation of an internal product SKU (counter)

How to set up automatic creation of an internal product SKU (counter)

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