Заполнение карточек товаров с помощью программы

How to monitor suppliers around the clock?

The E Trade Jumper program allows you to quickly monitor suppliers. Comparison of suppliers will be carried out automatically according to the specified parameters. The program will monitor prices and availability and update your price list, depending on the data collected!
The supplier monitoring solution opens up the widest possibilities for obtaining up-to-date information quickly.

Supplier comparison

Comparison of suppliers and their prices makes it possible to display all products in a single window, with a global search, as well as automatically receive the minimum price for the same products, add your margin and quickly update the online store.

Comparison of suppliers, simple procedure:

  1. Add a file with the supplier's price list or a link to it
  2. Specify which columns to download information from (for example, Product price in column 3, name in 2, article in 1, availability in 4)
  3. Download products from the supplier's price list
  4. Set up a markup rule taking into account the discount of the supplier and RRP (if any)
  5. Repeat step #1 for other providers

Monitoring and analysis of suppliers

Supplier Analysis

Analysis of price lists for managers is hard work, because they often compare products manually, copying prices and availability for each product, it takes a lot of time and, most importantly, money, this is the last century! We offer you to automate the process of supplier analysis by assigning a task to a robot that compares information on all supplier price lists, finds products at the lowest prices, with availability and quickly updates your site!

парсинг товаров

Control the market in the program and eliminate errors due to manual monitoring

Manual work is a thing of the past, use automation to get up-to-date prices.


Download price

Upload the price list with your products to the Elbuz Jumper system.

Select stores

Select specific online stores or product groups + brands that you want to monitor.
No. 3

Control change

Get full information about all the changes in the market!

Many of your competitors have completely switched to automated work with our software, so do you!

Use the best supplier monitoring and analysis software. This is a convenient and effective tool that, in SKILLED HANDS, will make it possible to leave competitors behind!

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Get demo access for 14 days for free
The platform balance will be 50EUR. Unloading of 100 products + full functionality is available.


Integration of the analysis program and comparison of supplier prices with any platform

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Program cost

We offer to rent the system. The cost is indicated for the entire program as a whole, which includes the entire set of useful functions for automating an online store.



System rental

Price from €2.89 per day

Fill out the form to calculate an individual rate.

Get 14 days free


Benefit of use

Payback period ~ 1 month, on the 2nd month the income will cover the investment costs !

Instant access to the program through a browser, from any PC!

Affordable price of €87, significant savings for your money!

The program does not allow errors, unlike manual data entry, a human error can cost a business dearly.

Official quality guarantee from the developer company!


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Why choose Elbuz?

Thousands of customers trust us; we offer unique features and favorable conditions for their use.


18 years of success

Elbuz developer company was founded in 2006. More than 10,000 clients worldwide.

Own software

For more than 18 years we have been creating a unique and complex IT system with a high intellectual component.

Warranties and service

We guarantee the quality of our software and the system as a whole. We provide high-quality technical services. support.

Flexible pricing policy

Your investment will pay off in 1 month, your income will cover the costs!

Individual approach

Each implementation project that we carry out is individual!
System setup work is kept to a minimum.


All data is stored on a secure server, information is not disclosed.

Quick comparison of suppliers, their prices and prices, be the first - take the audience of competitors


Analysis and comparison of products from suppliers' price lists

One of the most important tasks that owners of online stores have to solve is the development of logistics processes, including the choice of optimal schemes for working with suppliers. It is always required to monitor suppliers in order to have up-to-date information about available products: price, availability, as well as new products. Well-established automation of the support service will also give the store customer loyalty.

For retail, small and medium-sized wholesale stores, there are 3 effective ways of interaction: "dropshipping", "on sale" and "on order".

Advantages of various schemes of work with suppliers

  • Dropshipping - mediation between the supplier and the end customer (the products do not pass through the hands of the store owner) - does not require storage space and initial capital. There is simply no chance that the products will “stale” in this way. The only difficulty in this scheme is the search for a reliable partner who will deliver guaranteed high-quality products within the agreed time frame - the reputation of the seller depends on this.
  • You can also purchase the required amount of products from a dealer on order - after an application has already been received from the end client. The advantages of this method of organization are similar to the previous case; an additional advantage is the ability to independently check the quality of the products before sending them to the customer due to the fact that the purchase first comes to the site owner.
  • The scheme of working with suppliers “on order” fully justifies itself if the store sells products in demand. Since the products being sold are already in the warehouse of the store owner, the buyer will be able to receive the package as soon as possible - and there will be no reason to go to a competitor. Difficulties may arise only with the search for a supplier - not many dealers are ready to supply products "on credit", even for a short time.

Supplier Analysis

Is it possible to compare vendors automatically? The search for the most attractive offers of suppliers can be performed using the Elbuz Jumper program, which processes the price lists of distributors, analyzes their prices and creates a new list of “interesting” and profitable supply data for the store owner (comparing identical products in price lists and revealing the minimum price).

Elbuz Jumper provides access to the processing of price lists of the largest suppliers, allows you to compare price changes, determining the most effective vector of cooperation, and analyze the loyalty of partner dealers.

The only thing left for the store owner is to sign a cooperation agreement, specifying his payment obligations to the distributor and all the terms of delivery, the comparison of suppliers is undertaken by the program. When the same product is supplied by more than one supplier, you will need to analyze suppliers, that is, compare their range and quickly search for products at the lowest price, this task is taken over by our automation program.

One way to improve the efficiency of an online store is to optimize processes.
It is important to complete a set of turnkey activities that will be able to move other market participants, highlighting you as a market leader, you should start simple, with the choice of software, we offer an automation system for monitoring suppliers, comparing and analyzing them. It should be understood that efficiency in this case is the ratio of the result to the effort expended. Our software will reduce your efforts to zero, save your budget and your most important time. There is a trial version and a full version, you can buy the program, download and install it on your personal server or rent it for quick work right in your browser. Join the team of e-commerce automation professionals, become the owner of ElbuzGroup software.

Supplier monitoring

Supplier reliability is an important aspect of a company's success and sustainability. We will define the principles for monitoring suppliers and analyze them.
Supplier performance should be monitored along these lines:

  • the quality of the delivered goods;
  • delivery violations, including returns of products (complaints);
  • fulfillment of the delivery schedule, terms and volumes;
  • statuses of customer notifications related to the delivery of goods.

When using a supplier monitoring program, it is necessary to monitor not only those suppliers that create problems with the supply of goods, but also monitor the prices of all suppliers. This is due to the fact that you will not be able to deliver the ordered products to your customers if there is a problem with the availability of the products (loss of loyalty) or a price problem (selling the products at a loss).
Monitoring and analysis of suppliers
Usually, monitoring the prices of suppliers takes too much time, because you manually look for the best price among all suppliers for the same product, but it’s worth using the automation program, as you immediately get the minimum prices among all suppliers for thousands of products, taking into account its availability, one click and business made. The market is a constant competitive struggle for a buyer, using secret automation tools you will become the market leader. It is important to understand that the prices of products change very often, the reason for this is the exchange rate and changes in logistics at the supplier itself, selling products on your website at non-current prices at a loss, only those who have the ability to quickly monitor the products of suppliers benefit. Now you have learned about the Elbuz Jumper system, which allows you to quickly monitor supplier prices. This opportunity will give impetus to the development of your online store, you will always have up-to-date information, and this is a prerequisite for a modern online store. Contact us for advice on implementing the system in your business.

Do you have questions? We are ready to respond promptly via online chat or email. mail.

Program for online store


a new version of the program has been released

The speed of processing prices and updating content on the site has been increased, errors have been fixed.

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